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that which's, and to which is the

Part 2. v.s. But the rest of the dead, lived not again,

until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurre&tion."

Behold the Text, which is the subject of so many doubts, and so many controversies ! Behold that which hath made the pretended Hereticks, who are callid Chiliafts, and Millenaries. I mean not those Chiliats, who have believed a thousand years reign of the Church, during which time it must enjoy (according to their opinion) the carnal and sinful pleasures of the world': these were filthy spirits, which came out of the Dragons

mouth. diftin. " But as for those, who believe, that after the &tion be. Tuin of Antichrift, and before the end of the world, mal and God reserves to himselfa period of a thousand years, fpiritual in which he must reign by himself and his people, Millena rics.*? pour out upon them an abundance of his spirit,

bring all Nations to his knowledge; govern them with a golden scepter, and no longer with an iron, one, secure them from all evil, and from all danger of corruption:as for these, I say, the time isco. ming, and that very shortly, that men shall be ashamed that they have branded them with the names of Chiliafts, of Millenaries and fifth-Monarchymen. I have formerby observed that there is something that is surprizing and divine in the due understanding of Prophecies. We wonder at the strange stus pidity of the Jews, who do not discern in their

own Oracles; our Jesus and their Meffias. We Care Aftonisht at the dismal blindness of the Papifts, · who do not see the Beast and Antichrift in that which they call their Holy See, and their Holy Church. God hath had reasons, why he hath given these men eyes that they should not see, and a heart void of understanding. Certainly here is the


ime thing. There must be ablindness greater then Part 2. an be imagined, in those who see not this Kingdom Tis turpri

(" sing that f Iefus Chrift, and the Church, which must make men have he seventh period of the world. There is some-ot leen in

the Scrip." hing supernaturall in this blindness. I had this fa- ture the jour from God, that I saw this Reign' in the Scri- baterie tures, ever fince I was able to read and understand Christ on hem, without having read either any commen- tac cas taries upon the Revelation, or writings of the Mile lenaries. I hope to make out the truth of this Reign with such clearness , that it shall be difficult to: make any doubt ofit. ***

First, it is agreed on all hands, that within the It is im. duration of the Church, we must necessarily find find in the

poniblë to a Period of a thousand years, in which it may be time by

paft. room faid, that Saian bath been bound , i.e. hindred in to his designs, which are reduction and persecution, siod of a

; thousand This it too plain to be denyed. But where shall years, ia - we find this Period ? I am sorry to see so great, which Sa

stán mult To learned, and so holy a person as Usher Arch- be bound. bishop of Armagh, to place this period of a thou-' " fand years within ihe time of Chriffs Incarnation, and the eleventh Age. How can any one say, that the Devit was bound during that space Is it with respect to seduction? In the three first Ages did he nor seduce men ? Were not the Pagans seduced? Their Religion, was it not the Rue ling Religion? There were Christians, I grant; but I am perswaded, that they were not the fiftieth part of the whole Roman Empire.

In the succeeding Ages, háth he not set on foot that grand seduction, that is called the Beast, the False Propbet, the Kingdom of Antichrift? Hath he not brought Idolatry into the Church, the abomination into the sanctuary, such tyranny, pride, and corruption of manners, that there was never


them at

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Partz. greater among the Pagans ? With respect to per

fecution, háth hebeen bound; how much blood hath hé fhéd? how many Butcheries hath he acted ? how many Massacres? what a great number of Märtyrs? Can it enter into any mans thoughts, that this should be called the Period of Satan's binding? He

was never so broken loose. The falfity What do thotë gain, who come three hundred of their by years lower, and hold, that Satan began to be ho begin bound' at the time of Constantin? They must upon

aim that principle; place their ending at the year Confiantin,

thirteen hundred, and so include within their pa riod of the thousand years the rage of the Beast, who hath fed upon the blood of the faints, the seductions of the false Prophet, who makes the Image of the Beast to be worshipped, and the whole world to run after him, who obligeth all men to bear his mark upon their foreheads, who makes war against the Saints, and overcometh them. In one word', they must take in, into their Period of Satans binding, that space of time, in which the Revelation sets forth the Dragon as broken loose, giving his power to the Beast and devouring the whole world. Once again, this is a blindness which I cannot conceive.;

If there was no other argument against these two Hypotheses, this alone would be enough to convince me of their falsity; namely, the terrible confufion into which thesë Authors do put the Visions of the Revelation. To any one who hath studyed them, it is evidênt, that the Prophet hath observed the Order of History, at least in the grofs of events. He had feveral visions concer's ning the same thing; and in the order of these via fion, the order ofall their circumstances does not alwayes, in every thing; agree with the order of


events, and this we have observed, and cleared. Partzi But I say it again, the gross is alwayes according to the order of history: this order is observed in the Revelation, that the birth and progreffes of AntiEhrifts Kingdom are laid down before its fall. Now the Authors we have spoken, do make St Yohn guilty of a Parachronisme of two thousand years. After he had finish the narrative of the ruin of Antichrift, and gone through a Period of 1260 years, which if we add to them the space from the Incarnation of Christ, unto the revelation of the Son of perdition, make almost two thousand years. After this, I say, they make him on a sudden to.. go back as far as the beginning of the Christian Church. Is there any other instance of such confusion in this book? Let them shew it. What mean those words, After this (so the French version) which begin the 20 Chapter , and denote always not only the succession of visions, but of times? This work is already larger than I intended to make it; but notwithstanding I cannot forbear to lay down a few of our arguments, there are so many, that one might crush the contrary opinioni with number:but I Ihall only urge the principal ones.. . I shall open as it were four Springs of arguments, Four : which I Thall leave every man liberty to lound and Springs of

"argutnehts dive into, contenting my self with producing that de- , them, and drawing from them the principal evi- m dences, which clearly discover this future reign of of Chrifts our Lord Iesus Christ.

reign npon. My first spring, or source of arguments, will the first be in the Prophecies that speak of a fifth Monarchy Spring is

the fifth réserved for the Saints. 'T'is impossible to find a Monarchy. rational sense in thein, without supposing this promised thousand years reign. There are two remarkable Sainis. ones in the book of Daniel; In the 2. Chapter


e trath


Part 2. Nebuchadnesar fees a statue, whose head was of

gold, the shoulders of Glver, the belly of brass, the leggs of iron, the feet and toes partly of iroz, and partly of earth. The Prophet interprets to bin these four metals of the statue;that they are four great Monarchies. The iron leggs, by consent oi all, signifie the fourth Monarchy, which is the Re. man. The feet and the țen toesz partly of iron, and partly of earth ģ signifie the ten kings of

Kingdoms, which were to divide the Roman Emi pire, and weaken it at the same time. And wher-. Dan, 2. 7.41, 42. as thou saweft the feet and the toes, part of potters

: clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided, but there shall be in it of the strength of iron, forasmuch as thou fawest the iron mixt with miery clay. And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay; so the kingdom shall be partly ftrong, and partly broken. These ten toes are the ten Kings, which were to make up the Kingdom of Antichrist , and reign together with him, in the last Period of the Roman Empire; during the Iż60 years marked in the Revelation. Now what

happens at the end of the reign of these ten Kings, 6.44. and of the fourth Monarchy? And in the dayes of

these kings shalt the God of heaven set up a Kingdom, which shall never be destroyed; and the King: dom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these Kingdoms, and it shall fland for ever.

Behold a fifth Monarchý, different from the ter The Mo- Kings, which must break them in pieces, and narchy

miled mult continue after them for ever, i. e, untill the ro Chrift, end of the world. 'Tis granted, that this Kingdom, placed in that shall never be destroyed, is that of Iesus Christ. the Ages But is it not as clear as the day, that this Kingdon must not appear untill after that the ten

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