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of Cambridge

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1845, By JAMES MUNROE AND COMPANY,

In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.



unit. 726 31454 1845


THIS Manual contains, with a few trifling changes, the Order of Public Worship and the Forms of Prayer, which have been in use for several years past by the First Congregational Society of this city. Several motives have induced me to print them.

The Manual will afford a convenient and sufficient answer to the inquiries so frequently made, as to our mode of religious worship and the general principles upon which our Society is founded.

It will be useful to the members of the Society itself, as a guide in their devotions, and also in their family circles.

It will materially lessen my own labors on the Sabbath and at other times — a consideration which my peculiar position compels me to regard.

It will render it easier to conduct the exercises of Public Worship in the absence of a regular minister. This object, which is very important, will be

attained even if the Manual be not permanently adopted by the Society.

In the selection of Forms of Prayer, I have endeavored to use none but those which are simple and comprehensive; and I have generally preferred such as have the sanction of long use and the charm of familiarity.

The minister need not, however, feel himself confined to these forms, but may at any time substitute extemporaneous prayer, or vary the hymns

to be sung.

SAINT LOUIS, July 20, 1842.

W. G. E.


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