Speeches on Great Questions of the Day: The Text Collated from the Best Reports and by Special Licence from Hansard's Debates

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J.C. Hotten, 1870 - Всего страниц: 359

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Стр. 171 - We do it wrong, being so majestical, To offer it the show of violence ; For it is, as the air, invulnerable, And our vain blows malicious mockery.
Стр. 101 - And statesmen at her council met Who knew the seasons when to take Occasion by the hand, and make The bounds of freedom wider yet 'By shaping some august decree, Which kept her throne unshaken still, Broad-based upon her people's will, And compass'd by the inviolate sea.
Стр. 263 - If to the city sped — what waits him there? To see profusion that he must not share ; To see ten thousand baneful arts combined To pamper luxury, and thin mankind; To see those joys the sons of pleasure know Extorted from his fellow-creature's woe.
Стр. 159 - That in the opinion of this House it is necessary that the Established Church of Ireland should cease to exist as an establishment, due regard being had to all personal interests and to all individual rights of property.
Стр. 7 - School Life at Winchester College; or, the Reminiscences of a Winchester Junior. By the Author of "The Log of the Water Lily," and "The Water Lily on the Danube.
Стр. 76 - Lordships — which was unnecessary, but there are many whom it may be needful to remind — that an advocate, by the sacred duty which he owes his client, knows, in the discharge of that office, but one person in the world, THAT CLIENT AND NONE OTHER. To save that client by all expedient means— to protect that client at all hazards and costs to all others, and among others to himself — is the highest and most unquestioned of his duties...
Стр. 235 - ... and great as a testing measure ; for it will show for one and all of us of what metal we are made. Upon us all it brings a great responsibility — great and foremost upon those who occupy this bench.
Стр. 359 - We have felt we should best maintain our own honour, that we should best meet the views of Parliament, and best promote the interests of the country, by declining to draw any invidious distinction between class and class, by adopting it to ourselves as a sacred aim to diffuse and distribute the burdens with equal and impartial hand...

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