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unneceffary to fay any thing further on thefe topics. I am now reduced very low, within eight or nine days of fubmitting to the inevitable ftroke of death, fcarce able to fit up in my bed, or hold a pen for a few minutes. Yet fuch is my love to my dear Sophia, that I cannot think of leaving this world, without giving you fome advices proper for you on your intended marriage. Glad thould I have been, if Providence had permitted, to have returned home, and have had my marriage with my lovely Charlotte folemnized on the fame day with yours. But I am now to be married to the dust till the great refurrection-day, and muft for ever bid an adieu to all created pleasures. Your time, I hope, is not yet come; and I with you may live many years to be an ornament to a Chriftian prog feffion in the ftation of a wife and a mother, as you have been in a fingle eftate; and I heartily with you all health and happiness, and the bleffing of God to be with you, in your married state. I know your coufin is a gentleman of fine parts and learning, of a moft agreeable disposition, strict honour, and, what is above all, well acquainted with religion. He has tenderly loved you for fome years, and he has juftly met with a return of affection. I would not advise you to poftpone your marriage any time after my deceafe, but cheerfully take by the hand the dear youth who has long had your heart.

As, upon your marriage, you will leave your father's houfe, and go with your husband to the great city where he lives; I hope you will daily reflect on the conduct and economy you have feen obferved in the family you leave, as a noble pattern to follow in your own. I know you always loved to go neat and clean. You must take the fame care of your perfon in your married ftate, remembering that the charms of your per


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fon will foon fade; and therefore you must be careful, by every honeft means, to fecure the affection of your husband. For this purpose I recommend to you a careful reading of Dr Swift's letter to a young lady on her marriage, from which you will receive fome important inftructions on this head. Your duty is to love your husband, and obey him in all things lawful. You engage to do fo at your marriage; and a fincere love and obedience to him ought to influence your whole conduct. Study his temper, and endeavour to please him in every thing. You become his property, and must reserve yourself entirely for him, without looking to any other man. Though you are to behave civilly and complaifantly to all, yet you are to love one man alone, without fharing your favours with others. women, even after marriage, are exposed to temptations from wicked men. And it becomes my Sophia to be on her guard. Perhaps your perfonal charms may attract fome admirers in the city you are to live in. If any fhall be fo rude as to offend your ears with encomiums on your beauty, fmutty innuendoes, or amorous propofals; fly from them, and command them to get out of your house; and if they perfift, inform your husband, who will foon banish these locufts. Never keep company with men but in your hufband's prefence, nor be familiar with any. I remember to have heard your honoured mother, who was a very beautiful lady before marriage, and is yet a very lovely woman, though fhe has born' fo many children, tell, that, before her mårriage, fhe was often attacked by a Noble Lord, who offered her 5000l. for the laft favour, and when all his importunities became ineffectual, even promised to marry her honourably; yet fhe preferred your father, a country-gentleman, to all


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the honours of an Earl's coronet. That Lord ́vifited her once and again even after her marriage, and doubled his former fum to induce her to grant him one favour: but the ordered him to begone, and never enter her house more. In this fhe acted as every virtuous lady ought to do, and as I hope her daughter will be enabled to


I hope my dear fifter, after her marriage, will make due confcience of fecret prayer morning and evening, and oftener, as the has opportunity; and also at those seasons read a portion of the facred fcriptures, and fome religious book; that he will regularly attend family-worship, and cause all her fervants do the fame. Let nothing hinder you from even a fingle diet. As to a constant attendance on holy ordinances on the Lord's day, and fanctifying it in your family, juft copy the example fet by your worthy parents, and you will act a proper Chriftian part. I advise you against reading plays, novels, and romances, and frequenting the theatres; entertainments, in my opinion, difhonourable to God, and inconfiftent with Christian purity. Avoid too many female acquaintances, and have neither card-tables nor routs in your houfe. Keep not company late either in your own or others houfes, as fitting up late, befides the lofs of precious time, will hinder family-worship, and indispose you for fecret duty. Neither vifit nor admit vifitants on the Lord's day.

If Providence fhall blefs you with children, be careful to educate them as your parents did you. When God gives you a child, he says, Educate this little one for me. The management of your family, and the education of your children, ought to ingrofs the most part of your time, except what is allotted to the public and private exercises of


religion. And I dare fay the pleasure attending it will be a very great motive to perfeverance.

As God has bleffed your husband with a good fortune, which he may greatly increafe, be very charitable to the poor, efpecially thofe rich in faith, who fhall be heirs of the kingdom of heaven. Contribute of your fubftance for all pious defigns of promoting the honour of Chrift, and advancing his kingdom in the world.

In short, for I am not able to enlarge, love God and Chrift above all things; love and obey your husband, manage your family in the fear of God, cultivate the minds of your children, when Heaven gives you them, and inftruct them in the fear of God. And in every thing regulate your conduct according to the will and prescriptions of the holy oracles. Still live mindful of death, confidering this world as an inn, in which you are to lodge only for a short while, and then remove to the world of eternity. Live by faith in Chrift; adorn the doctrine of God your Saviour in all things; and let your light fo fhine before men, that they, feeing your good works, may glorify your Father which is in heaven.

I am now dying very faft, and longing to be with the Lord Jefus, in thofe manfions he hath prepared for his followers. Let us then, my dear fifter, follow Chrift, and we fhall enter into the joy of our Lord. Let us build all our hope and confidence on the untainted righteousness of the almighty Saviour, renouncing all our good thoughts, fpeeches, and deeds, yea all our own righteoufneffes as filthy rags, The righteous Lord loveth righteoufnefs; and nothing is acceptable to him but the righteoufnefs of the man who is his fellow; and no man will be accepted of him, but he that is clothed with the righteoufnefs of the incarnate Redeemer. O fifter, be co

vered with this glorious robe as your weddinggarment; and Christ will grace your nuptials, and Vouchsafe you his gracious prefence in your maried life. Let him be your fpiritual husband, and he will be an husband to you for ever, and make your earthly husband a comfort to you. Still remember, that your Mker, whofe name is the Lord of hofts, is your husband, a husband that will not die, as Mr Ts will do; a royal hufband, who will adorn you with all the honours of grace here, and all the fhining rays of glory hereafter, and place you on his radiant throne for ever; a husband that loved you with an ever. lafting love, that with loving-kindness hath drawn you, loves you now amidst all your inftances of unfaithfulness and unkindness, and will love you to the end. Remember then, that the utmost purity and chastity is required of the bride, the Lamb's wife; even holiness in heart and life, and a walking in all the ordinances and commandments of the Lord blameless.

As my dear Charlotte will be greatly alarmed at the news of my death, and her delicate frame may be much fhocked at the difinal tidings; I hope my beloved fifter Sophia will open every. fpring of comfort the can think of, for difpelling her grief, and weaning her attention, from an object that ought no longer to ingrofs her thoughts. As you are her bed-fellow, and have more intimacy with her than any body elfe, I recommend her to your care and fympathy, under the lofs fhe muft fuftain of one who will remember her to God to his dying hour. I have wrote her, and recommended my valuable friend Mr Nu, as one every way worthy of her. I hope you will affift him, and perfuade dear Charlotte to confult her real interest.

This is the laft letter I am to write; and ere


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