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OR THE Approaching Deliverance of

the C H U & C H. A work, wherein it is proved, that the Papilmi

is the Antichristian Empire; that that Empire is not far from its ruin; that the present persecution may end in three years and a half. After which, the destruction of Antichrist shall begin, which shall be finished in the beginning of the next Age, and lastly, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ shall come on the Earth.

The second Edition Corrected and Enlarged by almoft a third part, and the explication of all the Visions of the Reo velation, and of many Chapters concerning mystical Theology.

Tome the second.

Written in French by Mr. PÉTER JURIỀU, the present Minister of the French Church at Rotterdam. And from

this second Edition faithfully Englished.

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LONDON, Printed in the Year 1687.


OF Τ Η Ε .

Approaching Deliverance of

the CHURCH THE SECOND PART.. Of the end of the Antichristian Empire ; when it must be destroyed; the circumstances of its ruin , and wliat shall be the Estate of the Church afreċ the

ruin of that Empire.

Ć HA P. I. of the duration of the Kingdom of Antichrif.

A refutation of that dream, that it must lalt

but three years and a half. Ten Arguments - which demonstráte, that that supposition is falfe

and impossible. MUROBON the FirA Part of this work, we

i have found Antichrist and the Anti

chriftian Empire ; in this we proceed to seek out the time and the circumstances of its end. That wc :

may succeed well in this enquiry, we must do four things. I. We must know how long the Ansichristian Empire must last. II. We



of the favith that Chiefelt omanian Emphat this

Parties must see, where we ought to begin the 1260 days,

which the Holy Spirit afsigns it. III. Afterwards we shall see, where they målt end. IV. And lastly, we shall seek for that which hath not yet been found in the Revelation, that is, the circumstances of the fall of that Antichristian Empire: We shall begin with that question, which we have above laid down as the chiefeltone; that is, The time of

the duration of that Antichristian Empire. The im The Roman Church supposeth, that this duraportance tion cannot be above three years and a half, i.e. of this

1260. natural days; and we pretend, this must be whether, understood of 1260. prophetical days, which are Antichriß mult reign 1260. years. Tis so important a matter, that on 1260 days, this all the rest depends. If this supposition of or 1260 years, the duration of Antichrist meerly and simply for

three years and a half, be false , all that the Roman Church faith of Antichrift, is false. And if we have reason to say, that the Antichristian Empire must endure 1260. years, this Empire muft of necessity have begun a long time since ; and having begun a long time ago, it must of necessity also be the papism. This is therefore a particular, which we must carefully mind; and in the beginning we must lay down these three indifputable principles.

I. That the duration of the 1260.days, wherein the woman in the 126 Chapt. of the Revela

tión, must be fed in the defart; which is also calThe 1260 led in the same place å time, times, and half a time: days. The The 42 months, during which the Court must be 42 months. The three left to the Gentiles, according to what is said in halt;arime, 4

ic, the rush Chap. The 1260 days, during which the times, and two witnesses are to prophecy clothed in fackhalf a time are inec cloth, as ’ris fore-told in the same rith Chapter. fame pc. And lastly, the 42. monilos given to the first beaft

vears and



of the 13th Chapter of the Revel, to exercise his Part. 2. power. : All these different periods, I say, are one and the same period, and signify the duration of the Antichristian Empire. This can't be disputed.

The second principle is this, that in that Prophecy, the days, the years, and the months, may be taken for natural days, months, and years; or for

mi sometimes prophetical ones, a day for a year. This might the Pro signify natural days : for sometimes the Prophets phets.

count the do so speak; they reckon the time as other men time as do. Jeremy reckon'd 70 years for the duration of other men. the captivity, and these years are natural ones, 'Tis certain also, that in the period of the thouJand years , designed for the reign of the Church after the destruction of Antichrist, the years are taken for natural years. But it is not less certain , that these days and The Papistan

can nor these years may be taken mystically for prophetis deny, but cal days and years. 'Tis confest, that the 70 that, there

mit 1260 days weeks of Daniel fignify 70 weeks of years. God may signify faid to Ezekiel, 1 hou shalt seep on thy left side, Choco cars. and lay the iniquity of the house of Israel upon it; Chap: 4. according to the number of the days that thou shalt 4 Lye upon it, thou shalt bear their iniquity. I have appointed thee each day for a year. God said to the Numbm 14. Ifraelites, according to the number of the days in 34 ;. which he searched the Land, even 40 days, each day for a year, shall you bear your iniquities, even 40 years. This could not be obscure to the Ifraelites, who were accustom’d to this style ; and who knew there were weeks of years in their Calendar, as well as weeks of days; and that a week of years answered to that of days, one year for one day

The third principle is this, that here the number of three years and a balfi, 42 months, and 1299

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