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Ethics being the science of duty, should we try to search out that which is most needed to better the conditions which do exist around in life's experiences, we shall find that in addition to that which they now have, most people will think of money, as the thing most needed ; and how to get it justly or legally. To the question, what is most needed that may be acquired by mankind themselves to make life more comfortable? Some may say a total abandonment of all wars; religious people may say that the needful thing is the moral regeneration of the people into a new spiritual life. What is the truth?

Is there not a difficulty in the way of better conditions, because so little is said or done to promote honesty and kindness?

Are not these two ethical conditions exactly what is needed, so that one individual can correctly influence an other individual, or a multitude of individuals for the general prevalance of comfortable conditions of life?

With the antithesis of honesty and kindness, cruelty and dishonesty is it not true that the human must inflict great suffering on itself because of the lack of honesty and kindness. For humanity, except on occasions, or for a limited time there is not much kindness without honesty.

Should the effect of the weight of solids be examined when the centre of gravity passes beyond the limits of the base of the detached object it may upset; if it topples over by a slow movement from the line of the perpendicular, beyond the point at which it upsets the toppling end falls slowly at first having its speed



accelerated until it strikes a stationary surface; this seems to be the law of ethics, as to inclination; inclination to scold ; inclination to complain, etc.; and acts the same on honesty and kindness when they are carried beyond good sense and reason, they topple over to the absurd, and are thrown down to the ridiculous. Dishonesty and cruelty are accelerated by the laws of ethics; dishonesty is not always accelerated by going from fifteen dollars a week to fifty dollars and five cents a week, or to a hundred and one thousand dollars a year.

Cruelty is not always accelerated by beating the other party, but dishonesty and cruelty are always accelerated by increasing intensity, and by a delusion of the preceptions which see all others with similar intentions according to the capacity.

Honesty and kindness; what an excellent combination for the peace and comfort of people who dwell together in communities, excellent, more excellent, and most excellent, there is nothing like it, nothing to equal it, nothing to be compared to it, as a good thing by which other people may guide their lives. To have honest intentions and brag about it, is to be hetcheled by the dishonest ; none can ever be honest enough to suit them.

We wish honest and kind treatment ourselves and in order to reap should encourage these qualities in others. To be honest requires intellect and mental energy; kindness is often self protection; these two qualities combined in thought intentions make up a

combination that is not found anywhere else in nature except in the human, and perhaps spirit existence.

Honesty and kindness omit them sometimes one may think, but their opposite may take their place until those plants that grow so well, with, or without cultivation, ugly-intentions, and indecency spring up in their place.

Intentionally having viciously disposed tiger quadrupeds at large about the premises is not kindness.

In the average life there is much more pleasure and quiet comfort, than there is suffering during the material existence; omitting mental worry about that which never happens, the balance is usually larger on the right side for the encouragement of human existence.

To escape physical suffering in one form, is often to have it in another form equally as dangerous.

Fidelity to honesty and kindness. It is thought to be true that they are included in all the well known theological opinions of the well known religions.

Fidelity to honesty and kindness this for securing a kindly existence in the interest of this World's affairs, as well as for what may be accumulated in the spirit existence.



Ding dong; ding, dong,
Slow the years are moving on,
Rolling sound in the moving air,
Ringing bells of Childhood days
Only now, or long since gone.
In times of ice, or heated glow,
Ringing sad, and ringing slow,
While they to the graveyard go,
Assembling friends of long ago,
Friends to quiet Sabbath days.

These church bells of joy and woe
Sometimes set our thoughts aglow,
As we think of friends or foe
Who have died, now years ago,
In life's spring, summer, frost, or snow,
Thoughts come fast of other days
Like soft notes of music slow,
As distant players, slowly go.
Still these bells ring on and on
The young grow old, and the old are gone.

Ding, dong; ding, dong,
Slow the times move along,
Times of war and times of peace
In days of youth I've heard this song,
In summertime when the days are long,
In winter air clear and strong.
Oft they ring a funeral ding

Sad and slow, sad and slow, As the long processions go, The hopes of youth, or manhood strong. Love may come, as loves have gone For many years they rang this song Wedding bells, ding dong. Though Sunday air and weektime too, Friends have met, and friends will go, Ding, dong ; ding, dong, Those who bought you long ago Church bells swaying to and fro, Their graves are whitened with the snow As many seasons come and go. They came alone, and came in throngs, In pairs to wed, or wedded long, At Sabbath church, or evening prayers. As called by bell's far rolling sound For those who came, or were not there To join with priest's or preacher's prayer. From distant hill, or valley low, We have listened to you calling, so, Kindness, kindness, Moving fast, or moving slow. On lovely days when all is light They cheer our ears, and clear our sight To look across the river, wide; And see above the distant shore, Fields, hills, and coves, The mansions crowded midst the trees Gold tinted, rich, like Autumn leaves Gathered together by the finance breeze; Autumn leaves, from trees left stark and bare Where drives the wintry chilling air.

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