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citadels; that really make an Empire; it hath nothing but fuperftition and foolish fondness for all its arms; however it speaks, it threatens, it promiseth, it teacheth, it seduceth, and by this means

it reigns. Rev. 13. 10. The Empire of Antichrist must have ten end 17. horns, that is to say, ten Kings, vafsals and subjects;

props and upholders of its throne.: The Papir hath always had under it ten principal Kings, that

have worshipt and maintain'dits power. R$0.13. 5. Il. Antichrist must speak great things in his

own behalf, but against God, for they must be blafphemies. The Papism faith of it self and its capital, great and mighty things, saying that Rome is eternal, that she is infallible, that the Pope is Superiour to all the Kings of the Earth, the Spouse of the Church, the Vicar of 7. Christ, God upon Earth, his Holiness, and most holy Lord. And these arrogant pretensions are true blafphemies against God, againit J. Christ, and againft the true Church the Spouse of J. Christ.

.. Rev. 13.7. 12. Antichrist must raise wars and cruel perse

cutions on the account of Religion. For 'tis given to him to make war against the Saints, and to overcome them. The Papism hath bached it self in humane and Christian blood for fix or feven

hundred years. Rcv. 13.3, 13: The Empire of Antichrist must be an Empire

raised up again , an bead mortally wounded , bir healed again. The Empire of the Papism is the Row man Empire , that was brought to nothing by the Goths and Visigoths, but is raised upagain by the

Popes. Rev, 13.11. 14. Antichrist muft ascribe to himself two

powers, like to those which J. Christ hath. Now the Lord hath temporal and spiritual power. There

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is no Potentate in the World, that faith he hath this
double power, but the Pope, the head of the

15. Antichrif must be an Empire, as hath been Rev. 15 proved; and the name of this Empire muft contain the numi

the number 666. There is no Empire in the World ber 666. the whose name contains 606, but that of the Latin and the nam D. the Roman ; which is the name that the Papiso glo- of an Em.

pire, and. ries in. And this should be well observed, to lay hor in the ' open the vanity of the observations of the Papists, naime of a

who to elude this so plain a Character seek for cer-
tain names of men, in which they would find 666.
They would fain find it in the name of Luther; and
very lately M. Simon would find it in Roterodami.
We must let them know, they do nothing; that
here'tis not the name of a man,but ofan Empire that
is treated of. Now they will search in vain,they will
not find any Empire in the world whose nameçon.
tains 666, besides the Roman, or Latin Empire.

16. The Kingdom of Antichrëfi must be a Só, Rev. 11.
dom, full of impurities and abominable crimes. The
Papism in all the fore-going ages; hath been a fink
of all c'he abominations of the Earth. There are no
filthy and odious crimes, of which its Clergy and its
subjects have not made themselves guilty. The
proof of it at large may be feen in our juft près
, 17. This Antichristian Èmpire mult be a cruel Rév. 18. 4
Egypt, a Babylon, in which God will preserve his
people notwithstanding its corruptions. Come forth
of Babylon my people. There is no false Religion,
that háth pofleffed the Church more ages, and in
which God hath been able to preferve his Elect
than the Papisin.

18. Antichristianism süft be establisht in the Temple of Godzi, e, in the Church. There is no King


dom full of impuer fore-going agerarth. Therea


dom, Empire and corrupt Religion together with it, that is establisht in the Christian Church, but the


2. The fil. ing phe were

Rev. 13.


2.Thef.z. - 19. The Antichristian Empire must be exceed

ing proud. For its head must fii in the Temple of God, as if he were God. The papism hath carried pride beyond whatsoever can be imagin'd. 'Tis notorious.

20. Antichrist must worship Mahuzim ; i. e. Patrons and Protectors. The Papism worship its Grardian Angels and Saints, under whose prote

ction it puts it self. i R.CV. 11. 21. Antichristianism must be a Paganism raised

up again. For the outward Court must be left to the Gentiles for 42 months. The Papism hath all the parts of a paganism built on Chritianity, as hath been so evidently proved.

... 22. Antichrist must usurp the power ofj. Christ. " . For he shall bave the horns of a Lamb, and shall

Speak as a Dragon. The Papism hath usurp'd all the power of J. Christ, The Pope acts, speaks,censures, absolves, damns, dethrones Kings, &c. in the name

and by the authority of J. Christ. ... The Em- 23. The Antichristian Empire must not be formpise of the ed with noise; this beast must not ascend out of the cended our fea, as a monster that comes out of the deep, very of the by great and wholly formed in thetwinkling of an eye, little and and which devours as soon as it is on the Earth. It little.. must arise out of the Earth as a plant that is nothing

in the beginning, and which after many years grows Rev. 13. a great Tree. For the second beat ascendeth out of the

Earth, and not out of the Sea. The Empire of the papism came by little and little as a Tree, which for many years haih been but a little herb.

24. The Empire and the Religion of Antichrift, must be establisht by false signs and false wonders?

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'Tis impossible to reckon up the false miracles, Popery is which the papism hath produced to establish its su- the only

religion perstitions and its power. 'Tis at this day the only that boasts religion in the World that pretends to work working miracles.

miracles. 25. The Christian Apoft acy must be promoted by persons given to lies, lovers of fables. $Tis the true,

* 1 Tim. 4. fignification of the word which St. Paul uses Pfendologoi. There never was a religion in the World, i hat hath produced so many fables as the papism. I have proved it in my just prejudices.

26. The Teachers of Antichristianism must have. a great appearance of Auiterity, they must despise and discredit marriage, and command abstinence, from meats. The Teachers of the papism make it necessary for them to remain unmarried, and think they merit greatly by abstinence from meats.

27. Antichristianism was to appearin the world, when the head of the Roman Emperors was beaten down. The papism in the time that the Roman Em. pire was destroyed by the Goths and the Vandalsg began to be sensible in its idolatry and its tyranny.

28. This Empire must have its course in the later times. It is unquestionable that we are in the later 1 Tim. times; therefore the Empire of the papism at this day subsisting is the Empire of Antichrift.

29. The Antichristian Empire must subdue three , Kings of the ten. The Empire of the papism, besides Dame 7 that it hath fubdued more than a third part of the temporal power of the Weffern Kings, it hath actually subjected to it self in fief and temporal homage many Kingdoms. Among others, that of the Lomo bards, of which he poffefseth one part, the City of Rome and its jurisdiction, and the Kingdom of . ' ples, for which evenat this day he makes homage be paid him every year.

S3. 30. The

Rev. Ita 30. The Antichristian Empire must put to death

the Witnesses of the Truth of God. The papism uses all imaginable attempts to extinguish those Societies, that give testimony to the truth, and that op

pose Superstition and Idolatry. 'n Rev. 13,

31. The Antichristian Empire must interdict fire and water, i.e. all commerce with those that will not pay homage to it, and carry its mark and its name. The Papifm excommunicates, damas, preføribes and puts under interdi&t all those that will not submit themselves to its Laws, and that will

not bear the names of Roman Catholiques. Lev. 1$. 32. Spiritual Babylon must be a Mercbant, and

there must be great traffique in all precious things, even in fouls. Therefore they that live of its Traf fique, fhall weep bitterly upon her ruins. Of all the Religions in the World there was never any, where Avarice, fimony, and the sale of spritual things reigned to that degree, as they have done in the papilm. If any one can tell of any one, they would much

oblige us to shew it to us. Ecr. 18. ' 33. This Babylon must make all the Nations of

the Earth drunk, to make them her slaves. The Pa..
pisim hath poured out on the people a spirit of dul-
befs, a drunkenness, a charm, which hathbewitch'd

them to run after her. 2.07. 18. ' *34. The colour of Antichrist shall be purple and

fcarbet; his magnificence must be extraordinary, he . must be adorned with gold, precious stones and pearls. The Court of Rome hath purple for its colour,its chief Priest in the days cfcereinonies is covered with gold. and pearls, its Cardinals are as Kings. :

35. The reign of Antichriß must endure 1260. years, which fhailbe proved afterwards. The Empire of the papism hath endured very near so long already.


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