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ng have been confelt to be found in the Papacy. I okt believe nevertheless, that you will find that Truthi bir better cleared and made more manifest , than to hitherto it hath been. This Controverfie about Vi Antichrift hath languisht for an hundred poars, it to hath been unhappily abandon'd, on a polirick de account, and in obedience to Popish Princes. 'Tis a Fem wicked Complaisance, for which we are punisht, _rai and which hath coftus very dear : for it we had Va perperually exposed this Great and important

Truth before the Eyes of the Protestants'; that the sa 'Papacy is Antichristianism, they would not have mes fallen into that degeneracy and apostacy, which ' we see at present. How could they have resolved i withinthemselves to submit to Antichriftgand return mon to his Party! But 'tis so long Gince they heard it få ce called, that they have forgot it. They thought it 70' was only a transport of zeal in the firit Reformers, ble from which we were now come off. There was some made thing in that neglect and forgetfullness which seems 20 todiscover the finger of God: He would that this chhorrible catastrophe Thould happenand to that et end permitted that this important Truth should be the neglected, and those controversies only which

were but accessory should be minded, and that Til this should be pasl’t over, that the Papacy is the

Antichristian Empire : they who for want of giving

heed to that Truth are fallen, ought now to think de of it, and tremble to consider, that they have Ott voluntarily plung'd themselves again into that Bad Tee bylon , out of which God had so wonderfully

delivered them. In my opinion, this is so fundamenod tala Truth, that without it aman cannot be a true ng Christian: to confound the Kingdom of 7. Chrift

with that of Antichrist is an unsufferable Fault: in 14 Some Ages for certain God hath permitted that

but onimation to have on; for Tacana

Ignorance; but we are not now in those times: wė must now, declare for one party , and stand our ground. There is no Communion between Christ and Belial, between the Prince of light, and that Destroyer, who is truly an Angel of Darkness; that Controversy was so much stifled and laid asleep, that our Adversaries believed it dead, and thought thaç we had renounc't that Principle , and the ground of all our Reformation ; for I cannot believe the Reformation to have been on a good foundation, but on this account. Some Protestants (the reproach and shame not only of the Reformation but of the Christian name) have contributed to efface these Ideas from the minds of men, by turning to another sense what the H. Ghost faith of the Antichristian Empire, making such Commentaries of the scripture, as overthrow the design and meaning of it, forging Histories at pleasure, by that means to find the accomplishment of S. lohn's Prophecies in the first ages of the Church. At present therfore we must revive that Truth, which we had almost suffered to dye. This is the Time when we must indeavour to open the Eyes of the Princes and People of the Earth ; for behold now is the Time when they ought to eat the flesh of the Beast, and burn it with fire, strip naked the whore , and rear off her ornaments, and make a full end of Babylon. Within a little while these great Things must come to pass; 'uis high time then to awaken, men in order to it. This is what I attempt in the first part of this work, wherein I discover , after another manner than hath been done hitherto, the true Characters of that Antichristian Empire. In which I must acknowledg my great obligations to my foremens ționed Author, Joseph Mede; for no man bathtaken pains upon that subject with fomuch fuccefsaş he.



You will see the admirable Type of Antichrist in the famous Antiochus , carried farther than ever it hath been, and the explication of the three years and half, or 1260 days, much clearer than ever hitherto it hath been made. But I must here advertise ; that to comprehend the full force of my Arguments, to prove the Papacy to be the Antichristian Empire, to the reading of this work, you must add that of my Lawful Prejudices against Pope. fry; for in that book you will find the proof of allthe Characters of the Antichristian Empire inlarged. I mean not only those Chapters, wherein the explication of some passages in the Prophecies concerning Antichrift, I apply them to the Pope and his Empire, I speak principally of those Chapters where I describe the Corruption, Covetousness, Pride, Idolatry, Paganism, the fabulous and lying Spirit of Popery, all characters of Antichriftianisms as in this work is shown. I desire all those who have any care of their salvation to Read those two pieces, and I'dare be confident that all those who have not a seared Conscience will be sensibly affected with what they shall there find , and conceive a just Horror for that Religion, which hath held the Trurh under so long and cruel a Captivity. That I may render my Lawfull Prejudices the more usefull to my design, which is to make the Papacy appear to be the true Antichristianism, I am resolved, according to the advice that hath been given me , to abridge it ; but instead of making a pure and simple abridgment, I shall, in contracting it ; change the Prejudices into so many Characters of Antichristianism: and show that there is no one of those Prejudices but is a character of the Antichristian Empire. If any thing retards this design, it will be my desire to see whether Mr:

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Arhand will make good the promise of F. Simon; and reply to that Book. So that when I Abridge that Book, I may at the same time refute the Sophisms Mr. Arnand is preparing. This first part regards the Time past. ; The second part contains the explication of Things Future, or rather of those which we believe are yet to come, there are many things therin which will certainly be surprizing to you, as they were to me ; and if you read with any favourable opinion, what I say upon the 11th, 14ih, and 16th. Chapters of the Apocalyps, I cannot believe you will have much different Thoughts from mine. I will not call them Conje&tures , let them be such to others, I consent; but as to me, there is something more; for I think I have discovered which are the two parts of the Fall of Babylon , wherof one is called the Harveft, the other the Vintage, I believe that I have found the seven viols of the 16th. Chap. to be already poured out, which were supposed to be yet to come, which to me is an argument, that the Reign of Antichrist is near itsend. I know not whether others have discovered any thing of this before me; I pretend not to have perused all the Modern Commentators on the Apocalyps; on the Contrary I have read very few of them , having experienc't, that the diversity of Ideas that remain in the mind, serve but to obscure the Truth, and cause one to lose it. Some I consulted before I made this second Edi&tion; but I found nothing capable to make me alter my sentiments, or that could furnish me with any new light. Dr. Moore is one of the latest Commentators on the Apocalypse, and one of the most esteemed. I found, that he follows Mede in every thing, fave in the explication of the Harvest and the Vintage, of the 14th. Chap.


the seven viols of the 16', and the death of the
two Witnesses of the lith. Chap. that is, that he
had followed him in those places, wherin he had
(ucceeded well: 'tis in effect impossible to differ
from him in those places. But in those places where
Mr. Mede was not Happy ; Dr. Moore is no
more so than he. If any other hath discovered these
Truths, he will oblige me that shall let me know
it. I shall be rejoyc't to understand, that any other
hath made the fame discoveries : this will confirmi
me in the perswalion which I have, that I have
found that which I inquired after.

After having proved in this second part, that the
end of the Reign of Antichrif is at hand, I treat of
that which is to follow after that Fall, viz. the
famous Reign of Christ upon Earth, which hath been
so often contradicted since the Beginning of the
Christian Church! I have inlarged a little upon ft;
as being one of the most consolatory Truths which
is in the whole Scripture; I cannot but aferibe to a
secret providence of God, that Blindness,wbich moft
Christians have been under hitherto concerning it;
for certain reasons, God would not that they
should see that Reign of Christ in the Prophecies,
tho it be there as clearly described as the Coming
of the Meffiah, which yet the Jews will not see
to be there, you will therin find one Chapter,
for which the Iews are indebted to me ; for I
re-establish them in their Rights, and in their Hopes,
farther than Christians have as yet döne. Among
the proofs of the Reign of a thousand years', you
will find an explication of the Type of the work
of Creation, which will not be unpleasant to those
who love Mysteries. I have nothing to say in vin-
dication of ihis book. It muft run the common
wifque, it must be left to the Judgment of the pub-
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