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precious than of gold that perisheth, their work, and their transgressions, &c.—1 Pet. i. 6, 7.

that they have exceeded : he openeth Beloved, think it not strange con- their ear to discipline, and commandcerning the fery trial, which is to try eth that they return from iniquity. you, as though some strange thing Job xxxvi. 8-10. happened unto you : but rejoice, in Behold, I am vile: what shall I asmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's answer thee? I will lay my hand upon sufferings, &c.-i Pet. iv, 12, 13. my mouth : once have I spoken, but

Fear none of those things which I will not answer ; yea twice, but I thou shalt suffer : behold, the devil will proceed no farther.Job xl. 4, 5. shall cast some of you into prison, I have heard of thee, &c. but now that ye may be tried.-Rev. ii. 10. mine eye seeth thee: wherefore I

I will keep thee from the hour of abhor myself, &c.—Job xlii. 5, 6. temptation, which shall come upon Hath he smitten him ? &c. By this all the world, to try them that dwell therefore shall the iniquity of Jacob upon the earth.-Rev. iii. 10. be purged ; and this is all the fruit,

to take away his sin.- Isa. xxvii. 7–9. II. To humble and


Ephraim by chastisement was humThe Lord thy God led thee these bled and instructed.-Jer. xxxi. 18,19. forty years in the wilderness to hum

My fury and mine anger was poured ble thee, &c. Who fed thee in the forth, &c. They are not humbled even wilderness with manna, which thy unto this day; neither have they fathers knew not, that he might hum- feared, nor walked in my law.-Jer. ble thee, &c.—Deut. viii. 2. 16. xliv. 6. 10.

So Manasseh made Judah, &c. to I will cause you to pass under the err, and to do worse than the heathen: rod, &c. and there shall ye remember wherefore the Lord brought upon your ways, &c. and ye shall lothe them the captains of the host of the yourselves in your own sight.—Ezek. king of Assyria, which took Ma- 37, 38. 43. nasseh, &c. bound him with fetters, Some of them of understanding shall and carried him to Babylon. And fall, &c. to purge and to make them when he was in affliction, he besought white.—Dan. xi. 35. the Lord his God, and humbled him I will bring the third part through self greatly before the God of his the fire, and will refine them as silver. fathers, &c. And God brought him —Zech. xiii. 9. again unto his kingdom, &c. He then Lest I should be exalted above took away the strange gods, &c.— measure, &c. there was given to me a 2 Chron. xxxiii. 9—13. 15, 16. thorn in the flesh, the


of Job complains of his afflictions ; Satan, to buffet me.—2 Cor. xii. 7. then saith, What is man that thou shouldest magnify him ? &c. I have III. To make them remember God, sinned, what shall I do unto thee, O

and things above ; to look to, own thou preserver of men ?--Job vii. them, and close with them. 16-20.

Jacob was greatly afraid and disWilt thou break a leaf driven to tressed ; and Jacob said, O God of and fro ? and wilt thou pursue the my father Abraham, &c. the Lord dry stubble ? for thou writest bitter which saidest unto me, Return, &c. things against me.--Job xiii. 25, 26. —Gen. xxxii. 7-9.

He knoweth the way that I take : When Joseph's brethren were dealt when he hath tried me, I shall come roughly with, they remembered their forth as gold.-Job xxii. 10. sin against Joseph.-Gen. xlii. 21.

If they be, &c. holden in cords of He suffered thee to hunger, &c. affliction: then he sheweth them that he might make thee know that

man doth not live by bread alone, -Lam. iii. 39, 40. Isa. ix. 13. Jer. but, &c.-Deut, viii. 3.

xxxi. 18, 19. But when they in their trouble did I will cause you to pass under the turn unto the Lord God of Israel and rod, &c. and ye shall know that I am sought him, he was found of them. the Lord.—Ezek. xx. 37, 38. 2 Chron. xv. 4.

When I have brought them again When Manasseh was in affliction, from the people, and gathered them he besought the Lord his God, &c. out of the enemies' land, &c. then they then Manasseh knew that the Lord he shall know that I am the Lord their was God.--2 Chron. xxxiii. 12, 13. God, which caused them to be led Job xxxvi. 9, 10.

into captivity among the heathens, God hath overthrown me, and hath &c.-Ezek. xxxix. 27, 28. encompassed me with his net, &c. O king, this is the decree of the For I know that my Redeemer liveth, most High : they shall drive thee and that he shall stand at the latter from men, &c. until thou know that day upon the earth, &c. in my flesh the most High ruleth in the kingdom shall I see God.-Job xix. 6. 25—27. of men, and giveth it to whomsoever

When my heart is overwhelmed, he will.—Dan. iv. 24, 25.32. lead me to the rock that is higher Behold, I will hedge up thy way than 1: for thou hast been a shelter. with thorns, &c. Then shall she say, -Ps. Ixi. 2, 3.

I will go and return to my first husWhen he slew them, then they band, for then was it better with me sought him, and they returned and than now, &c.—Hosea ii. 6—8. v. 15. inquired early after God: and they I will go and return to my place remembered that God was their rock, till they acknowledge their offence, &c.—Ps. lxxviii. 34, 35. Isa. ix. 13. and seek my face: in their affliction

It is good for me that I have been they will seek me early. Come, and afflicted, that I might learn thy sta- let us return uuto the Lord; he hath tutes: the law of thy mouth is better torn, and he will heal us ; he hath unto me than thousands of gold and smitten, and he will bind us up. silver.-Ps. cxix. 71, 72.

Hosea v. 15. vi. 1. My beloved hath withdrawn him I will bring a third part through self, and was gone; my soul failed, the fire, &c. they shall call on my &c. I sought him, &c. Cant. name, and I will hear them.- Zech.

xiii. 9. Such as are escaped of the house We had the sentence of death in of Jacob, shall no more again stay ourselves, that we should not trust in upon him that smote them; but shall ourselves, but in God which raiseth stay upon the Lord, the Holy One the dead : who delivered us, &c.of Israel, in truth.—Isa. x. 20, 21. 2 Cor. i. 9, 10.

In that day it shall come to pass, Our light affliction worketh for us that the glory of Jacob shall be made a far more exceeding and eternal thin, &c. At that day shall a man weight of glory : while we look not look to his Maker, and his eyes shall at the things which are seen, but at have respect to the Holy One of Is- the things which are not seen, &c.rael; and he shall not look to the 2 Cor. iv. 17, 18. altars, &c.—Isa. xvii. 4-8.

In vain have I smitten your chil- IV. For God's Glory, and the furdren: they received no correction.

therance of the Gospel. Jer. ii. 30. Amos iv. 10.

I will harden Pharaoh's heart, that Wherefore doth a living man com- he shall follow after them : and I will plain ? &c. Let us search and try our be honoured upon Pharaoh, and upon ways, and turn again unto the Lord. all his host, that the Egyptians may

V. 6.

know that I am the Lord, &c. And sufficient for thee, for my strength is the Egyptians pursued after them, &c. made perfect in weakness : most and the children of Israel were sore gladly therefore will I rather glory in afraid,&c.Exod. xiv. 4.9, 10. 17,18. my infirmities, that the power of

He fed thee with manna, &c. that Christ may rest upon me. 2 Cor. he might inake thee know that man xii. 7-10. doth not live by bread only, but by - I would have you understand, breevery word that proceedeth out of thren, that the things which have the mouth of the Lord doth man live. happened to me, have fallen out rather Deut. viii. 3.

unto the furtherance of the gospel, Howbeit, because by this deed thou &c. and many of the brethren in the hast given great occasion to the ene- Lord waxing confident by my bonds, mies of the Lord to blaspheme, the are much more bold to speak the word child also that is born unto thee shall without fear.-Phil. i. 12-14. surely die.-2 Sam. xii. 14.

If ye be reproached for the name Hast thou considered my servant of Christ, happy are ye; for the SpiJob? &c. and still he holdeth fast rit, &c. on your part he is glorified. his integrity, although thou movedst -1 Pet. iv. 14. me against him, to destroy him without cause.-Job ii. 3.

V. For the procuring of great Good Surely the wrath of man shall praise

and Advantage to those who are thee : the remainder of wrath shalt

exercised therewith. thou restrain.-Ps. Ixxvi. 10.

Joseph's afflictions and sufferings, The threechildren's sufferings made his being sold by his brethren, and their persecutors to acknowledge and afterwards being imprisoned, hapgive honour to God.--Dan. iii

. 27–29. pened, through God, to his great So Daniel's sufferings made Darius honour and advantage: he is adthe king (who had caused him to be vanced to be next the king ; his brecast into the lions' den) acknowledge thren, who sold him, are made to bow and honour God.-Dan. vi. 20. 26, 27. to him and honour him, and are nou

Master, who did sin, this man, rished by him ; his father's sorrows or his parents ; that he was born are also recompensed, in that Joseph blind? Jesus answered, Neither hath provided for him in the famine. this man sinned, nor his parents : Gen. xxxvii. 28. 34, 35. xxix. 5. 20. but that the works of God should be xli. 39—44. xlv.5.7,8. xlvii. 11, 12. made manifest in him.-John ix. 2, 3. But as for you, ye thought evil

Jesus said, This sickness is not against me: but God meant it unto unto death, but for the glory of God, good, to bring to pass as at this day, that the Son of God might be glori- to save much people alive.--Gen.1. 20. fied thereby.---John xi. 4.

The more they afflicted them, the This spake he, signifying by what more they multiplied and grew.death he should glorify God.—John Exod. i. 11, 12. Ezra v. vi. xxi. 19.

And Israel saw that great work We are troubled on every side, &c. which the Lord did upon the Egypthat the life also of Jesus might be tians: and the people feared the Lord, made manifest in our body: for we and believed the Lord and his servant which live, are always delivered unto Moses.

,-Exod. xiv. 31. death, that the life of Jesus might be Who fed thee with manna, &c. that made manifest in our mortal flesh, he might humble thee, &c. to do thee 2 Cor. iv. 8–11.

good at thy latter end.—Deut. viii. 16. When Paul was buffetted, &c. he Hezekiah, left of God, to try him, besought the Lord thrice that it might that he might know all that was in depart : and it was said, My grace is his heart.--2 Chron. xxxii. 31.

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When Manasseh was in affliction, into the land of the Chaldeans, for he besought the Lord his God; and their good : for I will set mine eyes humbled himself greatly before the upon them for good.-Jer. xxiv. 5, 6. God of his fathers, and prayed unto God's chastening of Ephraim did him, &c. Then Manasseh knew that him much good in the end. Jer. the Lord he was God, &c. He took xxxi. 18-20. away the strange gods, &c.—2 Chron. They shall bear the punishment of xxxiii. 11-13. 15, 16.

their iniquity, &c. that the house of Tatnai the governor's opposing the Israel may go no more astray from Jews, wrought for their advantage in me, neither be polluted any more with the end.-Ezra v. vi.

all their transgressions : but that If they be found in fetters, &c. they may be my people, and I may then he sheweth them their work, be their God.-Ezek. xiv. 10, 11. and their transgressions, that they I will cause you to pass under the have exceeded : he openeth also their rod : and I will bring you into the ear to discipline.—Job xxxvi. 8–10. bond of the covenant.-Ezek. xx. 37.

Before I was afflicted, I went astray: Daniel and the three children, by but now have I kept thy word. It is their afflictions, were more advanced. good for me that I have been afflicted, -Dan. iii. vi. that I might learn thy statutes, o I will hedge up thy way with Lord. Thou in faithfulness hast thorns, &c. Then shall she say, I will afflicted me.-Ps, cxix. 67.71.75. go and return to my first husband, for

They that sow in tears, shall reap then was it better with me than now. in joy. He that goeth forth, and I will allure her and bring her into weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall the wilderness, and speak comfortadoubtless come again with rejoicing, bly (or friendly) unto her.--Hosea &c.—Ps. cxxvi. 5, 6.

ii. 6-8. 14. It is better to go to the house of I will also leave in the midst of mourning, than to the house of feast- thee an aflicted and poor people ; ing, for that is the end of all men, and they shall trust in the name of and the living will lay it to his heart. the Lord.-Zeph. iii. 12. Sorrow is better than laughter; for He that loseth his life for my sake, by the sadness of the countenance shall find it: for what shall it profit the heart is made better.-Eccles. a man, if he shall gain the whole vii. 2,3.

world, and lose his own soul When Christ withdrew from the Matt. x. 39. Mark viii. 36. spouse, he endeared himself the more And every one that hath forsaken to her.-Cant. v. 6. 10, 11.

houses, or brethren, &c. or lands, for When the Lord hath performed his my name's sake, shall receive an hunwhole work upon mount Zion, and on dred fold, and shall inherit everlastJerusalem, I will punish the fruit of ing life.-Matt. xix. 27. 29. the stout heart of the king of As Tribulation worketh patience, and syria, &c. Such as are escaped of the patience experience, &c. Rom. v.3–5. house of Jacob, shall no more again And we know that all things work stay upon him that smote them, but together for good to them that love shall stay upon the Lord, &c.— Isa. God.-Rom. viii. 28. Ps. xxv. 10. x. 12. 20.

Excommunication designed for good, When thy judgments are in the that the spirit inay be saved in the earth, the inhabitants of the world day of our Lord Jesus.- 1 Cor. v. 5. will learn righteousness.- Isa. xxvi. 9.

When we

are judged, we are So will I acknowledge them that chastened of the Lord, that we should are carried away captive of Judah, not be condemned with the world. whom I have sent out of this place 1 Cor. xi. 32.

Though our outward man perish, correcteth, &c. for he maketh sore, yet the inward man is renewed day and bindeth up, &c.- Job v. 17, 18. by day: for our light affliction, which Blessed is the man whom thou is but for a moment, worketh for us chastenest, O Lord; and teachest a far more exceeding and eternal him out of thy law.-Ps. xciv. 12. weight of glory ; wbile we look not Whom the Lord loveth, he correctat the things which are seen.—2 Cor. eth ; even as a father the son in iv. 16–18. Heb. x. 34-36. whom he delighteth.—Prov. iii. 12.

In nothing terrified by your adver He that spareth the rod, hateth his saries; which is to them an evident son : but he that loveth him, chasttoken of perdition ; but to you of eneth him betimes.—Prov. xiii. 24. salvation, and that of God.-Phil. Blessed are they that mourn, for i. 28.

they shall be comforted. Blessed are Tribulations, that ye endure, &c. they which are persecuted for righthat ye may be counted worthy of the teousness' sake, &c. Blessed are ye kingdom of God.—2 Thess. i. 4, 5. when men shall revile you, and per• It is a faithful saying, &c. If we secute you, and shall say

all manner suffer, we shall also reign with him.- of evil against you, falsely, for my 2 Tim. ii. 11, 12. Rom. vii. 17, 18. sake : rejoice, and be exceeding glad. 1 Pet. iv. 13.

-Matt. v. 4. 10-12. We have had fathers of our flesh, Blessed are ye that hunger now, which corrected us, and we gave them &c. that weep now, &c. But woe unto reverence : shall we not much rather you that are rich, &c. that are full, be in subjection unto the Father of &c. that laugh now, &c. when all men spirits, and live for they, &c. chast- speak well of you. Luke vi. 21, 22. ened us after their own pleasure ; but 24-26. he, for our profit, &e. No chastening In nothing terrified by your adverfor the present seemeth to be joyous, saries : which is to them an evident but grievous ; nevertheless after- token of perdition ; but to you of ward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit salvation, and that of God : for unto of righteousness unto them which are you it is given in the behalf of Christ, exercised thereby.—Heb. xii. 9—11. not only to believe on him, but also

Ye are in heaviness, &c. that the to suffer for his sake.-Phil. i. 28, 29. trial of your faith, &c. might be If ye endure chastening, God dealfound unto praise, and honour, and eth with you as with sons : for what glory, at the appearing of Jesus son is there? &c. If ye be without Christ. 1 Pet. i. 6, 7.

chastisement,&c. then are ye bastards, See Second Consideration following, and not sons.-Heb. xii. 7, 8.

Blessed is the man that endureth SECT. III. The Considerations which temptation : for when he is tried, &c.

should stay, bear up, and comfort - James i. 12. the Spirits of Christians in their Wecount them happy which endure. afflictions, and under Persecutions. Ye have heard of the patience of Job.

James v. 11. Cons. I. That it is their Portion, which God appointed them to in this

If ye suffer for righteousness' sake, Life ; and that too for good Ends. happy are ye: and be not afraid.

1 Pet. iii. 14. Cons. II. That such who are so exer

If ye be reproached for the name cised, are blessed and happy, and of Christ, happy are ye; for the spi80 pronounced in Scripture; a Seal rit of glory, and of God, resteth upon of their Sonship, and God's choice


&c. - 1 Pet. iv. 14. Love to them, and of their Salvation.

As many as I love, I rebuke and Behold, happy is the man whom God chasten.- Rev. iii. 19.

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