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All hail! ye tender feelings dear!
The smile of love, the friendly tear,

The sympathetic glow!
Long since, this world's thorny ways
Had number'd out my weary days,

Had it not been for you!
Fate still has blest me with a friend,

In every care and ill ;
And oft a more endearing band,
A tie more tender still.
It lightens, it brightens

The tenebrific scene,
To meet with, and greet with

My Davie or my Jean!


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Oh, how that name inspires my style!
The words come skelpin', rank and file,

Amaist before I ken!
The ready measure rins as fine
As Phæbus and the famous Nine

Were glowerin' owre my pen.
My spaviet Pegasus will limp,

Till ance he's fairly het;
And then he'll hilch, and stilt, and jimp,
And rin an unco fit :
But lest then, the beast then,

Should rue this hasty ride,
I'll light now, and dight now

His sweaty, wizen'd hide.

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Why, ye tenants of the lake,
For me your watery haunts forsake?
Tell me, fellow-creatures, why
At my presence thus you fly ?
Why disturb your social joys,
Parent, filial, kindred ties ?-
Common friend to you and me,
Nature's gifts to all are free :
Peaceful keep your dimpling wave,
Busy feed, or wanton lave;
Or, beneath the sheltering rock,
Bide the surging billow's shock.

Conscious, blushing for our race,
Soon, too soon, your fears I trace.
Man, your proud usurping foe,
Would be Lord of all below :
Plumes himself in freedom's pride,
Tyrant stern to all beside.
The eagle, from the cliffy brow,
Marking you his prey below,
In his breast no pity dwells,
Strong necessity compels :
But man, to whom alone is given
A ray direct from pitying Heaven,
Glories in his heart humane-
And creatures for his pleasure slain.
In these savage, liquid plains,
Only known to wandering swains,
Where the mossy rivulet strays,
Far from human haunts and ways;
All on nature you depend,
And life's poor season peaceful spend.
Or, if man's superior might
Dare invade your native right,
On the lofty ether borne,
Man with all his powers you scorn :
Swiftly seek, on clanging wings,
Other lakes and other springs ;
And the foe you cannot brave,
Scorn at least to be his slave.

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