Rammstein on Fire: New Perspectives on the Music and Performances

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John T. Littlejohn, Michael T. Putnam
McFarland, 27 сент. 2013 г. - Всего страниц: 284
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This volume contains 13 original essays exploring Rammstein's stage performance and recorded works from multiple academic perspectives. Topics range from Rammstein's connection with 19th century German literature and their East German heritage to cannibalism and the supernatural. The panoramic view of approaches to Rammstein's music and performance goes beneath the surface and provides fan and scholar alike with a deeper appreciation for the band.

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Gaining an Academic Appreciation of Rammstein John T Littlejohn and Michael T Putnam
Experiencing Rammstein
Rammstein Literature and Culture
The Elemental and the Metaphysical
About the Contributors
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John T. Littlejohn has published on such diverse topics as American detective fiction and international cinema. He lives in Shreveport, Louisiana. Michael T. Putnam is assistant professor of German & linguistics at the Pennsylvania State University. His previous publications have appeared in various venues such as Popular Music and Society. He lives in State College, Pennsylvania.

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