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Firft, God hath prepared a Mercy-seat, a Throne of Grace to fit on; that thou may'f come thither. to him, and that he may from thence hear thee, and receive thee: I will commune with thee (faith he) from above the Mercyseat, Exod. 25. 22.

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As who shall say, Sinner, When thou comeft to me, thou shalt find me upon the Mercy-seat, where also I am always found of the undoney Coming Sinner : Thither I bring my Pardon; there I hear and receive their Petitions, and accept them to my Favour.

Secondly, God hath also prepared a golden Altar for thee to offer thy Prayers and Tears upon: A goldeh Altar! It is called a golden Altar, to fhew what Worth it is of in God's Account: For this golden Altar is Jesus Chrift; this Altar fanctifies thy Gift, and makes thy Sacrifice acceptable. This Altar then makes thy Groans, gold den Groans; thy Tears, golden Tears, and thy Prayers, golden Prayers, in the Eye o that God thou comelt to, Coming Sinner, Rev. 8. Mat. 23. 19. Heb. 10. 10.

1 Pet. 2. 5. Thirdly, God hath strewed all the way (from the Gate of Hell, where thou wast, to the Gate of Heaven, whither thou art going) with Flowers out of his own Garden. Behold! how the Promises, Invitations, Calls and Encouragements, like Lillies, lie round about thee; take Heed that thou dost not tread them under Foot, Sinner!) with Promises did I say, Yea, he hath mixed all those with his own Name, his Son's Name; also with the Name of Mercy, Goodness, Compassion, Love, Pity, Grace, Forgiveness, Pardon, and what not, that may encourage the Coming Sinner.


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Fourthly, "He hath also for thy Ecouragement, kaid up the. Names, and set forth the Sins of those that have been saved: In his Book they are fairly written, that thou through Patience and Comfort of the Scriptures mightest have Hope:

I. In this Book is recorded Nodb's Maim and Sin; and how God had Mercy upon hiin.

2. In this Record is fairly written the Name of Lot, and the Nature of his Sin; and how the Lord had Mercy upon him.

3. In this record thou hast affo fairly written the Names of Moles, Aaron, Gideon, Sampson, David, Solomon, Peter, Paul; with the Nature of their Sins, and how God had Mercy upon them, and all to encourage thee, Coming Sinner.

Fourthly, I will ada yet another Encourage ment for the Man that is coming to Jesus Chrif Art thou coming Art thou coming indeed! Why,

1. This thy Coming is, by Virtue of God's Call, thou art called :: Calling goes before Coming: Coming is not of Works, but of him that callech. He went up into a Mountain, and called to him whom he would, & they came to him,

Secondly, Art thou coming? This is alfo by the Virtue of Illumination. God has made thee fee, and therefore thou art coming. - So long as thou wast in Darkness, thou loveft Darkness; and couldeft not abide to come, because thy Deeds were evil: But being now illuminated and made to fee, what and where thou art: and also, what and where thy Saviour is: Now thou art coming to Jefus Chrik, Bieffed art thou, Simon Bar. jona; for Fles and Blood hath not revealed it unti thee, (saith Chrift) but my Father which is in Heaven, Mat. 16. 15. 16..


Mark 3. 13.

Thirdly, Art' thou coming ? Tbis is because God has inclined thine Heart to come; God hath called thee, illuminated thee and inclined thy Heart' to come: And therefore thou comeit to Jefus Christ. It is God that worketh in thee to will, and to come to efiis Christ. Coming Sinner bless God for that he hath given thee a Will to come to Jesus Chriß. It is

sa Sign that thou belongest to Jejus Christ, because God has made thee willing to come to him, Pfal. 1 10. 3: Bless God for saying the Enemy of thy Mind, had he not done it, thou wouldit as yet have hated thine own Salvation.

Fourthly, Art thou coming to Jesus Chrift? It is God that giveth thee Power; Power to pursue thy Will in Matters

' of thy Salvation, is the Gift of God. It is God that worketh in


both to will and to do, Phil. 2. 13. Not that God worketh Will to come, where he gives no Power; but that thou fhouldīt take Notice, that Power is an additional Mercy. The Church saw that Will and Pozuer were two. Things, when she cried, Draw me, and we will run after thee, (Song 1. 4.) and so did David too, when he said, I will run the Ways of thy Commandments, when thau-spalt enlarge my Heart. Will to come, and Power to pursue thy Will, is double Mercy, Coming Sinner.

Fifthly, All thy strange, passionate, sudden rushing forward after Jesus Chrift, (Coming Sinners know what I mean) they also are thy Helps from God. Perhaps thou feelest at sometimes more than at others, strong Stirrings up of Heart to fly to Jesus Chrift; now thou hast at this Time a sweet and stiff Gale of the Spirit of God, filling thy Sails with the fresh Gales of his good Spirit; and thou rideft at those Times as upon the Wings of the Wind, being carried out beyond


thyself, beyond the most of thy Prayers, and also above all thy Fears and Temptations.

Sixthly, Coming Sinner, hast thou not now and then a Kiss of the sweet Lips of Jefits Christ? I mean, fome blessed Word dropping like a Honey-comb upon thy Soul to revive thee, when thou art in the Midst of thy Duinps.

Seventhly, Does not Jesus Chrift sometimes give thee a Glimpse of himself, though perhaps, thou seest him not so long a Time as while one may tell Twenty.

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Eighthly, Hast thou not sometimes, as it were the very Warmth of his Wings overshadowing the Face of thy Soul, that gives thee as it were a Gload upon thy Spirit, as the bright Beams of the Sun do upon thy Body, when it suddenly breaks out of a Cloud, though presently all is gone away!

Well, all these Things are the good Hand of thy God upon thee, and they are upon thee to constrain, to provoke, and to make thee willing, and able to come (Coming Sinner,) that thou mightest in the End be saved.









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