Days and Hours in a Garden

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Roberts Bros., 1884 - Всего страниц: 204

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Стр. 47 - In a drear-nighted December, Too happy, happy tree, Thy branches ne'er remember Their green felicity : The north cannot undo them With a sleety whistle through them, Nor frozen thawings glue them From budding at the prime. In a drear-nighted December, Too happy, happy brook. Thy bubblings ne'er remember Apollo's summer look ; But with a sweet forgetting They stay their crystal fretting, Never, never petting About the frozen time. Ah ! would 'twere so with many A gentle girl and boy ! But were there...
Стр. 176 - Ah, Sunflower! Ah, sunflower! weary of time, Who countest the steps of the sun, Seeking after that sweet golden clime Where the traveller's journey is done; Where the youth pined away with desire, And the pale virgin shrouded in snow, Arise from their graves and aspire Where my sunflower wishes to go.
Стр. 163 - A lily of a day Is fairer far, in May, Although it fall and die that night; It was the plant and flow'r of light. In small proportions we just beauties see; And in short measures life may perfect be.
Стр. 5 - In busy companies of men. Your sacred plants, if here below, Only among the plants will grow; Society is all but rude To this delicious solitude. No white nor red was ever seen So amorous as this lovely green. Fond lovers, cruel as their flame, Cut in these trees their mistress
Стр. 76 - The spurging of a dead man's eyes : And all since the evening starre did rise. 3 WITCH I last night lay all alone O...
Стр. 186 - How silent, how spacious, what room for all, yet without place to insert an atom, — in graceful succession, in equal fulness, in balanced beauty, the dance of the hours goes forward still. Like an odor of incense, like a strain of music, like a sleep, it is inexact and boundless. It will not be dissected, nor unravelled, nor shown.
Стр. 50 - To the attentive eye, each moment of the year has its own beauty, and in the same field, it beholds, every hour, a picture which was never seen before and which shall never be seen again.
Стр. 98 - DAFFY-DOWN-DILLY has come up to town, In a yellow petticoat, and a green gown.
Стр. 152 - More are men's ends mark'd than their lives before : The setting sun, and music at the close, As the last taste of sweets is sweetest last, Writ in remembrance more than things long past

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