Jumping Fences: An Artfully Crafted Madness.

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Aargau Books, 7 окт. 2005 г. - Всего страниц: 1077
Jackie never did believe in second chances. Born to wealthy and ambitious parents, Jackie wanted nothing more than to train horses ¿ ride them, care for them, and compete them at jumping competitions. But on the eve of his eighteenth birthday, just when he believed himself free to follow his dream, two sudden tragedies changed his life and sent him to the brink of madness. Next, further unhinged by the failure of a sordid affair with a peculiarly unbalanced beauty, Jackie joined the Army, hoping to die. Vietnam agreed with him, however. He became one of the youngest members of a CIA sponsored deep cover operations unit. His decorations came at a price, however. He returned home hardly able to walk. Surely, he couldn¿t ride. Nor could he return to the military. What was left? First in Europe, then back in America, he began to build a new self, ever more shocking to his own heart and mind. He became haunted by poetic longings, imaginings of past lives, and erotic drives fueled by intellectual quests. Then, one day, almost thirty years later. . . .

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Chapter Two
Dark Woe Sublime Hope
Chapter Three
Like Some Demon From Hell Huh?
Chapter Four
A Brief Intermezzo or When Where and for Heavens Sake Why?
Mold Myself Into The Oblivion of Your Capture
With You I Could Walk Away All My Afternoons
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JACQUES PLUSS holds a Ph.D. in History from the University of Chicago. He also attended the University of Lausanne, Switerland and Queens' College, Cambridge (U.K.). He has worked with horses since he was thirteen and is a Certified Show Jumping Instructor. He served in Command Observations during the Vietnam War and was awarded a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. Also a Certified Psychoanalyst, he resides in Ridgewood, New Jersey and has a daughter, Rebecca.

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