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WILLIAM M. ROSSETTI. Three Articles in Shelley Society Publications, Part I.

Shelley's Prometheus Unbound: A Study of its Meaning and


Shelley's Prometheus Unbound Considered as a Poem.

JAMES THOMSON. Notes on Sheliey's Prometheus Unbound. The
Athenæum, 1881.

Chapters V., VI.
Lecture V.

JOHN TODHUNTER. A Study of Shelley.
SIDNEY LANIER. The English Novel.
VIDA D. SCUDDER. The Life of the Spirit in the Modern English
Poets. Chapter III. Ideals of Redemption Medieval and Modern :
the Divine Comedy and the Prometheus Unbound.

Blackwood's. September, 1820.

The Quarterly. October, 1821.

The Literary Gazette. September, 1820.
Dublin University Magazine, 1877.
Gentleman's Magazine. February, 1848.
Gentleman's Magazine, 1874.

Monthly Review, 1821.

Southern Literary Messenger, 1842.
Month. Vol. 31. 1884.

Manchester Quarterly. Vol. 1. 1882.

All Lives of Shelley and all critical estimates of his poetry treat at more or less length of the Prometheus Unbound. The chief authorities to be consulted are as follows:

Among the modern biographers: Dowden, Rossetti, Symonds, Sharp, Salt, Barnett Smith, Garnett, Rabbe.

Among critical essayists: Bagehot, Hutton, Matthew Arnold, Swinburne, Stopford Brooke, Shairp, Aubrey de Vere, Bourget.

The best editions of Shelley's works are those of H. Buxton Forman (English) and J. H. Woodberry (American).

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