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cause of religion, have made a deep impression upon his mind. And I know this worthy gentleman so well, that if you will not consent to be his in the endearing character of a beloved wife, he will bid an eternal adieu to all the fair fex, even the most amiable and virtuous among them,

As, then, my dearly beloved coufin, you became mine in heart, engagement, and promise, fix years ago, and as all our engagements are now to be diffolved by my death; I, in the moft affectionate manner, obrest and beseech you to think of complying with my dying will and inch:nation, to marry my good friend and excellent companion, Mr N-u, who, I firmly hope, will be a tender and most affectionate companion to you through life, till heaven fhall unite us in the pure and uninterrupted love and enjoyment of the adorable Saviour and Prince of the kings of the earth, during the innumerable days of eternity. I resign all my property in you to my invaluable friend and dearly beloved companion, and with my lovely Charlotte may, for her own interest, accept the gift and transference, which I make from the bottom of my heart, and from a principle of the fincereft love and friendship that I bear to two of the best and most accom. plished persons I have known in life. But if my amiable confin will not hearken to my advice, but dedicate her future days to an exceflive grief for the death of her dearly beloved Jh, as The used to call him, who is now little better than a dead carcase, and fit only to be mingled with the earth; I am afraid she will offend God, and shorten her days, which might be otherwise lengthened, to the advantage of many perfons, who would bless God for Miss Cm.

Oh! my lovely dear, preserve your valuable life as long as you can, and live to be a bleffing


to your relations, to a family, and a husband, and an example of godliness and virtue to all a: round you; whole exemplary piety, conjugal and parental affection, and beneficence and labours of love to all, especially to the household of faith, the poor whom God hath cholen to be heirs of the kingdom of heaven, will command the refpect and veneration of all your neighbours, and induce them to glorify your Father which is ia heaveo.

To the word of his grace I commit my dearly beloved Charlotte ; and sincerely pray to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, that his gracious presence and conduct may attend her in time, at death, and throughout the world which shall be without end. Gracé, mercy, and peace be multiplied to Miss Charlotte cm; and the blessing of him that dwelt in the bush be her portion for ever. Adieu till the heavens be no more. My lovely CHARLOTTE, Your sincere, but dying lever in the Lord,


I am,

As my worthy friend and truly Christian com. panion wrote these letters, he gave me them to read and fold, which was an agreeable entertainment to me; he only desired me not to read the laft letter, till he was numbered with the dead, faying, I would oblige him if I would deny myself that curiosity and pleasure, as it contained little more 'than the warmest effufions of love to an à miable lady, whom he had loved from his most tender years, with whom he could have wished to have pafled the frail term of a few years, if the Arbiter of times and feafons had permitted, but with whom he hoped to pass an unbounded eter

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nity in the regions of celestial glory. I told him I would strictly comply with his defire, and he might be assured I would faithfully execute all his commands I own, when I read the last let. ter after his death, I could have wished he hid not mentioned me at all in it, as, though I was fimitten with love to the charming lady by tie defcription he gave of her, and was much more so when I faw the lovely charmer, yet I had no hope, that so excellent and accomplished a lady wou a look to j-Nafter dear Mr T-s. I th:H meet with this truly amiable lady in the f quel. - The day my excellent friend wrote the first let. ter, he wrote also his latter will,' which was duly figned, sealed, attested, and delivered to me. I Thall only here insert the introduction, and two other paragraphs of it.

“IJT-, eldest son and apparent heir of - T-S, Efq; of in the county of in South Britain, do make my laft-will and teftament. 1 being weak in body, 'as apparently within a few days of death, but found in mind, and having the full exercise of my rational faculties, do bless God that I was born in a Christian country, of truly religious parents, who gave me a liberal and Chriftian education, though, unmindful of my baptismal engagements and the advantages of my education, 1 afterwards fwerved to vice, and lived several years in the moft abominable pollution and lewdness. I also blefs the God of mercy, who, in pursuance of his eternal purposes of love to my soul, was graciously pleased io check my guilty progress, by fickness and a wasting consumption, which will soon bring me to the chambers of death; to call me effectually by his grace, and make me a monus: most of his sovereign mercy. I blels God for Jefus Chrift, and the glorious plan of salvation


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through him, and for making me, the vilest of mankind, a partaker of the redemption purchased by him. I adore him, that he first enrolled my name in the book of life, from eternity chufing me to eternal life, through fanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth; that, though, in his adorable sovereignty, he laid as it were the bridle on my neck, and permitted me to pass the days of youth previous to puberty in vanity and folly, though I was brought up in the fear of the Lord; and when I arrived at fifteen years of age, to pass the five succeeding years in a scene of the molt detestable and vile abominations ; get he did not allow me to perish in my fins, and fink into hell under an unsupportable load of the most dreadful guilt; but first brought me under the most fearful awakenings of conscience, and then spoke peace to my troubled and distracted foul. I bless him for all the manifestations of his surpri. sing love and grace to my foul; that he made the confolations of his gracious Spirit known to : me; and sweetened the pains of ficknels, and the prospect of death to me, so that I now long for being released from the prison of an emaciated carcase, that my soul may, under the conduct · of an angelical guide, take its flight to the blessed palace of the King of glory. I desire to bless God for all the mercies of life, for all the benefits I bave received, for the sweet and agreeable in-. tercourse. I have had with my dear friend and companion Mc N-u, who has affectionately waited upon me by night and by day, and whose labour of love I heartly pray may be recompensed by the Lord God of Israel, who is my covenanied God and Father in Christ. I bless the: Sovereign Lord of heaven and earth, my, crea- , ting, preserving, and redeeming God in the Son of his love, the glorious God-man, the Shepherd


who is God's equal, that he hath directed me to teftify against the vices and abominations of thofe who seduced me to impiety and clebauchery, and to give thim solenn warnings to refrain from their hellish practices; that my labour has not been in vain, as I bope fome of them are mercifully reclaimed, and others brought under convictions of the evil of their ungodly ways. May the God of all grace determine every one of them to repentance and fairh. I di fire, in the moment of death fait approaching towards 'ine, to commit my soul into the hands of my faithful Creator; and appoint, that my body be decently and privately buried in church.yard, according to the instructions I have given my friend Mr Nu.

I bequeath all my books, * papers, and wri. tings, to J-s Nu, Efq; of — in the county of , in South Britain; together with my filver enamelled snuff-box, having the picture of my dearly beloved coufin Mils. Charlotte Cm, painted in miniature on the lid of it.

“ Item, I bequeath to Mifs Charlotte Cm, only child and heir of Cwm, Efq; late of in the county of , my well-beloved cousin-german, for whoni I have had a fincere and affectionate love from my tender, years,' and whom I came under a moft folemn promise and engagement to marry, with the consent and ap. probation of my honoured parents, and which promise and engagement I would have punctually fulfilled had I lived, and to the heirs of her body

*. These papers and writings contain a variety of effays, chiefly on moral and philosophical subjects, which I have read with pleasure ; and fome of them máy perhaps be published, as they are not anim» portant.

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