Making $ense of Your Finances: 21 Weeks to a New Financial You

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AuthorHouse, 25 апр. 2006 г. - Всего страниц: 152
This book is the only book looking at personal finances in this way. Get it quickly, become a new financial person within six months. Debts, lack and want will be able to be reduced methodically, savings begun, and your self concept built up. With each section you'll be saying, "I can do that " Gaining a substantial financial bottom line means you will be learning new ways to handle your money. Twenty-one weeks of pondering one a chapter each week exposing each of six problems, processes to follow, and potential provisions will bring you to a revitalized view of finances. An improved net worth will begin changing your life, because You will begin Making $ense of Your Finances. Everyone can find fifteen minutes a day to get on their way to a great future. Easy, step by step style budges your money into the right categories and percents for your lifestyle. Get Making $ense of Your Finances today and begin today toward the new financial you.

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Об авторе (2006)

Dr. Myrna L. Goehri Etheridge tells how this study of finances has brought new fervor to share there is possible growth of anyone's wealth--no matter their income.


Often seen over and its outlets (Direct TV 377), she and husband, Dr. Grady Etheridge, travel widely doing seminars, preaching, and music.


Myrna taught public schools and college in USA and Puerto Rico.  She has earned a BSE, MSE, Ph.D.and a  D.D.  Myrna has served on mission teams in 31 countries, she is listed in ten Who’s Who volumes, and authored ten books..


            She's faced severe problems and believes the vital Christian life with sign and wonders are based in God’s Word. She knows Jesus the Christ's leading is vital to effective, loving outreach. She's gotten debt free and believes you can too.


A farmer's daughter from near St. Louis, Missouri, she learned to love the earth and life.  She has done much “field” study since then. Contact her through G & M Etheridge Ministries, PO Box 564, Sikeston, Missouri 63801.-0564, and visit www. .



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