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" But of all the benefites I had that year (1571) was the coming of that most notible prophet and apostle of our nation, Mr. John Knox, to St. Andrews, who by the faction of the Queen occupying the castle and town of Edingurgh, was compelled to remove therefra with a number of the best, and chused to come to St. Andrews. I heard him teach there the prophecies of Daniel that summer and the winter following. I had my pen and little buik, and took away sic things as I could comprehend. In the opening of his text he was moderat the space of half an hour; but when he entered to application, he made me to grue (thrill] and tremble, that I could not hald my pen to write. He was very weak. I saw hiin every day of his doctrine go hulie (slowly) and fair, with a fur. ring of marticks about his neck, a staff, in one hand, and good god. ļie Richart Ballanden holding him up by the oxter [under the arm] from the abbey to the parish kirk; and he the said Richart and another servant lifted bim up to the pulpit, where he behoved to lean at his first entrie : but e're he was done with his sermon, he was so active and vigorous, that he was like to ding the pulpit in blads (beat the pulpit to pieces] and fly out of it.

Never before Published.

No. LI. It is decreed by the sovereign will of God, and he is always of one mind, and he has revealed it in his word of truth, that the corruptions of nature doth remain in bis regenerate children, they have an old man and a new; they have Aesh and spirit; they have nature and grace; and the contrast is to last through life, between these two.

God generally vouchsafes his love tokens to his suffering bretheren, and gives them his richest cordials in their deepest distresses. I am a witness that the cross is good : it has been the means of my forsaking communion with other objects, and to enjoy communion with God in his precious love..

Remember, believer, the consideration will do you good, to your Jast moments, that before the new man was created in you by the spirit of regeneration, you had a body of sin, made up completely with members and appetites, with the absence of all good, as also a propensity to all evil. The fact is, whoever may deny it, indwelling sin dwells in the whole man, both in soul and body, every moment is sinful.

The grand heresy of this day, is about the person of Christ, whose son is he? why the everlasting Son of the Father, self existent, if this is not your belief, you will die in your sins. His sufferings cannot avail for thy pardon, nor his obedience for thy righteouness, unless he be co.equal and co-eternal with the Father and the Holy Spirit, Jehovah. Without faith in him as the self-existent Saviour, death will find thee under guilt, and judgment will leave thee among the enemies of God and his Christ.



Is there, my soul, no remedy, for that
Which tries the Christian most ;-indwelling sin ?
Has Jesus died, to save me only from
Eternal death! Will flesh and Satan, tempt,
And rage, and overcome ? Sball I contend,
And struggle still in vain? Is there no help?

Glory to the Lamb! Glory to the Lamb!
Praise! Praise for ever!

Shall Spirit fight, and flesh prevail? Have tears
Nor sighs, desires nor prayers, no induence?
And can I pray, and not be beard ; and ask
And be deny'd? And must I seek in vain?
Shall I be given up to sin-repent
And pray-and sin again? Where is thy help?

Glory to the Lamb! Glory to the Lamb!
Praise ! Praise for ever!

To pray with sighs, and groans, and wonder why,
The Lord permits, such enemies to rise,
Engenders unbelief; faith fails; and flesh,
And Satan gaia the day:but in the name
Of Jesus come :-defy the giant foe,
The Lord-thy sword and shield. Here is thy help.

Glory to the Lamb! Glory to the Lamb !
Praise ! Praise for ever!

It is in vain to run ; the enemy
Pursues :-stop but a moment, thou art slain,
Then look not at the sin ; but boldly come
And in the name of Jesus, face the foe :
Haste to thy scrip:the Spirit's sling sball guide
The stone-Goliah falls, Yes, there is help.

Glory to the Lamb! Glory to the Lamb!
, Praise ! Praise for ever!

Clad in Faith's armour, this all-conquering name
A legion will o'ercome! but fight you must,
And fight in Jesu's name: his strength will give
The victory. The mighty Conqueror, HE:
Hell trembles at his name, and flesh gives way:
He conquers-rules-and reigns :-Jesus thy help.

Glory to the Lamb: Glory to the Lamb!
Praise! Praise for victory!


Yes, thou hast paid the penalty of sins,
Past, present, and to come; and perfect in
Thy righteousness, I stand before our God,
Spotless and pure :--but sin remains mine own;
The legacy our earthly parents left:
And to the grave, a body vile, I go.

The victory is thine, O Lord!
The sin, the sin is mine.

Shrouded in brass, the giant foe appear'd, .
And Israel's God defy'd: but strong in faith;
Strong in the strength of Jesus in His name,
The monster fell ;-and Praise ! Praise for ever!
Was the language of my soul. The monster falls!
But O my soul! He falls to rise again.

The victory was thine, O Lord !
The sin, the sin remains.

Why, bad I not the pow'r to trample on
The foe, and sever his gigantic head ?
Why left, to rise again-and vanquish! Ah!
Thou art not David:-much thou hast to learn :
To know thyself:- to know thy God to prove
Thy faith. The foe was stunn'd--but is not dead.

The victory was thine, O Lord !
The sin is all mine own.

Glory! and Victory be thine, Jesus !
Beloved! By, and in thee only, is
Sin slain. Thou hast the curse removed from all
Tbine own; but sin, in them is still alive,
They fight-contend-dependent all on Thee-
But conquer only in thy strength and name.

Glory and Victory thine O Lord !

Who bore our sins away.
All I can claim, O Lord-is sin.
Can glory in, is THY PERFECTION. Thou
My strength-my wisdom-righteousness-my all.
Help me in thy Great Name to fight, that more
Than conqueror, I may be, through Thee, the Lamb,
Say O my soul-What is thy language now?"

Glory! Victory and Praise !
Praise to the Lamb for ever!


Jan. 1839,


LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. MEMOIRS OF AUGUSTUS TOPLADY, in large 8vo. 4th edition, containing God's gracious dealings with him in Providence and in Grace, with a Diary, and account of his Remarkable Dying Moments, with an Elegy annexed, and a PORTRAIT prefixed, from a painting of Ryley's, taken a little time be. fore his death, engraved by BLACKBIRD.



Vol. IV.–No. III.
Of a FIFTH SERIES, for MARCH, 1839.

In doctrine shewing uncorruptness." Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees which is Hypocrisy." " Jesus Christ, the same yesterday to-lay anl for ever. Whom to know is life


KING OF KINGS. THE example of a king has great weight, and the fashions of the court are much followed by the people; but never was there a king so worthy of imitation as king Jesus; he calls us to learn of him, and he has left us an example, that we should follow his steps ;” an example of meekness and humility of spirit ; " Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly.” Let the same mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” An example of patience in affliction and persecution ; “ Let us run our race, looking unto Jesus.” An example of constancy and resolution ; " He who set his face like a flint."

I exhort all the professed subjects of Zion's King to trust in him at all times; for blessed are they that trust in him. Trust him with your all, and trust bim for all you need. And to encourage your trust, consider, his word is the word of a king, a royal word, and the subjects depend upon the royal promise. His word is the word of the King of Zion, is a well advised word, it is the effect of counsel; it is invariable; it endures for ever; heaven and earth shall pass away, but one jot of his word shall not fall to the ground. It is a faithful word; truth is the girdle of his loins, it is established in the heavens ; it is tried, for 6 The word of the Lord is tried like silver in a furnace:" it abides trial. All the saints in heaven tried it, and found it firm; and therefore let all the saints on earth trust it. This puts honour upon your King, to trust his word, to set to the seal that he is true. This is the way to obtain the promise, and the blessings promised in the covenant.

I entreat you to be much at his throne as supplicants; for you have continual business there. Consider, his throne is a throne of grace, calculated for the poor and needy. There comes out a joyful sound from his throne; “ Whosoever will, let him come. Ask, Vol. IV.No. III.


and ye shall receive. If any man lack wisdom, let bim ask of God.” There are rivers of grace flow out of his throne, and bend their course toward


There is a rainbow about his throne, the covenant of grace and promise, which alludes to God's covenant with Noah. Acts of grace passed from the throne, to encourage your approach,“ I will be their God, I will give them a new heart.” The King's throne of grace is founded on justice and judgment; his throne and administration stand by bounty and liberality; and therefore can never be exhausted, no more than the sun loses by giving light onto the world, and therefore, be much about your king's throne, come when you will, or for what you will, you are welcome, “ In every thing by prayer and supplication make your requests known unto God.”

Rejoice in the Lord. “ Let the children of Zion be joyful in their King. The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice. Rejoice, O daughter of Zion, behold thy King cometh.” Rejoice in his person," for he is altogether lovely;" his person is the joy and admiration of heaven and earth. Rejoice in his government and administration, for it is wholly calculated for your good. Rejoice in his equity; for he rules in his righteousness, whatever seeming diversions may be in bis administration. Rejoice in his power and authority; for he hath all power in heaven and earth ; things in heaven, earth, and under the earth, bow to him. Rejoice in the law. magnifying righteousness that your King has brought in by his obedience unto death. Rejoice in the fulness and riches of your King; for all the fulness of the Godhead-unsearchable riches are in him. Rejoice in his bounty and liberality, he will do for you above what you can ask or think. Rejoice in his love, for it is unchangable ; he “ rests in his love, and changes not.”

What sort of obedience should we yield unto the laws of the King of Zion? Why, a willing and cheerful obedience, such as he yielded unto his Father, when he said, “ Lo, I come, I delight to do thy will."

" Then shall I not be ashamed, when I have respect to all thy commandinents." Au inward as well as an outward obedience, “I delight in the law of the Lord after the inner man.” Obedience when it is not with the heart, is nauseous to the King of Zion, who " searches the hearts;" his laws reach the inward, as well as the outward man.' Also, a disinterested obedience, self-denied, reckoning yourselves unprofitable servants, when you have done all; do not think your king is in your debt for your obedience and service. It must be the obedience of faith; for “ without that it is impossible to please God.” But then consider, there is no reward to fạith, for faith is the gift of God.

Let all the subjects of the King of Zion stand up for the honor of their King, especially in a day when manifold indignities are done unto his royal authority ; where there is a confederacy with open and avowed traitors to his royal crown, by a deep silence, and sinful association with his enemies. I am afraid it may be said of Christ

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