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the misery he is exposed to, and the lost, helpless state and condi. .tion he is in ; at the same time pointing him to Jesus, as an able, an all-sufficient, and a willing Saviour, and powerfully persuading to receive and embrace him in all his offices ; giving faith to lay hold on his imputed righteousness for justification, and enabling to rely on him alone for pardon, sanctification, and eternal life: and this glorious work he promises to carry on till it is perfected in holiness, and consummated in glory. Thus the glorious Trinity ,enter into mutual engagements for the redemption and salvation of fallen men. · Let us now behold the fulfilment of these great designs. At the command of Omnipotence, the world and all its inhabitants are brought into being; and, after a review of the whole creation, the great Former of the universe pronounces it “ very good.”. Man is endowed with powers and faculties superior to any other earthly animal: he is placed in a most delightful garden ; all other animals pay him their homage, and acknowledge him their sovereign lord : he holds sweet fellowship and communion with his God; his mind is entirely free from guilt, distress, and fear; and his bountiful Benefactor graciously provides an help-meet for him. O my soul, what happiness did thy first parent then enjoy! He beheld the face of his great Creator with reverence and delight; conversed with him freely as with a friend ; paid him bis adorations, and praised his name with unspotted innocence : he had no sins to mourn over, as thou now hast; no dejecting thought to cross his breast, no conscious blush to cover his cheek, when he appeared before his God: but all was peace and calmness, serenity and joy !

Thus happy was Adam in Paradise ; till fondly listening to the voice of Eve, he transgressed the law of his God by eating of the fruit of that tree which he was expressly commanded to abstain from. By this ungrateful, rebellious act, he involved himself and the whole human race in misery and wretchedness. Guilt immediately stares him in the face, shame and confusion seize his soul; he hears the voice of bis offended Maker, and, dreading his approach, attempts to hide himself amongst the trees, but in vain ; the Omnipresent Jehovah is perfectly acquainted with all that hath passed; he saw, O Adam, the inmost recesses of thy now depraved heart! he knows that thou hast violated his law, trampled upon his authority, and defaced his image! Justly might he pour the vials of his wrath on thy guilty head, and sentence thee to endless perdition, or crush thee to nothing in a moment;-but, behold the goodness of the Lord ! instead of rendering to sinful man accord. ing to his deserts, he graciously promises him a Redeemer, to deliver him from that misery and woe into wbich he is fallen. Hear the voice of Omnipotence: “ The seed of the woman shall bruise the serpent's head.” Astonishing grace: how must it cheer the sinking hearts of our first parents, after they were expelled the garden of Eden, to think on these delightful words! When earning their bread with the sweat of their brow, and toiling amongst bri ars and thoros for their daily sustenance, this gracious promise engaged their attention, and gave them at times a pleasing satisfaction; when mourning the dire effects of their fatal apostacy, beholding a beloved Abel slain by his inhuman brother, and view. ing themselves as the object of everlasting condemnation, this was the only antidote to revive their drooping spirits, and comfort their dejected minds.

And “in the fulness of time God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them that were under the law ;” that were under its condemnatory sentence, and exposed to all its curses, “that they might receive the adoption of sons :" yes, Jesus, this promised “ seed of the woman,”' agreeably to his cover nant engagements, hath appeared in our flesh, and redeemed them from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us; and hath satisfied all the demands of Divine justice,' by suffering “ the just for the uninst, to reconcile us to God.” By virtue of his obedience, sufferings, and death, sinners have free access to, and acceptance with, an Holy God: by his blood, they are cleansed from the guilt and pollution of sin ; and, in his righteousness they appear as clear as the sun, without spot or blemish; by the home application of these things to our souls, we are again brought into the glorious liberty of the children of God, and made heirs of God to everlasting glory, yea joint heirs with the Lord Jesus Christ. L. 0.the love, the free discriminating love, of the Triune God! Behold, the Father sends, the Son comes ; and the Holy Spirit convinces of sin, and applies the healing balm of Gilead to the wounded sin sick soul! Wonder, O my soul, and adore the stupendous grace here manifested to thee, and thy fellow-sinners! Is thy worthless name enrolled in the Lamb's book of life? If so, all the powers of darkness will never be able to erase it thence. Art thou one of the happy number for whom Christ died? If so, thy salvation is as certain as the being of a God: not one of the ciect shall perish, till Jehovah ceases to exist. Art thou a member of the mystical body of Jesus, and an heir to eternal glory? Then learn to look with indifference on the things of time and sense ; cast all tby care on thy celestial Surety; leave thyself, and all thy concerns, in his hands; endeavour to imitate bim in all his imitable perfections; seek the promotion of his cause and interest, and the advancement of his glory, in all that thou attendest to; and live as a stranger and sojourner here on earth, hoping that thou hast in heaven a better and a far more enduring substance. Art thou one of that chosen generation, who shall ascribe salvation to sovereign grace through the boundless ages of eternity? Then let thy life and conversation here on earth agree with that glorious work in which thou art to be employed in heaven. Flath the Spirit of God undertaken to convince thee of thy lost, sivful state by nature and by practice; to show thee Jesus as an able, an all-sufficient Saviour; and to give thee faith to lay hold on Him, as thine all atoning sacrifice and intercessor? Then remember the obligation thou art under to live to the Lord : learn to look on sin as thy worst enemy, and guard against it as such; shun the very appearance of evil: make the word of God the rule of thy walk and life, be obedient to all its commands; and press after the enjoyment of God and holiness with as much earnestness as thou seekest after heaven and happiness; in short, act and behave in every respect, “as a living temple of the Holy Ghost.” lo m o t o Culmstock. Tant Do o




OF THB SPOILERS. “ And it came to pass in those days, there went out a decree from Cæsar Au.

gustus, tbat all the world sboulld be taxed." Great declamations are made about the term " world," as it is used in the Bible, and seldom are those distinctions insisted upon which are very palpable in the scriptures of truth. That the reader may have an easy reference to various significations of the word, the following texts are appended :-Matt. V. 4, the intellectual power of man. Luke ii. 1. the Roman jurisdiction. Jobn i. 10, the Universe-Ps. xc. Secondly, this globe on which we dwell, Prov, viii, 26. Thirdly,-The men of the world. John iji. 16, che elect only. John vii. 4. Judea. John vii. 7, carpal professors. John xii. 19. Persons who attended the ministry of Christ. John xiv. 19. those who lived during Christ's ministry, Jobn xvi. 33. every opposer of the truth, visible or invisible. John xxi. 25. the various writers then on the earth. Eccl. iji. ll. the cares of this life. Acts xvii. 6. The errors of men, Acts xix 27. the worshippers of Diana, Rom. i. 8. the places where the gospel was believed. Rom. iii. 6. the Gentiles. Rom. v. 12, all the posterity of Adam. 1 Cor. vii. 31. The good things of this life. Eph. vi, 12, the king. dom of Satan upon earth. 2 Pet. ii. 5, the inhabitants of the earth, before the flood. James iii. 6, iniquity, 1 John si. 2, all believers, in every age and nation. I John 11. 15. the vanities and lusts of Jife. I Jubn v. 4. the allurements, tbreatenings, &c. to which a Christian is exposed. | John v. 19, the elect and non-elect in a state of nature, What man, professing to be rational, would take up the word “ world," wherever he finds it in the Bible, and ap.. ply it indiscriminately to universal redemption?

Let those who apply any passage of Scripture to such a figment soberly consider the following inferences :

If universal redemption be true, then Christ does not know bis sheep ; neither can he have the keys of hell and of death : tor how can he consistently shut up in hell those for whom he bled and




If this doctrine be true, then Christ spake not the truth wben he said on the cross, " It is finished.”. There are many for whom he died in hell, who have as much right to sing“ unto him who hath loved us and washed us from sin, as those in heaven ; according to this doctrine one was as much loved as another; Judas as much as John, and Esau as much Jacob; it was their own fault they were not saved ; Christ did as much for one as the other.

If this doctrine be true, God must be a liar; for universal redemption says, God loveth all oien alike : Gud saith, I loved Jacob and hated Esau. Rom. ix. 13. The former saith, “ God bath compassion for all ;' the latter saith, “I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and whom I will I harden," Rom. i8. 18. The former saith, you may be ieve if you will; the latter, you cannot if you will, John X. 26. The former saith positively, salvation is of him that willeth; the latter most decidedly denies this. Roin. ix, 16.

How can a redemption which is partial in its effects be justly termed a general redemption ? Upon this principle, general or universal redeaprion has effected nothing positively ; consequently, instead of salvation being of the Lord, as the scriptures aver, its efficacy is derived from the creatures volition ; for this same redemption has done as much for the damned as the saved; all that amounts to final security originates in, and is performed by the creature.

It is a glorious fact exalted as a banner of defiance to all such carnal figments, in the Holy Scriptures, that all for whom Christ died, were related to him by ties more ancient than the foundation of the world, John xvii. 24. They were chosen in him to stand in him for ever, as their Surety, Husband, and Redeemer, Eph. i. The kingdom of heaven was prepared for their recption before they fell, and was as securely theirs in Christ when they fell, as it was before ; and never have they lost that ancient claim in Christ laid up for them before the foundation of the world. Matt. xxv. 34. All who were chosen in Christ, according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, have suffered in the Person of Christ, the wrath of God, the curse of the law, and all the consequences of the fall; and in the glorious Person of Christ they bave become more than conquerors, there is therefore now no condemnation for such; and instead of being as they are slanderously reported, advocates for sin, ibey are chosen to sanctification of the Spirit, obedience to God, and good works, which the Lord of all grace hath before ordained that they should walk in them, I Pet.i. 2, Eph. ii. 10. All those who were from eternity, unconditionally (on their part) chosen in Christ Jesus, were redeemed by his precious blood, and none else ; the consideration of Christ's blood being shed for a sinner, never gave him a title to heaven ; our Father's good pleasure willed us the inleritance of glory, our Redeemer's blood fits us for that ex. alted happiness ; hence, all whose names are not written in the book of life will be cast into the lake of fire. Rev. 88. 15. ..

Luke vii. 23. “ For I say unto you, amongst those that are born of women there is not a greater prophét than John the Baptist, but he that is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.” John was the greatest prophet because he did the greatest things before the public revelation of Christ ; no prophet before him administered baptism, no prophet but him was allowed to baptize Christ; yet the least of the disciples in the kingdom of grace, after Christ's public ministery, was greater than he; because he had the power to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils, and proclaim a finished salvation, which John could not do, and hereby he had a superiority over John and all his predecessors.. .

Luke xi. 27. “ But I tell you of a truth, there be some standing here which shall not taste of death till they see the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God here signifies the gospel in its power reigning triumphant over all its enemies, which those who stood by Christ at that time did witness ; Peter, James, and John did not taste of death till they saw the overthrow of all the plans of the Pharisees, and truth triumphant in the very places where the greatest opposition was made to it.

Luke xii. 49. “I am come to send fire on the earth ; and what will I it it be already kindled ?" The fire of persecution can only blaze by God's will, wbenever the truth of the gospel cometh, this fire will accompany it, Christ came to declare such heart-piercing truths as would kindle this fire, and fan it into a blaze; when he insisted upon divine sovereignty in the synagogue of Nazareth, this fire blazed out upon him, and all who were hearing him were filled with wrath, and sought to dash him to pieces, but he was a green tree and their fire could not kindle upon him. Luke iv. 28. His faithful preaching in the house of the Pharisee fanned this fire into a 'blaze, and they urged him vehemently, but all their rage was of no avail, their fire burnt themselves only, Luke xi. 53. All divisions in families, on account of true vital godliness, are brought about by this fire; where error is broached, false peace abounds, where truth is preached in its purity this fire will burn, and divide fainilies, acquaintances, and friends. Christ is like a refiner's fire, he purged his church from dross and sin, saving his elect, and destroying the Jews; when he comes again he shall appear in flaming fire, taking vengeance on them that know not God. 2 Thess. i. 8. vi'

Luke xii. 5-9. “I tell you, nay ; but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.” Many persons talk very ignorantly about God's sovereign appointments ; the very best of men often endure the most calamitous events, while many of the worst of mankind have, comparatively, no hardships to undergo. I do not like that spirit which would interpret every painful event into a judgment of God, in favour of an oppressed or injured party. God's ways are

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