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fronger than the. Well, what Judgment now doth God, the righteous Judge, pass upon the Damfel for this? The Man only that lay with her, Jaith God, shall die: But unto the Damsel thou shalt do nothing; there is in the Damsel no Sin worthy of Death. For as when a Man riseth against his Neighbour, and Nayeth him, even fois this Matter; he found her in the Field, and the betrothed Damsel cried, and there was none to fave her, Deut. 22, 26, 27.

Thou art this Damsel: The Man that forced thee with these blafphemous Thoughts, is the Devil; and he lighteth upon thee in a fit. Place, even in the Fields, as thou art wandering after Jesus Chrift; but thou crieft out, and by the Cry, did shew, that thou abhorredit such wicked Lewdness. Well, the Judge of all the Earth will do right; he will not lay the Sin at thy Door, but at his that offered the Violence: and for thy Comfort, take this into Consideration, That he comes to heal them that were oppressed with the Devil, Aits. 10. 38.

Objection 4.

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But, faith another, I am so heartless, fo low, and, as I think, so indifferent in my Coming, that to speak Truth, I know not whether my Kind of coming ought to be called a coming to Chrift.

Ans. You know that I told you at first, that coming to Chrif is a moving of the Heart and Affe&tions towards him.

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But, faith the Soul, My. Dulness and Indifferency in all holy Duties, demonstrate my Heartlessness in coming, and to come, and not with the Heart, fignifies nothing at all.

Ans. The moving of the Heart after Christ, is Xot to be discerned (at all Times) by thy sensible affectionate Performance of Duties, but rather by thofe fecret Groanings and Complaints which thy Soul makes to God against that Sloch that attends thee in Duties.

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Secondly, But grant it be even as thou fay'ft it is, that thou comeft fo slowly, &c. yet, since Chritt bids them come, that furely they may be accepted 12. come not at all; attended with those Infirmities, which thou at present groaneft under. He saith, And him that cometh: He faith not, If they come fenfible, so faft: But, And him that cometh to me, I will in no wise cast out.

He faith also in the eighth of Proverbs, As for him that wanteth Understanding, that is, an Heart, for ofentimes the Undeftanding is taken for the Heart: Come eat of my Bread, and drink of the Wine that I have mingled.

Thirdly, Thou may'it be vehement in thy Spirit in coming to Jefus Chrift, and yet be plagued with sensible Sloth. So was the Church, when she cried, Draw me, we will run after thee; and Paul, when he said, When I would do Good, Evil is present with me: (Song 14. Rom. 7. Gal. 5. 19.) The Works, Strugglings and Oppositions of the Flesh are more manifeit than are the Works of the Spirit in our Hearts, and fo are fooner felt than they: What then? Let us not be discouraged at the Sight and Feeling of our own Infrmīties, but run the fafter to Jesus Chrift for Salvation,

Fourthly, Get thy Heart warmed with the fweet Promise of Christ's Acceptance of the coming Sinner, and that will make thee make more Hafte unto him. Discouraging Thoughts, they are like 'unto cold Weather, they benumb


the Senses, make us go ungainly about our Bufiness; but the sweet and warm Gleads of Promike, are like the comfortable Beams of the Sun, which enliveneth and refresheth. You see how little the Bee and the Fly do play in the Air in Winter; why the Cold hinders them from doing 'it; but when the Wind and Sun is warm, who fo busy as they

Fifthly, But again, he that comes to Chrift flies for his Life: Now here is no Man that flies for his Life, that thinks he speeds fast enough on his Journey; no, could he, he would willingly take a Mile at a Step. O my Sloth and Heartlessness, fay'st thou! O that I had Wings like a Dove, for then would I fee away and be at reft! I would haften my Escape from the windy Storm and Tempest, Pfal. 55. 6, 8.

Poor coming Soul, thou art like the Man that would ride full Gallop, whose Horse will hardly trot! now the Desire of his Mind is not to be judged of by the low Pace of the dull Jade he rides on, but by the hitching, and kicking and {purring, as he fits on his Back. Thy Fleth is like this dull Jade, it will not gallop after Chrift, it will be backward, though thy Soul and Heaven lie at Stake: But be of good Comfort, Christ judgeth not according to the Fierceness of outward Motion, Mark 10. 17.. but according to the Sincerity, of the Heart and inward Parts, John 1. 47. Pfal. 51. 6. Mat. 16. 41. · Sixthly, Ziba in Appearance came to David much faster than dia Mephibosheth; but yet his Heart was not so upright in him to David as was his. It is true, Mephibofheth had a Check from David; for, said he, Why wenteft thou not with me Mephibofheth? But when David came to remember that Mephibofheth was lame, (for that


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was his Plea) Thy. Servant is lame, 2 Sam. 19. he was content, and concluded he would have come after him fafter than be did: And Mephibosheth appealed to David, who w was in those Days as an Angel of God, to know all Things that are done in the Earth, if he did not believe that the ReaPion of his Backwardness lay in his Lameness, and not in his Mind. Why, poor coming Sinner, thou canst not come to Christ with that outward Swiftness of Career, as many others do; but doth the Reason of thy Backwardness lie in thy Mind and Will, or in the Sluggishness of the Flefh? Cant thou fay fincerely, The Spirit truly is willing, but the Flesh is Weak, Mat. 26. 41. Yea, canft thou appeal to the Lord Jesus, who knoweth perfe&tly the very inmoft Thought of thy Heart, that this is true? Then take this for thy Comfort; he hath said, I will assemble her that halteth, I will make her that haltetha Remnant, and I will fave her that halteth, Micah 4. 6, 7. Zeph. 3. 19. What canft thou have more from the sweet Lips of the Son of God? But,

Seventhly, I read of some that are to follow Christ in Chains; I say, to come after him in Chains; Thus faith the Lord, the Labour of Egypt, and the Merchandize of Ethiopia, and the Sabeans, Men of Stature, shall come over unto thee, and they shall be thine: They shall come after thee: In Chains fhall they come over, and they shall fall down unto thee: They shall make Supplication unto thee, saying, Surely there is none else to fave, Isa. 45. 14. Surely they that come after Christ in Chains, come to him in great Difficulty, because their Steps by the Chains are ftraitened.

And what Chain fo heavy, as those that difcourage thee? Thy Chain which is made up of

, Guilt and Filth, is heavy; it is a wretched Band


about thy Neck, by which thy Strength doth fail, Lam. 1. 14. chap. 3. 17: But come, though thou comeft in Chains; it is Glory to Christ, that a Sinner comes after him in Chains. The chink. ing of thy Chains, though troublesome to thee, are not nor can be Obstruction"to thy Salvation; it is Christ's Work and Glory to save thee froh thy Chains, to enlarge thy Steps, and fet thee at Liberty. : The blind Man, though called, furely could not come apace to Jesus Christ, but Chrift could stand fill, and stay for him. True, He rideth on the Wings of the Wind; but yet he is long-sufferring, and his Long-Tuffering is Salvation to him that cometh to him, Mat. 19. 49.

Eighthly, Hadft thou seen those that came to the Lord Jesus in the Days of his Flesh, how flowly, how hobbingly they came to him, by Reafon of their Infirmities; and also how friendly, and kindly, and graciously he received them, and gave them the Defire of their Hearts, thou would. est not, as thou doft, make such Objections' á. gainit thyself, in thy coming to Jesus Christ.

2 Pet. 3. 9.

Objection 5.

But, (fays another) I fear I come too late; I doubt I have ftaid too long ;' I am afraid the Door is ikut.

Anfi Tkou canst never come too late to Jefus Chrift, if thou doft come. This is manifeft by two Instances


First, By the Man that came to him at the eleventh Hour. This Man was idle all the Day long : He had a whole Gospel-day to come in, and he played it all away fave only the last Hour thereof: But at last, at the eleventh Hour he chine,


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