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enlarge thy dominions, and increase the number of thy fubjects; gather the difperfed of Ifrael into one, and enlarge Japheth, that he may dwell in the tents of Shem. May Jerufalem be a quiet habitation, a tabernacle that fhall not be taken down; let not one of the ftakes thereof be removed, nor any of the cords thereof broken : but may the glorious Lord be unto her a place of broad rivers and ftreams; wherein fhall go nɔ galley with oars, nor gallant fhip pafs thereby. May the Lord be her Judge, her Lawgiver, her King, and fave her. Haften the accomplishment of the promises concerning the glory of the latter day, when the Jews, with the fulness of the Gentiles, fhall be converted to the Lord Chrift, and his gospel fhall be preached with fuccefs in all nations. O gracious God, be merciful to Britain and Ireland; and pour out thy Spirit for reforming the King and the fubjects, O that the light of gofpel-truth may reach the throne of Britain, and that our King may be induced, with all the Royal family, to pay obedience to that great King by whom kings reign, and princes decree judgment. O that he were perfuaded to believe the gofpel, and be a pattern of holiness to all his fubjects. Lord, call him and all his progeny effectually by thy grace. Check the Atheism, Deifm, error, and profaneness of the age; and blefs the gospel every where for the converfion of finners, and the establishment of thy people. Awaken the inhabitants of this finful city unto righteousness; put a stop to the dreadful progress of vice and debauchery, levity and wantonnefs; and ftir up the people to turn from their wickednefs, left thou be provoked to make the city a defolation, a curfe, and a hiffing. Blefs the young and rifing generation, and raife up a feed to ferve thee better than their fathers have done; S 3 and

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and tranfmit gospel-truth to the latest ages. Interpofe for the glory of thy name, and let the cause of truth and righteoufnefs prevail, to the terror of impiety, and the joy of all who fear the name of the Lord. O God, hear my prayer, and give ear unto the voice of my fupplications. Let the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart, be acceptable unto thee, O my God and Redeemer, through Jefus Chrift, my only Saviour. Amen!"

The foregoing is the only fecret prayer made by my friend of any length that I heard with an audible voice. And I hope it will not be thought improper that I have committed it to writing; as it will fhew how he spent his time after his confinement, when no eye faw him; how ardently he defired the falvation of his lewd companions, how much he had at heart the enlargement of the Redeemer's kingdom, the falvation of fouls, the reformation of the city in which he had lived near fix years, and the prevalence of the caufe of God and truth. And the writer of these Memoirs cannot but exprefs his thankfulness unto the Lord, who excited his fervant to put up fo many prayers to the throne of grace on his behalf, and to exprefs fo warm and tender a regard to his falvation. Bleffed be the Lord for all his benefits to me.

After my friend had ended prayer, I entered the room; when he addreffed me as follows. "Dear Mr Nu, I longed for your return, though I cannot fay you have ftaid long. After meditating a while on fome texts of fcripture, I was led to the fweet exercife of prayer, which has refreshed my fpirits, as it always does. And I hope prayer fhall be foon turned into endless praifes. Mean time reflection on our former courfe of life, fills me with fhame and blufhing.


God and the foul, time and health, were then facrificed to our fwinifh lufts, and our happiness was reckoned complete, if we got the defires of the flesh and of the mind gratified, as if this had been the intention of the almighty Creator in making man, and man's felicity confifted in the fruition of fenfual pleafures and carnal delights. We have the greatest reason to blush, and be filled with confufion, when we reflect, that fo very lately we were the flaves of fin and Satan, led captive by them at their pleasure, living in a ftate of woful unconcern about our fouls, our better part, which fhall exift through eternity in immortal vigour, while the body fhall rot in the grave, and be the repaft of worms. This abominable courfe of life, this horrid perverfion of the defign of our creation, ought never to be forgotten; but should be remembered as matter of deep humility and self-abasement, and infpire us with gratitude to the God of all grace and mercy, for refcuing us from fuch miferable bondage, placing us in his favour, inftating us in the inheritance of grace here, and giving us the faith and hope of being with the Lord, and exciting a defire and longing in us to be in the kingdom of glory hereafter.

"I perfuade myself you are recovered from fin, and that the arm of the Lord hath been revealed to you; and I hope you will persevere in a courfe of fincere religion and holinefs, till you be called to remove to the palace of the King eternal, But I muft warn you to be on your guard against the fnares of the devil, and the blandishments of the world. Be fober, and watch unto prayer; arming yourself with the whole armour of God, that you may overcome all the foes that attack you. For this purpose, put on the breaft-plate of faith and love, and for an helmet the hope of falvation.

falvation. Never fit down fecure, as if you were in no danger; nor indulge sloth and negligence. Devote much of your time to prayer, meditation, reading, and Chriftian conference; and, as you cannot always be employed in thefe godly exercifes, manage your temporal affairs with a view to the divine glory, and for promoting your fpiritual interefts. Begin the work of every day with prayer for divine conduct. Let God have your first thoughts in the morning, and let not a croud of vain or finful cogitations rush into your mind, when you awake from downy flumbers, Put your heart into God's hand early, and he will keep it through the day. Beware of mingling with the wicked, left you be defiled. Live abstract from every evil thing. Amidst the vanities of life, and the delights of fenfe, which with reftless importunity will court your affections, pray for grace to refift all finful allurements, and imprefs ftrongly on your mind the certainty of death. Ever bear in mind, that you muft die, and appear before the Lord in judgment. This will be a check to carnal gratifications and mental vanities. It will curb the motions of luft, and reprefs your corrupt bias to fenfual pleafures. The thoughts of death will hide pride from your eyes, and restrain self-conceit, and every idol that would ufurp the fovereignty of your heart. You know not how foon the frail thread of your life may be cut afunder, or how foon you may come to pine on a fick bed, as I have done for fome months. Therefore be active and diligent in the prosecution of your Christian calling. Let matters be right between God and your foul; and have your heart purged from an evil confcience, by the fprinkling of the blood of Jefus. Live by faith upon the Son of God, and look for grace to enable you to perfevere to the last in the ways


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of the Lord. Gird up the loins of your mind; be fober, and hope to the end, for the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jefus Chrift; as an obedient child, not fashioning yourfelf according to the former lufts in your ignorance; but as he who hath called you is holy, fo be you holy in all manner of converfation. Amen."


Mr Ts is feized with a violent cough. The author is affifted in attending him by another gentleman. He is vifited once and again by all his companions. Foretells the time of his death. An account of his fpeeches and behaviour, before and at his triumphant death, which happens at the time he had predicted.


Fter a fhort paufe, in which he coughed a good deal, my friend added, "I have fpoken to you at fome length juft now, as I know I will not be able to speak much hereafter. A cough has feized me; which I confider as the harbinger of death: but I will live till the morning of the next Lord's day after to-morrow; and on that bleffed day be carried, by the attending angels, to the bofom of my glorious Redeemer, to spend an eternal Sabbath in his prefence, and enter into that reft which remains for the people of God. Mean time I have forer conflicts in my body to manage than I have hitherto had. Ó Lord, enable me to fubmit to thy will with a cheerful mind, remembering how willingly my Saviour fubmitted to the wrath of God, and the curfed death of the tree, that he might fave me from everlasting wrath. Lord, fupport and refresh me with the confolations of thy Holy Spirit, amidst all my pains, and the renting of my head

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