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8s, 7s and 4.

The Missionary's Farewell.
1 YES,-my native land! I love thee;

All thy scenes I love them well;
Friends, connexions, happy country!
Can I bid you all farewell ?

Can I leave you.

Far in heathen lands to dwell?
2 Home !-thy joys are passing lovely,

Joys no stranger-heart can tell;
Happy home!-'t is sure I love thee!
Can I-can I say-Farewell ?

Can I leave thee,
Far in heathen lands to dwell!
3 Scenes of sacred peace and pleasure,

Holy days and Sabbath-bell,
Richest, brightest, sweetest treasure !
Can I say a last farewell?
Can I leave

Far in heathen lands to dwell!
4 Yes! I hasten from you gladly,

From the scenes I love so well;
Far away, ye billows! bear me;
Lovely native land farewell!

Pleased I leave thee,

Far in heathen lands to dwell.
6 In the deserts let me labor,

On the mountains let me tell,
How he died—the blessed Saviour-
To redeem a world from hell!

Let me hasten,

Far in heathen lands to dwell. 6 Bear me on, thou restless ocean!

Let the winds my canvass swell :
Heaves my heart with warm emotion,
While I go far hence to dwell:

Glad I bid thee,
Native land !-Farewell !-Farewell!

L. M. 540.

Missionaries remembered. 1 MARKED as the purpose of the skies,

This promise nieets our anxious eyes,

That heathen lands the Lord shall know,

And warm with faith each bosum glow. 2 E'en now the hallowed scenes appear;

E'en now unfolds the promised year:
Lo! distant shores thy heralds trace,

And bear the tidings of thy grace.
3 Mid burning climes and frozen plains,

Where pagan darkness brooding reigns,
Lord ! mark their steps, their fear's subdue,

And nerve their arm, and clear their view. 4 When, worn by tvil, their spirits fail,

Bid them the glorivus future hail;
Bid them the crown of life survey.
Aud onward urge their conquering way.


1. M. 541.

Prayer for the Millennium.
I JESUS! we bow before thy throne,

We list our eyes to seek thy face;
To bleeding hearts thy live muke known,

On contrite svuis bestow thy grace. 2 See, spread beneath thy gracious eye,

A world o’erwhelmed in guilt and tears, Where deathless souls in ruin lie,

And no kind voice dispels their fears ! 3 Lord! arm thy Truth with power divine,

Its conquests spread froin shore to shore, Till suns and stars forget to shine,

And carth and skies shall be no more. 4 Oh! rise, ye ransomed captives ! rise,

Peal the loud anthein here below;
Let earth reflect it to the skies,
And heaven with new-born rapture glow.

C. M. 542.

Returning to Zion. 1 DAUGHTER of Zion! from the dust

Exalt thy fallen head ;

S. M.

Again in thy Redeemer trust,

He calls ihee from the dead.
2 Awake, awake, put on thy strength,

Thy heautiful array;
The day of freedom dawns at length,-

The Lord's appointed day.
3 Rebuild thy walls, thy bounds enlarge,

And send thy heralds forth:
Say to the south.-"Give up thy charge,

And keep not back, 0 north !" 4 They come, they come ;-thine exiled bands,

Where'er they rest or roam,
Have heard thy voice in distant lands,

And hasten to their home.
5 Thus, though the universe shall burn,

And God his works destroy,
With songs, thy ransomed shall return,

And everlasting joy. 543.

The Gospel-Trumpet.
1 YE trembling captives ! hear;

The gospel-trumpet sounds;
No music more can charm the ear,

Or heal your heart-felt wounds. 2 ’T is not the trump of war,

Nor Sinai's awful roar;
Salvation's news it spreads afar,

And vengeance is no more. 3 Forgiveness, love, and peace,

Glad heaven aloud proclaims;
And earth, the jubilee's release,

With eager rapture claims. 4 Far, far to distant lands

The saving news shall spread;
And Jesus all his willing bands,
In glorious triumph, lead.

S. M. 544.

Prayer for Success. 1 O LORD, our God! arise,

The cause of truth maintain;

And wide o'er all the peopled world

Extend her blessed reign. 2 Thou Prince of life! arise,

Nor let thy glory cease;
Far spread the conquests of thy grace,

And bless the earth with peace. 3 Thou Holy Ghost! arise,

Expand'thy quickening wing,
And o'er a dark and ruined world

Let light and order spring. 4 All on the earth! arise,

To God, the Saviour, sing,
From shore to shore, from earth to heaven,
Let echoing anthems ring.

L.. M. 545.

The Time to farur Zion. 1 SOVEREIGN of worlds! display thy power,

Be this thy Zion's favored hour;
Bid the bright morning-star arise,

And point the nations to the skies.
2 Set up thy throne where Satan reigns,

On Afric's shore, on India's plains;
Far let the gospel's sound be known,

And claim the nations for thy own. 3 Speak—and the world shall hear thy voice;

Speak,--and the desert shall rejoice;
Scatter the gloom of heathen night;

Bid every nation hail the light. 546.

Millennial Dars.
1 LORD! send thy word, and let it fly,

Armed with thy Spirit's power ;
Ten thousands shall confess its sway,

And bless the saving hour.
2 Beneath the influence of thy grace

The barren wastes shall rise,
With sudden green and fruits arrayed

A blooming paradise.
3 Peace, with her olive-crown shall stretch

Her wings from shore to shore ;

C. M.

The nations of the earth shall hear

The sound of war no more. 4 Lord ! for those days we wait;—those days

Are in thy word foretold :
Fly swifter, sun and stars! and bring

This promised age of gold.
5 Amen !-with joy divine, let earth's.

Unnumbered inyriads cry:
Aien !--with joy divine, let heaven's
Unnumbered choirs reply.

S. M. 547.

Prayer for all Lands. 1 O GOD of sovereign grace!

We bow before thy throne;
And plead, for all the human race,

The merits of thy Son.
2 Spread through the earth, O Lord !

The knowledge of thy ways;
And let all lands, with joy, record

The great Redeemer's praise. 548.

Jesus shall reign.
1 HARK!--the song of jubilce,

Loud as mighty thunders roar,-
Or the fulness of the sea,
When it breaks upon the shore,-
“ Hallelujah! for ihe Lord
God Omvipotent, shall reign!"
Hallelujah! let the word

Echo round the earth and main.
2 “ Hallelujah!"--hark !--the sound,

From the centre to the skies,
Wakes, above, beneath, around,
All creation's harmonies :
See Jehovah's banners furled,
Sheathed his sword ! he speaks-'t is done,
And the kingdoms of this world

Are the kingdoms of' bis Son.
3 He shall reign from pole to pole

With illimitable sway :


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