The Life of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort, Том 1

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Smith, Elder, & Company, 1875 - Всего страниц: 2

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Стр. 328 - Majesty shall be continued westward along the said forty-ninth parallel of north latitude to the middle of the channel which separates the continent from Vancouver's Island, and thence southerly through the middle of the said channel, and of Fuca's Straits to the Pacific Ocean...
Стр. 34 - No, wench : it eats and sleeps and hath such senses As we have, such. This gallant which thou seest Was in the wreck ; and but he's something stain'd With grief that's beauty's canker, thou mightst call him A goodly person.
Стр. 243 - We are here among the vast and noble scenes of Nature; we are there among the pitiful shifts of policy. We walk here in the light and open ways of the divine bounty; we grope there in the dark and confused labyrinths of human malice. Our senses are here feasted with the clear and genuine taste of their objects, which are all sophisticated there, and for the most part overwhelmed with their contraries.
Стр. 36 - I do feel so guilty, I know not how to begin my letter — but I think the news it will contain will be sufficient to ensure your forgiveness. Albert has completely won my heart, and all was settled between us this morning. ... I feel certain he will make me very happy. I wish I could say I felt as certain of my making him happy, but I shall do my best.
Стр. 97 - No one but himself ever lifted her from her bed to her sofa, and he always helped to wheel her on her bed or sofa into the next room. For this purpose he would come instantly, when sent for, from any part of the house. As years went on, and he became overwhelmed with work (for his attentions were the same in all the Queen's subsequent confinements), this was often done at much inconvenience to himself, but he ever came with a sweet smile on his face. In short," the Queen adds, " his care of her was...
Стр. 154 - Pitt, coming down in state, under the future regency, to the house, preceded by the lord steward, the lord chamberlain, and the master of the horse...
Стр. 98 - I told Albert that formerly I was too happy to go to London and wretched to leave it, and how, since the blessed hour of my marriage, and still more since the summer, I dislike and am unhappy to leave the country, and could be content and happy never to go to town. This pleased him. The solid pleasures of a peaceful, quiet, yet merry life in the country, with my inestimable husband and friend, my all in all, are far more durable than the amusements of London, though we don't despise or dislike these...
Стр. 65 - For one day only, the 11th of February, were the Queen and Prince alone together at Windsor, and on that day Her Majesty wrote to Baron Stockmar, "There cannot exist a dearer, purer, nobler being in the world than the Prince.
Стр. 35 - Your choice has been for these last years my conviction of what might and would be best for your happiness...
Стр. 16 - I have only now to beg you, my dearest Uncle, to take care of the health of one, now so dear to me, and to take him under your special protection. I hope and trust that all will go on prosperously and well, on this subject of so much importance to me.

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