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BOSTON, 1826 to 1829.

The following are a few particulars of the professional life of Mr. William Russell,—the editor of the first periodical published in the English language, devoted exclusively to the advancement of Education, and for nearly forty years an active teacher and laborer in the educational field.

Mr. Russell was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and was educated at the Latin school, and the university of that city. During his course of study in the latter of these institutions, the “ First Philosophy Class,” -embracing the subjects of intellectual philosophy, logic and rhetoric,—was, fortunately for Mr. Russell, in his subsequent life as a teacher, under the care of Professor George Jardine, author of the “Outlines of Fhilosophical Education.” That eminent and revered instructor, by his zeal and eloquence on his favorite theme, the philosophy of human culture, awakened a lively sympathy with his views, in the minds of his students. After fifty years noble service, he still retained a warm feeling for whatever concerned the subject of education; as he manifested in bis cordial expressions of pleasure on the establishment of the American Journal of Education, in the city of Boston, in the year 1826.

An incipient pulmonary affection made it advisable for Mr. Russell, immediately on completing his college course, to leave his native land, for a residence in a warmer climate. He came, accordingly, to the State of Georgia, in the year 1817; and, deeming it unadvisable, at so early a stage of life, to accept the offered situation of “rector” of an academy, commenced the business of instruction, as a private tutor, in the family of a distinguished Georgian statesman.

In this occupation, he passed, advantageously to his health, a few of the earlier years of his life as a teacher. He subsequently revisited Scotland ; but, at the solicitation of his southern friends, returned in the year following to the State of Georgia, and for two years, took charge of the Chatham Academy, in the city of Savannah. His marriage connection with a lady from the state of Connecticut, creating a preference for a family residence in the city of New Haven, he taught there for some years, the New Township Academy, and the Hopkins

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