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is a tyrant, and consequently a slave; but freedom is not only liberal in taking but also in giving. Ye of the nobility once more recollect your original double nature, half turned to the thro e, and half to the people. When in the latter times you entirely devoted yourselves to the former in the court and army, the people naturally ceased to honor your station, for they saw in you the favorites of the sovereign. With the sovereigns you have shared the spoils of the empire, having appropriated to yourselves your fiets. Length of possession cannot protect against revolutions; they quickly pass over ages to strike at the root of the abuse. Hearken then to justice, and yield to an agreement, which, leaving you in the possession of your property, only refuses to acknowledge unjust claims sanctioned only by the abuse of time. You should henceforth claim no . privileges for your persons, and if you wish to he greater than others, you ought also to bear with pleasure a greater proportion of the public burdens. You ought not to resist the call for concessions which the age makes upon you; but you have a right to demand that these claims be settled peaceably and in proper time. The more you prove that you still possess the honor you claim as belonging to your station, the more you will ensure the esteem of your antagonists; but if you persist in being regarded as the pensioners of the dissolved empire, your extinction may certainly become a desirable object. The intention is not to make patch-work constitutions, but sound ones; and whoever detends abuse, must be considered as the interual enemy. Do not, therefore, attempt to cover your illegal possessions by your right, lest you lose both together. The mere pride of nobility has become the scorn of the age ; but an energetic and honorable nobility, particularly in the higber ofices, fiequently occupied by beings that make us blush before foreigners, is certainly much wanted. But the qualification for such a nobility can only be acquired by an active public life in the Senate and Landwehr.

Ye of the Clergy! teach the people to respect civil order, even in its lowest stale; uot to deviate from the legal path, and never to break through the bounds of morality in revolt. But call, also, in virtue of your office, upon the princes and their consellos. Tell them that they are not to tempt God ang lon, "", who has given them so many warning signs, lest in his wra he send them the last, which will destroy them and their race. To granting constitutions, which, it spite of themselves, can do iger be withheld, is Liot now the question. Nations claim their just privileges, which arbitrary power denies them, and which have been withheld beyond all legal bounds. Bat

they are seated on their thrones to grant justice to those who demand it, and woe to them who shall refuse to grant it! Tel them that the responsibility for all that may hereafter happen rests on their heads; that before the tribunal of the Almighty, even their negligence will be called to account. Let them bear in mind how severely Germany has latterly been punished for their omissions. Tell them that if they, in their exalted station, confound: riglıt and wrong, law and tyranny, justice and violence, the mass of the people, whose power is only restrained hy prudence, will follow their footsteps and that if the irritated feeling of justice, which can no where find a hearing, should furiously resolve on self-defence, the contest will speedily be ended. No documents proving conspiracy have yet been discovered; nay, after the alarm of treason had been raised before all Europe, it has been officially denied that any investigation respecting conspiracy had taken place. But nevertheless the fire rages in all hearts, and at intervals a flame bursts forth, as the signal of the forth-coming eruption of the slumbering volcano. It will therefore be advisable to grant right to those who only ask for right, lest by a further denial it should be found necessary to accede to the unreasonable demands of those who claim what is wrong. It is not the wish of the better order of society to destroy authority, or to put in practice the bold innovations of every hair-brained theorist, This incurable spirit of innovation may fairly be ranked with despotism. Despotism may serve a sanguinary tyrant who has the courage to put it in practice; but for princes in general, this shadow of power, which they cannot possess in reality, proves fåtal to themselves. The reigning families who have risen with the people from remote ages, and have been long connected with them, should not govern like Imperators, by bayonets, dead-letter forms, 'and ministerial orders; but like fathers of families, by respect for nye, filial love, confidenco founded on tried wisdom and justice-by: the éstecm which moral perfection commands, and by affection, which is the restut of kindness,' Of this the present age will be found susceptible. Scarcelý a trace now remains of that brutal superstition which requires to be omniscient over confined human wisdom, all-powerful over- weakness, and infallible amidst the fury of passion. The present age will rather put an end to such unworthy idolatry :( it will restore, in the room of vain theories, life and spirit to those things which experience proves to be • indispensable. All this you shalt tell them, and more if need bet that they may acknowledge what God has wrought, and


yield to the power of idea. Twenty years have they fonghit against it, and have been beaten ahnost to destruction; under

of heaveno they have at length overcome their enemies, who have now changed sides with them. Thus au

. thority is the work of an idea equally good with the other. The prince who denies it will sink to the level of common mortals, and he alone will reign who rears bis head to the skies. He who drags on his heavy and confined existence on earth will be the slave of error and passion, and his name will be blotted from the page of history.

Discite justitiam mouiti, ct non temnere Divus !


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WHATEVER may be the difference of opinion, as to the causes and motives of the late war, it is evident that the British nation retires from the contest with the advantage of great increase in all the means of political power.

In agricultural and cultivated surface, the increase is very considerable ; in the British American Colonies, in the Antilles, in Asia, in the south of Africa, and in the British Isles, the augmentation of territory, of population, and of production, constitutes great accessions of

In inanufactures, generally, the ability of the United Kingdom to maintain successful competition, throughout the world, is demonstrated; the British warehouse is the resort of all nations for clothing, in most of the varieties required by the convenience and taste of each ; the increase of demand on British Industry, exerted in the useful arts, is indisputable.

And so happy is the distribution of these several interests, so fortunate the relation of the several parts to each other, so harmonious the whole, as to produce, necessarily, a mighty arm, for protection and defence, in the marine, by which the intercourse, for the exchange of the natural and artificial productions of each, is conducted,

The effect of this harmonious and powerful combination has been experienced, in the invincible fleets, and armies of Great Britain, and in the unexampled expenditure by which those fleets and armies have been maintained. in.is

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