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7 JUL 1939


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Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, appro

priated solely to their Use and Amusement.

For J A NU A RY, 1779.

This NUMBER contains


1 Address to the Public

3/20 On the Emigration of Swallow's 37 2 Explanation of the Frontispiece $21 Enigmatical Description of a Moun3 Some Account of Mr. Garrick


39 4 Hillvire d'Emnific

22 Letter from F. Scujamore to Lady Sas Hiltoire ¿'Epaminondas ibid ville

41 6 Rural Excursion in September 923 Critique op a Passage in Rafle'as

43 7 of the Powers and Progrels of Music 24 Sylucions and Quellons

44 12 25 POETRY.--To Maria--To Phillis, on 8 The Female Reformer


entering the new Year-Verles inscribd 9 Phi'olophical Qucllion for the Ladies to Fannys not long before her

ibid Matriare-Ode for the new Year Stre10 The Matron

17 phon, a Pastoral Ballad-El giac Con. 1 The Governess

19 folations on the Death of Children -12 Epitome of the Life of Mrs. Ann Verfas addressed to the Readers of PunBagnard

yan's Pilgriin's Progrefs-An Addre's 13 An affecting Instance of Parental Af. to the Spinning Wheel ---- An 0.14 to fection

Fancy-Song, addr:fid to Nir Berry 14 A curious Sea Lion described 26 T-y--r, ot Stepney. -The Return, 15 Dress of the Princess Elizabeth at her Inscribed to Miss E. H- -ll, of st. Wedding

Jamıs's 16 The truc Po'nt of Honour 28 26 Foreign News

49 17 History of Cat. Herbert and Miss Nu-27 Home News

51 32 28 American News

5 18 The noclurnal Remembrancer 33 29 Marriages 19 Letter from Miss Clifford 10 Miis 30 Deaths

ib d Granby 35:31 Bankrupts




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This Number is embellished with the following Corper. Plates, viz. 1. A fuperb and el-gant Frontispiece. 2. An engraved Title Page. 3. A l'actan of Sprigs for working a Gown, Cloak, Apron, &c. and 4. A Song ia Score by Mr. Handel.

LONDON : Printed for G. Robin'on, No. 24, Paternoster-Row, wliere Favours T is with a grateful pleasure we announce to our patronesses, that we are

from Correspondents will be reccived.


upon us.

The writers of some pieces which have been called upon by their own sex, with more than female resentment, have resumed their pens, and continued their narratives, which have been suspended by causes that rather does them honour. The apology which one has made in the subsequent sheets, must disarm malice of its itings, must exalt the idea which was always entertained of her pieces, and must exculpate us from any reproach which temerity might intend to fix

Another lady, .equally respectable for the strength of her pinion, has come likewise to our aid, and by supplying what was repeatedly called for, at the fame time as she has done us honour in the renewal of her correspondence, has evinced what we have too frequently profesied, that most of our narratives are originals; and who would defire ourselves, or any inferior hand, to add a contour to an evanescent picture of Raphael, Urban, Titian, &c.

Our good, our laborious friend Henrietta R- has much enlivened the gloom under which we have laboured for a long interval; we thank, we do more, we applaud the readiness with which she has rescued us from the unmerited reproofs of hafty kindness. Miss Clara R

will excuse us if we give her once more a friendly jog, so as to acquaint her that we are anxious with expectation of her next fupply ; and if she will excuse us, we presume to add, that we shall be glad to perform at our leisuri, what her want of leisure may prevent her from honouring us with, if she would transmit to ns the original French, which we pledge ourselves to return on demand.

The translator of Rouleau's Ernilia will excuse us if we should whisper, that we are impatient to receive the remainder of the translation as soon as pofsible.

The ladies who call upon us for the continuation of Lubin and Annette, will excuse us if we tell them, that they may satisfy themselves in perusing the new farce of that name by Mr. Dibuin, and that it would seem a mere plagiarism were we to give the sequel, even from the French, from which Mr. Dibdin - stole his sweets,” thongh he has not whispered from whence he ftole them.

We have a multiplicity of remarks to our correspondents, which we must defer to announce the reception of.

Among a variety of other pieces in profe, we must acknowledge the favour of—The se nairder of the Excursioni-.1 Lift of trudve Market To:vns in Stutfordjhi'e, by S. B -Men's Christian Names enigmatically exprljd, by 7. P---On crue Bucuts, by J. K-1.---Rebus, by Laurania-Enigmatical Life of young Ladies in Ilo!lock, by Laurania-Solution to the enigmatical List of Liquirs in the Supplement-Solution to the Lift of Flowers, page 713, Supplement, both by MaTiarne Comar.

Enigmeticai Lift of Streets and Places, in addition, by A. B-. A merry M stk", by an dnonymous Correspondeni ---Evig matical Life of the twelve Aprit!'s, by E-1-, &c.

In the poetic department, we are obliged to our correspondents for Perles inscribed to Mis eliza L---, by Lucius. Ibuer Rebufes, one on the amo, ble Mr

of S-dag. &c. by Flora Leonora Lucina, and liabilia Laura almi' a. On the amiabl and are manlıfbid Riis Anne B-11, by J. W. &c. &c.,

Encouraged by the favourable opening of the present year, and stimulated by the success we have met with in those which preceded, we pledge ourselves to improve, to extend our plan, and beg the fair fex to protect, to embellish, to continue a work, and the only work now exiftent, which is peculiarly and folcly adapted to thcir improvement and amusement,

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On Compleating the NINTH, and Beginning the


Dulcique Animos Novitate tenebo.


Y muse, who thirsts for glory and for When (lost to reason) Magazines became fame,

Receptacles for vice, and void of shamc, Erraks forth anew, and would attention claim ; When Christian monitors had ceas'd to give Se joys the talles of, and new themes the Well calculated precepts how to live, Sings,

When to fair wisdom no regard was paid, Aed gladly unto thee this tribute brings; And dire confalion o'er the whole was spread, Por aho but thee can claim the homage paid ? Then didit thou rise, with hopes of bli's clare, Long has the been supported by thy aid, And cald fair virue to her priltıne itate, By tbee call'd forth, encourag'd, and carest, Recall’d the great, inestimable prize, Or foon her feeble voice had been suppreft. To burit the clouds of ignorance and vice. Otake this tribute, juilly 'tis thy due, Asd le: the male her artless theme pursue. Longhid we mourn'd the folly of theiress,

Long wih'd and fought, in vain, for some reCome then, my muse, affume thy airy


[formid wings,

Long had we hop'd a plan would loon be And Otrive to trike the pleasing vocal strings ; Byfome whose boloms were by virtue warmid, Relh boldly on, regardlels of controul, To refine from oblivion small essays, And reach with glory merii's diftant goal. Wherein fair virtue oft her pow'r displays; Tho'others, better taught, may gain the prize, Or to rccount the sweet Arcadian straim, Yo halt thou frive superior to arise ; Form’d by some pensive ruftic, feli-lauyht Asd fere :hele strains in gratitude atrend

iwain, On him who is thy guardian and thy friend. Which buried in obscurity had lain :

To give to mérit what was merit's due, Permit a muse, as yet unknown to fame, And teach us Wisdom's precepts to pursue; To found iny praises, and thy worth proclaim : To teach us how to find and keep the road Yet tune i sve false Bait'ry s iyren foog, Which leads to Virtue's ever bleft abode. Tas praise I ling does unto thee b.long; To bee, who durft, in this deg-n'rate age, - Lo! for this end, a work display'd !o view, Atiemp:, in siriue's paths, our youth t'en. And dedicated, O ye fair! to you: gage;

Govern'd by Wisdom, and led on by Truth, To fhew the blooming goddess full confest, Age to improve, and to inflıuet our youth; And make them vicious principles detest; While voluntary gitis support the plan, While age approves, and hopes thou may'n And bless the efforts of the happy man.

furvive, To teach their rising progeny to live.

0 ou, who dost revise the well-penn'd

page, While the degen'rate press with lewdness Long may'll shou live lo bless the rising age ! teemid,

The taste to please, che manners to reform, And each produftion more disgustfui seemid, The brea't wish generous sentiments to warm; Wico the black cloud of vice o'crwhelm'd Be thine the talk, the glory to be thine, the land,

And O! 10 found thy tame, may this be When ristue fed, and justice left her land,




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Here Mines the MATRON in her proper Here are collected what have praises won, {phere,

Orihese I'll sing, and then my talk is done. While youth and age attentive lend their ear; Hore HAWKINS, like his fav'rire Shenttone There are corrected, those are well advis'd,

shines, Her weli.meant precepts can't be too much While truth and virtue dignify his lines ; priz'd;

To him belongs the power to win our hearts, While her concerns domesic ftill delight, Well pleas'd we hear whatever he imparts, And virtue fill applauds what the does uriie. When scated on his sweet Arcadian throne,

The rural, calm delights are all bis own. BOB SHORT appears to claim the second place,

Here HENRIETTA and JOANNA dwell, Wit well refin'd in all his works we trace : And various themes in various guises tell; Go on, my fri nd, may nought thy ways ob- The one for perjured Henry tells her love, Atruct,

[initruét! The other songs the fraise of benven above; Whild thou the blooming sex would'It thus And many more, in tweet and well-tun'd


[hcarse. Somewhat peculiar can our hearts engage, Do various themes, and various charms reWhen we gerufe ihe mue Hifloric page; Nor less diveuing is the fond Runance,

Nine ycars halt thou surviv'd the pow'r Suill tending virtuous principles i'advance :

of time,

[fublime ; Sce FANNY SCUDAMOR E exerts her skill, And NINE years hence may'lt thou be all And with her flow ry language binds the will. For numbers a tor may'lt thou still go on,

Still be admir'd till Time's lalt lands be run. Thy ferious pieces, K.WL-y, mcrit praise, Theytcach us upward all our thoughts to ra 'se; Since thou ihy course began, how many And many more, wiih signatures unknown,

Itrove Gain from their pieces honour and renown. To risebut of their plans we disap rove ;

Yetime, which other's plans fo ott duft oys, Here ANECDOTES Wo find in good array, Gives ultre to thy charms, and adds new joys. Which wit and humour doch at once display; Nor is L. Lingue Françoi'e excluded hence, Long may's thou perfevere in Virtue's So much admir d by chote poflelt of tense.


And long be found deserving of our praise, Here Willom reigns, here Virtue rics en- 'Tiil, rich in years, thou thalt to hear'n as thron'd.


cend; Here prudence guides, ard blooming iruth is And taste chose joys which on good atHere reator and religinp both unie,

While we below shall flill revere thy name, Giving fresh beaury, adding new delight; And to our children all thy worth proclaim : Northall the PROSE ENIGMAS be part o'er, From all :hy works we much improvement Which claim attention in tomc leisure hour.


And millions yet unborn shall praile the La. Paroe we now the sallies of the muse, Which doth such pleasure o’er our hearts dif- Goodman's-Fields.

G. R-E-Y.

(tend ;

fule ;

* We are obliged to our correspondent for his address, and have inferted it, inftead of our usual preface, for the sake of variety. Though we think his expreflions in our favour are, in some places, too warm, we shall make use of them as incentives to exert ourselves to vindicate them from the imputation of flattery; and by endeavouring to deferve praise, establish our claim to receive it,


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