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for so it seemed good in thy Sight, Mat. 11. 25. Luke 10. 21.

The Text, in the General, consists of two Parts, and hath special Respect to the Father and the Son; as also their joint Management of the Salvation of the People. All that the Father gir veth me, mall.come to me; and bim that cometh to me, I will in no vise cast out.

The firft Part of the Text (as is evident) respect eth the Father and his Gift; the other Part, the Son and his Reception of that Gift.

First, For the Gift of the Father there is this to be considered ; to wit,

The Gift itfelf; and that is the Gift of certain Persons to the Son. The Father giveth, and that Gift shall come; And him that cometh : The Gift then is of Persons : The Father giveth Perfons to Jesus Christ.

Secondly, Next you have the Son's Reception of this Gift, and that thewech itself in these Particulars :

1. In his hearty Acknowledgment of it to be a Gift, the Father giveth me.

2. In his taking Notice after a solemn Manner, of All, and every part of the Gift: All that the Fa. ther giveth me.

3. In his Resolution to being them to himself. All that the Father giveth me, shall come to me.

4. And in his determining, that not any Thing Shall make him dislike them in their coming. And bim that cometh to me, I will in no wife caft out.

These Things might be spoken to at large, they are in this Method presented to View : But I shall chuse to speak to the Words,

1. By Way of Explication.
2. By Way of Observation.


First, By Way of Rxplication, (All) that the Father giveth one. This Word An, is often used in Scripture, and is to be taken more largely, or more ftrictly, even as the Truth or Argument, for the Sake of which it is made use of, will bear : Wherefore that we may better understand the Mind of Christ in the Use of it here, we must consider, that it is limited and restrained only to those that shall be laved, to wit, to those that ihall come to Chrift;even to those whom he will in no wise cast out. Thus' also the Words All Ifrael, is sometimes to be taken' (though sometimes it is taken for the whole Family of Jacob). And so All Ifrdel shall be loved, Rom.11. By All Ifrael, here he intenderh, not all of Israel, in the largestSense; for they are not allIsrael which are of Israel; neither because they are the Seed of Alrebam, are theyAllChildren; but in Ifaac fall thy Sred be called; that is, They who are the Children of the Flesh; these are not the Children of God, but the Children of the Promise are counted for their Seed, Rom.9. 6, 7, 8.

This Word All, therefore must be limited, and enlarged, as the Truth and Argument, for the Sake of which it is used, will bear; else we shall abuse Scriptures and Readers, and Ourselves, and All. And I, if I be listed up from the Earth, faid Chrift, will draw All Men after me, Jolin 12. 32. Can any one imagine, that by All, in this Place, he should mean All, and every individual Man in theWorld;;and not rather, that All, that is consonant to the Scope of the Place ? And if by being lift up from the Earth, he means, as he should seem, his being taken up into Heaven ; and if by drawing All Men after him, he meant a drawing them into the Place of Glory ; then muft he mean by all Mon, those, and only those; that fall in Truth be eternally faved from the Wrath to come : For God hath concluded themAll in Unbelief, that he might have Mercy upor. Ail, Rom. 1:1. 32. Here again you have All

and All, two Alls; but yet a greater Disparity bet tween the All made mention of in the first place, and that All made mention of in the fecond. Those intended in this Text, are the Jews, even All of them, by the first (All) that you find in the Words. The second All doth also intend the same People ; but

yet only so many of them as God will have Mercy upon. He bath concluded them All in Unbelief, that he might have Mercy upon All. The All also in the Text, is likewise to be limited and restrained to the Saved, and them only. But again,

The Word (Giveth) or, hath given, must be restrained after the same Manner, to the same limited Number, All that the Father giveth me. Not all that are given. Ify you

take the Gifts of the Father to the Son, in the largest Sense; for in that Sense, there are many given to him that shall never come unto him: Yea many are given unto him, that He will cast out.

I Thall therefore first thew you the Truth of this, and then in what Sense the Gift in the Text must be taken. First, that All are given to Chrift, if you

take the Gift of the Father to him, in the largest Sense, cannot be intended in the Text, is evident,


1. Because then a!l the Men, yea, all the Things in the World must be saved. All Things, said he, are dilivered unto me by the Father, Mat. 11; 27; This, I think, no rational Man in the World will conclude. Therefore the Gift intended in the Text, must be restrained to fome, to a Gift that's given by Way of Speciality by the Father to the Son. 2. It must not be taken for All, that in any

Sense are given by the Father to him, because the Father hath given him fome, yea, many to him, to be dashed in Pieces by him. Ask of me, said the Father to him, and I will give thee the Heathen for thine Inheritance, and the uttermoft Parts of the Earth for thy


Pofeffion: But what must be done with them? Must he save them all? No, Thou shalt break them with a Rod of Iron, thou Malt dash them in Pieces like a Potter's Vefsel. Pfal. 2. This Method he useth not with them that he saveth by his Grace, but with those that himself and Saints shall rule over in Juftice and Severity, Rev. 2. 26, 27; Yet, as you fee, They

are given to him. Therefore the Gift intended in j the Text, most be restrained to fome ; to a Gift that

is given by way of Speciality by the Father to the Son. • In Pfal. 18. he faith plainly, thai some are given to him that he might destroy them ; Thou hast given me the Necks of mine Enemies, that I might destroy them that hate me, verse 40. These therefore cannot be of the Number of those that are said to be given in the Text ; for those, even all of them hall come to him, and ke will in no wise cost them out.

3. Some are given to Christ, that he by theni might bring about some for his high and deep Designs in the World. Thus Judas was given to Ghrift, to wit, that by him, even as he was determined before, he might bring about his Death, & so the Salvation of his Elect by his Blood. Yes, and Judas must so manage this Bufiness, as that he must lose himself for ever in bringing it to pass. Therefore the Lord Jesus, even in his lofing of Judas, applies himself to the Judgment of his Father, if he had not in that Thing done that which was right, even in fuffering Judas so to bring about his Master's Death, as that he might by so doing bring about his own eternal Damnation also.

Those, said he, that thou gavest me, have I kept, and none of them is loft, but the Son of Perdition, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, John 17. 12. Let us then grant that Judas was given to Christ, but not as others are given to him, nor as those made mention of in the Text; for then he should not have B4


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failed to have been fo received by Chrift, and kept to eternal Life. Indeed he was given to Christ, but he was given to him to lose him, in the way that I have mentioned before ; he was given to Chrift, that? he by him might bring about his own Death, as was before determined; and that in the Overthrow of him that did it, Yea, he must bring about his own Death, as was before determined ; and that in the Overthrow of him that did it. Yea, he must bring about his dying for us in the Loss of the Instrument that betrayed him, that he might even fulfil the Scripture in his Destruction, as well as in the Sala vation of the rest. And none of them is it, but : the Son of Perdition, that the Scriptare might be: fulfilled.

The Gift therefore in the Text, must not be taken: in the largestSense, but even as the Words will bear;. to wit, for such a Gift as-he accepteth, and pro-miseth to be an effectual Means of eternal Salvation to. All that the Father giveth me, shall come to me :: and him that cometb to me, I will in no wife cast out.. Mark! They shall come that are in special given to

and they shall by no Means be rejected : For this is the Substance of the Text.

Those therefore intended, as the Gift in the Text, are those that are given by Covenant to the Son those that in other places are called the Elect, the Cholen, the Sheep, and the Children of the Promise, &c.

These be they that the Father hath given to Cbrift to keep them; those that Chrift hath promised eternal Life unto: those, to whom he hath given his Word, and that he will have with him in his Kingdom to behold his Glory.

This is theWill of theFather that bath sent me, that of all that he hath given me, I should lose nothing, but Mould raise it up again at the last Day. And I give' unto them eternal Life, & they shall never perish; nei. mber shall any Man pluck them out of my Hand. My


me ;

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