Ethnology of India

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J. van Voorst, 1859 - Всего страниц: 375

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Стр. 206 - The Brahmin eats but his own food ; wears but his own apparel ; and bestows but his own in alms ; through the benevolence of the Brahmin indeed other mortals enjoy life.
Стр. 205 - Whatever exists in the universe, is all in effect, though not in form, the wealth of the Brahmin ; since the Brahmin is entitled to it all by his primogeniture and eminence of birth.
Стр. 385 - T. Rymer) General Outline of the Organization of the Animal Kingdom, and Manual of Comparative Anatomy, illustrated with 571 engravings, thick 8vo, half roan, gilt top (pub £l lis 6d), 6s. Van Voorst. Jones
Стр. 201 - Through Agni the worshipper obtains that affluence which increases day by day, which is the source of fame and the multiplier of mankind. 4. Agni, the unobstructed Sacrifice of which thou art on every side the protector, assuredly reaches the gods. 5. May Agni, the presenter of oblations, the attainer of knowledge, he who is true, renowned, and divine, come hither with the gods.
Стр. 377 - Eggs in this edition are from different specimens to those figured in the previous editions. SYSTEMATIC CATALOGUE OF THE EGGS OF BRITISH BIRDS, arranged with a View to supersede the use of Labels for Eggs. By the Rev.
Стр. 47 - ... animal, shunning all society. It is said, that, on their being first seized with this complaint, they tear their hair, and rings from their ears, with such force as to break the lobe. It is supposed to be occasioned by a medicine applied to the forehead : but I endeavoured to procure some of the medicine thus used, without effect : I imagine it rather to be created by frequent intoxications, as the malady goes off in the course of a week or a fortnight...
Стр. 377 - PLS, Professor of Zoology in King's College, London. Illustrated by nearly 200 Engravings, comprising portraits of the animals, and vignette tail-pieces.
Стр. 19 - If so, look to the thum of your neighbour ; at any rate look beyond your own. This is the first time I have found occasion to mention this practice. It will not be the last ; on the contrary, the principle it suggests is so common as to be almost universal. We shall find it in Australia ; we shall find it in North and South America ; we shall find it in Africa ; we shall find it in Europe ; we shall suspect and infer it in many places where the actual evidence of its existence is incomplete.
Стр. 205 - To defend the people, to give alms, to sacrifice, to read the Veda, to shun the allurements of sensual gratification, are, in a few words, the duties of a Cshatriya.
Стр. 3 - Buddhism, is very remarkable, and not the less so because it is accompanied by an equally marked change in the physical aspect of the inhabitants, the Hindus of the Lower Sutlej appearing to pass by insensible gradations as we advance from village to village, till at last we arrive at a pure Tartar population. The people of Upper Piti have quite the Tartar physiognomy, the small stature and stout build of the inhabitants of Ladakh, to whom also they closely approximate in dress.

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