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faith; and that not of yourselves, Blessed is the people that know it is the gift of God.—Eph. ii. 8. the joyful sound : they shall walk,

O Lord, in the light of thy counteSECT. II. God in Christ, doeth all

nance : freely; and that according to Pro-joice all the day long, &c. for thou

in thy name shall they remise. -John xv. i.

art the glory of their strength.-Ps. Who am I, and what is my people, lxxxix. 15–17. that we should be able to offer so wil Thy people shall be willing in the lingly after this sort? For all things day of thy power.-Ps. cx. 3. Exod. come of thee, and of thine own have xxxy. 21. we given thee.-1 Chron. xxix. 14. Trust to the Lord with all thine

Yet the Lord hath not given you a heart, and lean not to thine own heart to perceive, and eyes to see, understanding : in all thy ways acand ears to hear, unto this day.- knowledge him, and he shall direct Deut. xxix. 4.

thy paths.--Prov. iii. 5, 6.

The preparations (or disposings) I. In General.—Col. i. 10, 11.

of the heart in man, and the answer And the Lord thy God sball cir- of the tongue, are from the Lord. cumcise thine heart, and the heart of Prov. xvi. 1. thy seed, to love the Lord thy God Man's goings are of the Lord. with all thine heart, and with all thy Prov. xx. 24. soul, that thou mayest live.-Deut. Draw me, we will run after thee. XXX. 6.

Çant. i. 4. Jer. xxxi. 3. Hosea xi. 3, 4. The hand of God was to give them He that is left in Zion, &c. shall one heart to do the commandment, be called holy, &c. when the Lord &c. by the word of the Lord. shall have washed away the filth of 2 Chron. xxx. 12.

the daughters of Zion, &c. by the Out of the mouth of babes and spirit of judgment, and by the spirit sucklings hast thou ordained strength. of burning-Isa. iv. 3, 4. -Ps. viii, 2. Matt. xxi. 16.

Thou also hast wrought all our -Create in me a clean heart, O God; works in us (or for us) : by thee only and renew a right (or constant) spirit will we make mention of thy name. within me, &c. Restore to me the Isa. xxvi. 12, 13. joy of thy salvation, and uphold me

Behold, your

God will come : then by thy free spirit.-Ps. li. 10. 12. the eyes of the blind shall be opened,

The God of Israel is he that giveth and the ears of the deaf shall be unstrength and power unto his people. stopped: then shall the lame man Ps. lxviii, 35.

leap as, an hart, and the tongue of I will go in the strength of the the dumb sing : for in the wilderness Lord God, &c.-Ps. lxxi. 16.

shall waters break out; and streams Turn us again, O God, &c. Quicken in the desart, &c. the parched ground us, and we will call upon thy name, shall become a pool, and the thirsty &c.-Ps. lxxx. 3. 18.

land springs, &c. and the highway I am the Lord thy God, &c. Open shall be there, &c. the way-faring thy mouth wide, and I will fill it. men, though fools, shall not err Ps. Ixxxi, 10.

therein.- Isa. xxxv. 4-8. Blessed is the man whose strength : 1, the Lord, have called thee in is in thee, &c. The Lord will give righteousness, &c. will give thee, &c. grace and glory; and no good thing for a light to the Gentiles to open will he withhold, &c.—Ps. lxxxiv. the blind eyes, to bring out the pri5. 11.

soners from the prison, and them that All my springs are in thee.-Ps. sit in darkness out of the prison1xxxvii. 7.

house.--Isa. xlii. 6, 7.

Look unto me, and be ye saved, all nances, and do them.--Ezek. xi. 19, ye ends of the earth : for I am God, 20. xx. 43. &c. In the Lord have I righteous Then will I sprinkle clean water ness and strength.— Isa. xlv. 22. 24. upon you, and ye shall be clean, &c.

That thou mayest say to the pri- A new heart also will I give you, soners, Go forth: to them that are and a new spirit will I put within in darkness, Shew yourselves. They you : and I will take away the stony shall feed in the ways, &c. for he heart, &c. and I will put my spirit that hath mercy on them, shall lead within you, and cause you to walk in them ; even by the springs of water my statutes : and ye shall keep my shall he guide them.- Isa. xlix. 9, 10. judgments, and do them, &c. I will

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon also save you from all your uncleanme, because the Lord hath anointed ness, &c. Then shall ye remember me to preach good tidings unto the your own evil ways,


your doings meek; he hath sent me to bind up that were not good, and shall lothe the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty yourselves in your own sight for your to the captives, and the opening of iniquities.-Ezek. xxxvi. 25—29. 31. the prison to them that are bound.- xvi. 61. 63. xxxvii. 14. 23—28. Isa. lxi. 1, 2.

I taught Ephraim to go, &c. I Return, &c. and I will heal your drew them with the cords of a man, backslidings. Behold, we come unto &c.—Hosea xi. 3, 4. thee.-Jer. iii. 22.

I will strengthen them in the Lord, I will be their God; for they shall and they shall walk up and down in return unto me with their whole his name.-Zech. X. 12. heart.-Jer. xxiv. 7.

I will pour upon the house of With loving-kindness I have drawn David, &c. the spirit of grace, and of thee, &c. Turn thou me, and I shall supplication, and they shall look be turned ; for thou art the Lord my upon me whom they have pierced, God. Surely, after that I was turned, and they shall mourn for him. I repented : after that I was in- Zech. xii. 10. structed, I smote upon my thigh, &c. The Lord whom ye seek shall sudBehold, the days come saith the denly come, &c. and he shall sit as a Lord, that I will make a new cove- refiner and purifier of silver, and he nant, &c.

I will put my law in their shall purify the sons of Levi, and inward parts, and write it in their purge them as gold and silver, that hearts, &c. and they shall teach no they may offer unto the Lord, &c.— more every man his neighbour, &c.— Mai. ii. 1–4. Jer. xxxi. 3. 18, 19. 31–34. Heb. Jesus did but bid the fishermen viii. 8-11. X. 15–17.

follow him, and straightway they left I will give them one heart, and one all, and followed him. ---Matt. iv. way, that they may fear me for ever, 18–22. &c. I will put my fear in their Blessed are they which do hunger hearts, that they shall not depart and thirst after righteousness : for from me.-Jer. xxxii. 39, 40. Ps. they shall be filled. Matt. v. 6. Ixxxvi. 11.

Luke i. 53. Turn thou us unto thee, O Lord ; They that be whole need not a and we shall be turned.-Lam. v. 21. physician, but they that are sick, &c.

I will give them one heart, and I For I am not come to call the righwill put a new spirit within you : teous, but sinners to repentance. and I will take away the stony heart Matt. ix. 12, 13. xi. 28. out of their flesh, and will give them The kingdom of God is come unto an heart of flesh, that they may walk you. Or else how can one enter ? &c. in my statutes, and keep my ordi- except he first bind the strong man,

and then he will spoil his house. spake unto the Grecians, &c. and the Matt. xii. 28, 29. Luke xyii. 20, 21. hand of the Lord was with them :

The Son of man is come to save and a great number believed, and that which was lost. How think ye? turned unto the Lord. -Acts xi. if a man have an hundred sheep, 17—21. and one of them be gone astray; And now, brethren, I recommend doth he not leave, &c. and seeketh you to God, and to the word of his that which is gone astray ? Even so, grace, which is able to build you up, it is not the will of your Father which and to give you an inheritance among is in heaven that one of these little all them which are sanctified.-Acts ones should perish.—Matt. xviii. 11 xx. 32. -14. Luke xix. 10.

Paul having made complaint of Which were born, not of blood, &c. himself, saith, O wretched man that but of God, &c. Of his fulness bave I am! Who shall deliver me? &c. all we received, grace for grace.- I thank God, through Jesus Christ John i. 13. 16. 1 Pet. i. 23. Col. i. 19. our Lord.-Rom. vii. 15. 18, 19.'21.

Except a man be born again (or 24, 25. from above), he cannot see the king I was found of them that sought dom of God, &c. The wind bloweth me not: I was made manifest unto where it listeth, and thou hearest the them that asked not after me. sound thereof, but canst not tell Rom. x. 20. whence it cometh, and whither it Christ, &c. wrought by me, to goeth : so is every one that is born make the Gentiles obedient' by word, of the Spirit.—John iii. 3. 5. 7, 8. &c.-Rom. xv. 18.

For as the Father raiseth up the That no flesh should glory, &c. but dead, and quickeneth them ; even so of him are ye in Christ Jesus.the Son quickeneth whom he will, 1 Cor. i. 29, 30. &c. The hour is coming, and now is, I have planted, and Apollos watered, when the dead shall hear the voice of but God gave the increase.—1 Cor. the Son of God; and they that hear iii. 6, 7. shall live.—John v. 21. 25.

There are diversities of operations ; All that the Father giveth me, shall but it is the same God which workcome to me: and him that cometh to eth all in all.-1 Cor. xii. 6. me I will in no wise cast out, &c. But by the grace of God, I am what No man can come to me, except the I am, &c. I laboured, &c. yet not I, Father, which hath sent me, draw but the grace of God which was with bim, &c. Every man therefore that me.-1 Cor. xv. 10. Gal. i. 15. hath heard and learned of the Father, If any man be in Christ, he is a cometh unto me, &c. It is the Spirit new creature, &c. But all these that quickeneth : the flesh profiteth things are of God, &c.—2 Cor. v. nothing. John vi. 37. 44, 45. 63. 17, 18.

God sent Jesus to bless you, in The weapons of our warfare are turning away every one of you from not carnal, but mighty through God, his iniquities.-Acts iii. 26. to the pulling down of strong holds,

Jesus, &c. him hath God exalted casting down imaginations, &c. with his right hand; to be a Prince, 2 Cor. x. 4, 5. and a Saviour ; for to give repent I live : yet not I, but Christ liveth ance to Israel, &c.—Acts v. 30, 31. in me : and the life which I now live

God gave them the like gift as he in the flesh, I live by faith.-Gal. ii. 20. did unto us, &c. They glorified God, What is the exceeding greatness saying, Then hath God also to the of his power to us-ward, who believe, Gentiles granted repentance unto life. &c.-Êph. i. 19, 20. Col. i. 11–13. Now they which were scattered, &c. We are his workmanship, created

in Christ Jesus unto good works, in all things may be glorified, through which God hath before ordained, &c. Jesus Christ.-i Pet. iv. 10, 11. -Eph. ii, 10. Col. iii. 10, 11.

But unto every one of us is given II. In particular : God gives the grace, according to the measure of

Knowledge of himself, Jesus Christ, the gift of Christ.-Eph. iv. 7.

and of the Mystery of Salvation Be strong in the Lord, and in the

by him, in the Gospel; and of our power of his might. Put on the

Duty. whole armour of God, &c.-Eph. vi.

Yet the Lord hath not given you 10, 11, &c.

an heart to perceive, and eyes to see, Work out your own salvation, &c. and ears to hear, unto this day.For it is God who worketh in you Deut. xxix. 4. both to will and to do, of his good There is a spirit in man; and the pleasure.-Phil. ii. 12, 13.

inspiration of the Almighty giveth I can do all things through Christ, him understanding. Great men are which strengtheneth me. Phil. not always wise : neither do the iv. 13.

aged understand judgment.-Job xxxii. The very God of peace sanctify 8.,9. Ps. xciv. 10. Job xxxviii. 36. you wholly, &c. and that


whole Behold, God, &c. Who teacheth spirit, and soul, and body, be pre- like him ?-Job xxxvi

. 22. xxxviii. 36. served blameless unto the coming of Good and upright is the Lord, onr Lord, &c. faithful is he that therefore will he teach sinners in the calleth you, who also will do it.- way: the meek' will he guide in 1 Thess v. 23, 24.

judgment, and the meek will he teach Giving thanks unto the Father, his way, &c. What man is he that who hath made us meet to be par- feareth the Lord him shall' he teach takers of the inheritance of the saints in the way that he shall choose, &c. in light ;. who hath delivered us from The secret of the Lord is with them the power of darkness, and hath that fear him ; and he will shew them translated us into the kingdom of his his covenant.-Ps. xxv. 8, 9. 12. 14.. dear Son.-Col. i. 12, 13.

I will instruct thee, and teachi thee In meekness instructing, &c. If in the way which thou shalt go : and God peradventure will give them I will guide thee with mine eye.repentance to the, &c.-2 Tim. ii. Ps. xxxii. 8. xxiii. 3. 25, 26.

O send out thy light, and thy The just shall live by faith, &c. truth: let them lead me, let them Heb. x. 38.

bring me unto thy holy hill.-Ps. Now the God of peace, &c. make xliii. 3; 4. you perfect in every good work, to Open thou mine eyes, that I may do his will ; working in you that behold wonderous things out of thy which is well pleasing in his sight, law, &c. Teach me, O Lord, the through Jesus Christ. - Heb. xiii. way of thy statutes, and I shall keep 20, 21, 2 Thess. v. 23, 24.

it unto the end: give me understandEvery good and perfect gift is from ing, and I shall keep-thys law,- Ps. above, and cometh down from the cxix. 18. 33, 34. 125. lxxxvi. 11. Father of lights, with whom there is Cause me to know the way wlierein no variableness, &c.-James i. 17. I should walk: for I. lift up my soul

As every man hath received the unto thee.-Psi exliii. 8. gift, so minister the same one to

He shewed' his word unto Jacob

; another, as good stewards of the his statutes and his judgments unto manifold

grace of God, If any man Israel.-Ps. cxlvii. 19. minister, let him do it as of the Wisdom crieth, &c. How long, ability which God giveth, that God ye simple ones, will ye love sim

plicity ? &c. and fools hate know And they shall teach no more every ledge? Turn you at my reproof. man his neighbour, and every man Behold, I will pour out my Spirit his brother, saying, Know the Lord : upon you: I will make known my for they shall all know me, from the words unto you.-Prov. i. 20. 22, 23. least of them unto the greatest of

If thou criest after knowledge, &c. them.-- Jer. xxxi. 34. Heb. viii. 11. then shalt thou understand the fear Isa. liv. 13. of the Lord, and find the knowledge Jesus said, I thank thee, O Father, of God : for the Lord giveth wisdom; &c. because thou hast hid these out of his mouth cometh knowledge things from the wise and prudent, and understanding.-Prov. ii. 3—6. and hast revealed them unto babes.

In all thy ways acknowledge him ; Neither knoweth any man the Father, and he shall direct thy paths.-Prov. save the Son, and he to whomsoever iii. 6.

the Son will reveal him.--Matt. xi. I have taught thee in the way of 25. 27. wisdom: I have led thee in the right It is given unto you to know the paths.-Prov. iv. 11.

mysteries of the kingdom of heaven ; The earth shall be full of the know- but to them it is not given.—Matt. ledge of the Lord, as the waters xii. 11. 13. Mark iv. 11, 12. cover the sea.Isa. xi. 9. Hab. ii. 14. Peter said, Thou art Christ, &c.

And in that day shall the deaf hear And Jesus answered and said unto the words of the book; and the eyes him, Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona; of the blind shall see out of ob- for flesh and blood hath not revealed scurity, and out of darkness, &c. it unto thee, but my Father which is They also that erred in spirit, shall in heaven.-Matt. xvi. 16, 17. come to understand, &c. they shall The dayspring from on high hath learn doctrine.—Isa. xxix. 18. 24. visited us ; to give light to them that

And thine ears shall hear a word sit in darkness, and in the shadow of behind thee, saying, This is the way, death : to guide our feet into the walk ye in it, when ye turn to the way of peace.- Luke i. 78, 79. right land, and when ye turn to the I will give you a mouth and wisleft.—Isa. Xxx. 21.

dom, which all your adversaries shall And the eyes of them that see, not be able to gainsay, nor resist.shall not be dim, &c. The heart also Luke xxi. 15. of the rash shall understand know These are the words which I spake ledge; and the tongue of the stam- unto you, while I was yet with you, merers shall be ready to speak plainly &c. Then opened he their under(or elegantly).- Isa. xxxii. 3, 4. standing, that they might understand

Your God will come, &c. Then the scriptures.-Luke xxiv. 44, 45. the eyes of the blind shall be opened, That was the true light, which lightand the ears of the deaf unstopped.- eth every man that cometh into the Isa. xxxv. 4, 5.

world, &c. No man hath seen God I the Lord have called thee, &c. at any time: the only begotten Son, for a light to the Gentiles ; to open &c. he hath declared him.-- John i. the blind eyes, &c. And I will bring 9. 18. the blind by a way that they know As it is written in the prophets, not: I will lead them in paths they And they shall be all taught of God. have not known; and I will make Every man therefore that hath heard, darkness light before them, and and hath learned of the Father, crooked things straight.-Isa. xlii. cometh unto me.- John vi. 45. Isa. 6, 7. 16.

liv. 13. I will give them an heart to know If any man will do his will, he me, that I am the Lord.—Jer. xxiv. 7. shall know of the doctrine, whether

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