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#Tut Excursion-the noblese poem in the English language, sincs Milton's Paradise Lost." R. I. DANA.

* Wordsworth's Poetry stands distinct in the world. That which to other men is an occasional pleasure, or possibly delight, and to other poets an occasional transport, the seeing this visible Universe, is to him, a Life-one Individual Human Life-namely, his Owntravelling the whole journey from the cradle to the grave. And that Life--for what else could be do with it?--he bas verified-sung. And there is no other such song." CHRISTOPHER NORTH, IN BLACKWOOD.



[blocks in formation]

Ort, through thy fair domains, illustrious Peer!
In youth I roamed, on youthful pleasures bent
And mused in rocky cell or sylvan tent,
Beside swift-flowing Lowther's current clear.
-Now, by thy care befriended, I appear
Before thee LONSDALE, and this Work present,
A token (may it prove a monument.)
Of high respect and gratitude sincere,
Gladly would I have waited till my task
Had reached its close; but Life is insecure,
And Hope full oft fallacious as a dream:
Therefore, for what is here produced, I ask
Thy favor; trusting that thou wilt not deem
The offering, though imperfect, premature.


July 29, 1814.


[blocks in formation]

The Title-page announces that this is only a portion of a poem; and the reader must be here apprised that it belongs to the second part of a long and laborious Work, which is to consist of three parts. The Author will candidly acknowledge that, if the first of these had been completed, and in such a manner as to satisfy his own mind, he should have preferred the natural order of publication, and have given that to the world first; but, as the second division of the Work was designed to refer more

passing events, and to an existing state of things, than the others were meant to do, more continuous exertion was naturally bestowed upon it, and greater progress made here than in the rest of the poem; and as this part does not depend upon the preceding, to a degree which will materially injure its own peculiar interest, the Author, complying with the earnest entreaties of some valued Friends, presents the following pages to the Public.

It may be proper to state whence the poem, of which the Excursion is a part, derives its Title of The RECLUSE.-Several years ago, when the author retired to his native mountains, with the hope of being enabled to

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