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- So I will then bestir me to find out the breeder of this mischief-Woe to him! Justice shall smile again!"

In thus saying, Robert turned his eyes upon Louis, who, being perhaps unwilling to sustain their glance, bent his head aside, as if to address his neighbour. The King replied.

“ The Count of Artois doth already know his judgment."

“Bethink you, my Lord!”
** We have already done so.”

Again, my Lord, bethink you rightly of this matter."

“Our resolve is taken, our purpose is determined; we will not change it.”

D'Artois pressed his hands upon the cushion of his seat, and, supported on them as one who, though in the act of going, was yet desirous to remain.

“Yet one last word, my Lord,” he said. Amend this foul award!"

“Leave me, sir. I'll hear no more !"

He rose-“ Philip of Valois! we meet not HERE again.”

He was just upon the point of leaving the chamber, when his eye happened to catch that of the Abbot of St. Bertin. He went up to him.

“Reverend father! You have not deemed me guilty of this deed. I thank you. You have given me kind will, and good aid towards unravelling the mystery which hath perplexed me. - I thank you. I would ask your blessing, holy abbot, but to do that would be to sin. I dare not. If you should grant it to my prayer, 'twould prove a curse;—unsought, it would be useless. Fare you well!”

Leaving the abbot overwhelmed with sorrow and astonishment at all he had witnessed, he next addressed himself to Otho.

“You, Seigneur, are the best and honorablest natured gentleman that I did ever find. For that you would have yielded me the lands without a struggle, could I have shown them mine of right, I owe you nought.* But absent, you spoke well of me,-so hath it been reported.

* By this expression I presume that Robert meant to say—but it is not, perhaps, very clear-that he could not owe him anything for being willing to perform an act of For this, accept my gratitude. That I did just now utter what you might have ta'en as censure on your judgment, I have cause to fear.

“But give no heed unto such words. I thought not of the noble Otho when they passed me. You are young, and apt, like youth, to be mistaken. But error dwells not long in such high souls as yours. Be lessoned by this morning's business, shake it thence. The rack hath often sheltered guilt from justice, but never yet made truth appear.— And now adieu."

He left the chamber; and was no sooner gone than Philip, feeling himself to be "himself again," addressed the Council, and enquired how it would be advisable to act, in order to avoid the ill effects which might, and probably would, arise from the furious ebullitions of anger in one who was, unfortunately, so beloved by the people, as

justice,-as virtue ought to flow spontaneously, without effort, or hope of reward.

Her own reward, a greater would you fix?
Then give Humility a coach and six.

Essay on Man.

to make it to be greatly feared they would rise in defence of their idol's cause.

There were many opinions given, but at last Louis arose, and going up to his sovereign, whispered :

“I may not now discuss this matter here, my Liege; but if your Grace be pleased to leave it all to me, I will so order it, that that rash madman who hath quitted us, shall henceforth cause us no alarm.”

“Well, be it so," the king replied, “we will talk more of this anon. Meanwhile, I shall dismiss the council.”

The assembly then broke up, and Philip going towards the door, the rest followed him into the gardens.

With arms clenched behind his back, Louis walked slowly on, through the court yard. His lips moved, but not to syllable the thought which filled his mind.

“I am so deeply damned already, that I needs must”-His eye just at that instant lighted on the provost. “Hark ye, sirrah !” he whispered, gently plucking him by the sleeve. “ Thou hast gone blithely through thy morning's work, I've more for thee on hand. Seek me at six this even !"

“ So! my Lord,” replied the fellow in the same low voice.

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