An imperfect outline of the elements of the Galla language

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Church Missionary Society, 1840 - Всего страниц: 16

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Стр. vii - The pit is then covered with an animal's hide ; and they sit down round it, swearing, that if they do not perform their agreements, they may be thrown or fall into such a pit — that they may be pierced through with a lance, and their bodies may be hidden, so as to remain uurevenged.
Стр. viii - Wodanabc, situated on the banks of the Hawash, in the country of the Soddo Gallas, south of Shoa. From time to time they perform...
Стр. vii - They dig a deep and narrow pit, into which they put some lances. The pit is then covered with an animal's hide ; and they sit...
Стр. vi - Moolofallada to his palace with silk and velvet ; as she would certainly have done, if she had invited him.
Стр. 2 - I am convinced that the light of the Gospel and Science will be kindled first among the Gallas, and thence proceed to the Abyssinians, who have nothing but the name of Christ.
Стр. xiii - Should not this suggest the thought, that probably there may be a national relation between these three nations...

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