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Sansolito, November 25, 1849. SIR: Your several letters applying for leave of absence from this time to the expiration of the present month, and tendering your resignation as first lieutenant in the United States revenue marine, to take effect the 30th instant, are received.

Your request for leave of absence is granted, and a copy of your tender of resignation shall be transmitted, through the collector of the customs, for the consideration of the honorable Secretary of the Treasury; the appointment of a collector of the customs at this port having, in my opinion, annulled my power to accept it.

If you desire it, leave will be granted to you until the decision of the department be known, provided it meets with the approbation of the col. lector. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

ALEX. V. FRASER, Captain. Lt. J. S. S. CHADDOCK,

United States Revenue Marine.

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San Francisco, November 26, 1849. Sir: I have the honor to transmit the resignation of Second Lieutenant E. C. Kennedy, of the United States revenue marine, to take effect on the 15th day of January next, 1850; and an application for relief from this station from Second Lieutenant Wm. R. Pierce, with a qualified tender of his resignation, to take effect on the 1st day of March next, 1850; by which the department will perceive that I shall be entirely unassisted in the discharge of my duties, or in the care of the vessel. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,




Bay of San Francisco, November 26, 1849. Sir: Finding it impossible, almost, even to subsist on my compensation as second lieutenant in the revenue service at this place, in consequence of the very high prices charged for the actual necessaries of life, I would respectfully request that I may be relieved from duty here.

I regret to be compelled to pursue this course, after having left home in the vessel with the intention of remaining; but I feel it to be a duty which I owe to myself, and to others who are in a measure dependent on me, to ask; and the request is a reasonable one, when I ask to be relieved for the reasons above stated.

If, however, I cannot be relieved, I must then request that this may be accepted as my resignation from the service, to take effect from and after the first day of March next; but this I would have by no means construed into a threat, being too well aware what effect that would have.

Trusting that the request to be relieved may be granted, I shall remain by the vessel, discharging my duties, until a reasonable time to hear from Washington shall have elapsed. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Second Lieut. U. S. Revenue Service. Hon. SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY,



San Francisco, Upper California, Nov. 27, 1849. Sir: My pay being insufficient to support myself and others, I have the honor to resign my commission as a second lieutenant in the revenue service of the United States, to take effect from and after the 15th of January. Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Second Lieut. U.S. Revenue Service. Hon. Wm. M. MEREDITH,

Secretary of the Treasury, Washington, D. C.



Sansolito, California, November 30, 1849. Sir: In consequence of my pay being inadequate for my support on this station, and the precarious situation of the officers of the revenue service, (a number of them having already been dismissed without warning,) I am compelled to tender my resignation for your acceptance as first lieutenant in the revenue service of the United States. I am, respectfully, your obedient servant,


First Lieut. U.S. Revenue Service. Capt. Alex. V. FRASER, Com. U. S. Revenue Brig Lawrence,

Bay of San Francisco, California. A true copy of the original.

ALEX. V. FRASER, Captain.



Washington, January 12, 1850. Sır: In compliance with your directions, accompanying a copy of the resolution of the Senate of the 17th instant, I send herewith a list of all the officers and agents appointed and in the employment of this department in California and New Mexico, together with the letters of instructions under which they have severally acted, and all letters addressed to them by this department, and also all the communications, of whatsoever nature, received from them, in writing or in print, by this department. I have the honor to be, with great respect, your obedient servant,


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List of persons appointed and in the employment of the Department of the

Interior in California and New Mexico.


John Wilson, Indian agent at the Great Salt Lake.
Adam Johnston, Indian sub-agent for the valley of the San Joachim,
John A. Sutter, Indian sub-agent on the Sacramento river.



James S. Calhoun, Indian agent at Santa Fe.
John C. Hays, Indian sub-agent on the Rio Gila.

Special agent.--William Carey Jones, special agent of the government to examine and report upon claims and titles to land in California and New Mexico.

Mexican Boundary Commission.-John C. Frémont has been appointed commissioner on the part of the United States under the treaty of Guada. lupe Hidalgo, in place of John B. Weller, but has not yet entered upon duty.

The persons employed in this commission are as follows:
A. B. Gray, surveyor. (Salary not fixed.)
Wm. R. Rinder, in the employ of Commissioner $400 00 per annum.
Wm. T. De Bree, heliotropeman

400 00 do C. J. Whiting, principal assistant to surveyor

- 1,810 00 do Francis Stone, in the employ of Commissioner 400 00

do Edward Ingraham, Major Emory's corps

400 00 do 0. S. Witherby, in the employ of Commissioner 400 00 do 0. S. Witherby, as quartermaster

1,000 00 do



Charles C. Parry, assistant computer

600 00 per annum. Moses C. Conner, carpenter, at $1 50

| 50 per day. Urbano Idalgo, laborer, at $12

12 00 per month. Wm. Harney, servant, and employé at $30

30 00 do W.R. Coleman, employé at $400

400 00 per annum. James Mooney, principal computer Major Emory · 1,000 00 do Mary Kirk, washerwoman, at $1 50

1 50 per day. G. Ć. Gardner, assistant to Major Emory

400 00 per annum. F. M. Holley, servant to Major Emory

25 00


month. H. H. Robinson, secretary to Commissioner 1,500 00 per annum. Gilbert Murdock, employ Major Emory

410 00 E. K. Chamberlin, surgeon

1, 200 00

do Henry Clayton, draughtsman

1,000 00

do John H. Foster, sub-assistant surveyor

SO0 00 do Dennis Gahagan, employé

1,000 00 do George F. Hooper, sub-assistant

800 00 do Frederick Emory, sub-assistant

800 00 do James M. Robinson, employé

400 00 do William H. Taylor, sub assistant surveyor

800 00 do Louis Kzouzewski, servant and cook

30 00 per month. D). Gahagan, interpreter and translator

1,000 00 per annium. Gilbert Murdock, employé

400 00 do Wm. D. Miller, employé

30 00 do C. L. Weller, claiming to be attached to the commission. (Salary not



No. 2.

Correspondence between the United States and the Mexican Boundary


WASHINGTON, January 3, 1948. Sir: I think it proper that you should be informed that a very considerable portion of the most valuable instruments used on the northeastern boundary survey, and now in possession of Major J. D. Graham, do not belong to the Department of State; and that it is exceedingly probable that, under arrangements in progress, they will be needed by the Topographical Bureau for other surveys; and I think it will not be practicable for the State Department, without inconvenience to other branches of the public service, to obtain the use of them. The instruments that do belong to the State Department are insufficient in number, and many of them not adapted to the nature of the service to which they are to be applied—the survey of the boundary between the United States and Mexico.

Army order No. 65 assigns me to the command of the party to be detailed from the army to run that boundary. Under that order, I had the honor to report to you in person, the day following the date of that order. I then stated my impression that immediate steps should be taken to see that proper instruments were procured for the survey. A more exact knowledge subsequently derived from Major Graham of the number and

condition of the instruments which he designs to turn over to the department, makes it my duty to inform you that, unless immediate steps are taken, it is probable the instruments cannot be had, in order to enable the commission to meet agreeably to the terms of the treaty.

I beg leave respectfully to suggest, as I am already assigned to duty under your orders, that such of the instruments as may belong to the State Department may be immediately turned over to me, that I may proceed to put them in condition for service; to make such alterations in them as may be required to meet the peculiarities of the service, and to prepare the information by which you will be enabled to supply the deficiencies when the appropriation for running and marking the boundary becomes available. This recommendation, if adopted, need involve no immediate expenditure. The propriety of this work being confided to the officer who is to use the instruments, I am sure, need not be dwelt upon. He will be held responsible for the results, and should, therefore, be allowed the selection, within reasonable limits, of the means by which he is to attain them.

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,

Secretary of State.


Brevet Major U. S. Army.

Washington, January 10, 1849.

SIR: On the receipt of your letter of the 3d instant, asking for the loan of the zenith telescope belonging to this department, that had been for some time in the hands of Major Graham, of the topographical engineers, I referred it to the superintendent of the Military Academy, requesting him "to report forthwith whether the instrument can be spared from the course of instruction in the department of philosophy, Major Graham having notified that it is ready, with the other instruments loaned to him, to be returned if wanted at the academy."

ENGINEER Department,

The superintendent, in his reply just received, says, after consulting with the Professor of Philosophy, that the particular instrument referred to by Major Emory would be very useful in the department of philosophy." This being the case, and knowing that the instrument was sent, in the first instance, to the academy, at the request of Professor Bartlett, for use in practical instruction in astronomy, I am under the necessity of declining the proposed loan.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Major W. H. EMORY,

JOS. G. TOTTEN, Brevet Brigadier General, and Chief Engineer.

U. S. Army, Washington.

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