William and Mary: Heroes of the Glorious Revolution

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The History Press, 16 сент. 2011 г. - Всего страниц: 288
Mary (1662-94), daughter of James, Duke of York, heir to the English Throne, then 15, is said to have wept for a day and a half when she was told she was to marry her cousin, William (1650-1702), son of William II of Orange (1626-50), Stadtholder of the Dutch republic, and Mary, eldest daughter of Charles I of England, who was eleven years older than her. In November 1677, on William's 27th birthday, they married in a private ceremony at St James's Palace. William was solemn, James gloomy, Mary in tears, and only King Charles appeared cheerful. This dual biography deals with both the "life and times" of the monarchs, and with England's place in Europe. Interests of the subjects, outside the constitutional, are dealth with, as well as their personal relationships: William's rumoured homosexuality and Mary's hinted-at lesbianism; Mary's troubled personal relations with her father, James II; and the relationship between Mary and her sister and her husband's successor Anne. The book also examines the personal and political relations between William and his uncle Charles II, and between William and Mary and Charles' illegitimate son the Duke of Monmouth.

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An overview of the life of William and Mary, King and Queen of England, and Prince and Princess of Orange. After overthrowing Mary's father, William and Mary became reigning King and Queen of England ... Читать весь отзыв

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Mary Clorin
Prince and Princess of Orange
Heir and Heiress Presumptive
It is no small burden
The title of King was only a pageant
The consequences of such a breach
Two or three small strugglings of nature
This pernicious resolution
Genealogical Tables
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