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One good Turn deserves another.

FABLE IX. Of the Dove and the Bee. A

Thirsty Bee came to a Fountain to drink ; but being

too hasty, fell in. A Dove, in a neighbouring Tree, seeing the Bee struggle for Life, set herself upon a Branch that hung over the Fountain, and by her Weight, brought it to the Water, that the Bee might get upon it; and fo saved her Life.

Some short time after, a Snare was laid for the Dove ; and while the Fowler was drawing the Net together, the Bee (who at that Instant was flying over) seeing her Delivererin such Danger, itung the Fowler so feverely, that he was obliged to let the Net go again, by which Means the Dove escaped.

The Interpretation.

Be helpful to thy Friend'; and always 'return Thanks to those who deserve them,


Evil be to them that Evil think. Also, Throw a

Cruft to a furly Dog and he will bite you. FABLE X. Of the good-natur’d Man and the Adder. А

Good-natur’d Man being obliged to go out in frosty
Weather ;

in his return home found an Adder almost frozen to Death, which he brought with him, and laid before the Fire.

As soon as the Creature had received fresh Life by the Warmth, and was to herself, he began to hiss, and fly about the Houle ;. and at length kill'd one of the Children.

Well, says the Man, If this is the best Return that you can make for my kind Offices, you shall c'en hare in the fame Fate ycusielt; and so kill'd her iinmediately.


I ke Interpretation. Ingratitude is one of the blackest Crimes that a Man can.

be guilty of: It is hutejul bith to God and Alan, and frequently

upon such a gracelifs Wretch all that Mischief, while sid, or thought to do to another,


Lazy Folks take the most Pains. Also, Give a

Man his Bread and Cheese when he has earn'd it.

FABLE XI. Of the old woman and her Maids. A ,

Certain old Woman, having about her a Parcel of at the Cock-crowing.

But the Maids looking on this as an Hardship, resolved to put a Stop. to this growing Evil, and so cut off the Cock's Head; thinking that they might then lie a-Bed seu rely, and indulge themselves in their Laziness.

But the careful Miitress foon frustrated their Designs, and ordered a Bell to be brought to her, with which me ever after rung them up at Midnight.

The Interpretation. It is good to be Industrious ; for Laziness is commonly punisheit wiih Want; and Drousiness, faith Solomon, will cover a Man with Rags.

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A Bird in the Hand is worth two in the Bush.

FABLE XII. Of the Fisherman and the Fish.


Fisherman having cast his Line into the Water, pre.

sently after drew up a Fish. The little Captive entreated the Fisherman that he would spare her (she being but small) till she was grown larger; and then she would suffer herself to be taken by him again.

No, no, replies the Fisherman, I am not to be to served : If I let you go, I must never expect to see you any more ; neither should I have caught you now, if you had known there was a Hook within the Bait: And I was always of that Temper, that whatever I could catch, I had rather take it away than leave it behind me.

The Interpretation.

Never let go a Certainty for an Uncertainty.


A New Euide to the English Tongue.


Particular Forms of PRAY E R.

Public PRAYERS for the Use of SCHOOLS.

In the Morning


Lmighty God, the Fountain of all Wisdom, we hum

bly beseech Thee to pour into our Hearts, as into their proper Channels, the pure Waters of Learning. And because Thou hait made no Man for himself only, but all of us for the mutual Help of each other, grant that we may lo diligently apply ourselves to our Studies, that increasing every Day in Piety and good Literature, we may at length become not only useful to ourselves, but ornamental also, both to the State we live in, and to the true holy catholic Church. More especially we pray Thee, to give us all Grace to grow wise unto the eternal Salvation of our immortal Souls ; and this we beg for Jesus Christ his Sake : In whose holy Naine and Words we further pray unto Thee, saying, OUR

UR Father, which art in Heaven; Hallowed be thy Name.

Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done in Earth, As it is, in Heaven. Give us this Day, our daily Bread. And forgive us our Trespases, As we forgive them that trespass against

And lead us not into Temptation ; But deliver us from Evil: For thine, is the Kingdom, The Power, and the Glory, for ever ard ever. Amen. TH

H E Grace of our Lord Jejus Chrift, and the Love of

God, and the Fellowship of the Holy Gboji, be with us all (vermore Amen.


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