A historical account of St. Thomas, W.I.: with its rise and progress in commerce; missions and churches; climate and its adaptation to invalids; geological structure; natural history, and botany; and incidental notices of St. Croix and St. Johns; slave insurrections in these islands; emancipation and present condition of laboring classes

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C. Scribner, 1852 - Всего страниц: 271

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Стр. 255 - sufficient evidence of unlawful acquisition. 23d. All agreements contrary to the above rules, are to be null and void, and owners and managers of estates convicted of any practice tending wilfully to counteract or avoid these rules by direct or indirect means, shall be subject to a fine not exceeding $200. (Signed,) P. HANSEN.
Стр. 254 - or on account of having sick children, shall make a report to the manager, or any other person in authority on the estate, who, if the case appears dangerous, and the sick person destitute, shall cause medical assistance to be given. That all sick laborers willing to remain in the hospital during their
Стр. 159 - Farewell, and for ever, The priest and the slave May rule in the halls Of the free and the brave : Our hearths we abandon ; Our lands we
Стр. 254 - to be called on to work for seven weeks after their confinement. Young children shall be fed and attended to during the hours of work at some proper place, at the cost of the estate. Nobody is allowed to stay from work on pretence of attending a sick person, except the wife and the mother in dangerous cases of
Стр. 251 - cents to every second class laborer, and of five cents to every third class laborer, for every working day. When the usual allowance of meal and herrings has been agreed on in part of wages, full weekly allowance shall be taken for five cents a day, or
Стр. 249 - right to be removed to his wife, the wife to her husband, and children under fifteen years of age to their mother, provided no objection to employing such individuals shall be made by the owner of the estate to which the removal is to take place.
Стр. 253 - case merits, on complaint to the magistrate. 16th. Laborers assaulting any person in authority on the estate, or planning and conspiring to retard, or to stop the work of the estate, or uniting to abstain from work, or to break their engagements, shall be punished according to law, on investigation before a magistrate. 17th. Until measures can be adopted for securing medical attendance
Стр. 265 - and either has a yearly income of $500, or out of his own means pays an annual amount of at least $5 in ground and building tax, or is a burgher, or holds an office in the colonial service. He must, moreover, have resided a year within the district in which he sojourns at the time the election takes place.
Стр. 254 - shall there be attended to, at the cost of the estate. 18th. If a laborer reported sick, shall be at any time found absent from the estate without leave, or is trespassing about the estate, or found occupied with
Стр. 48 - 2. Persons of all other nations are bound to attend service every Sunday afternoon at the same place, under the same penalty. " 3. Every householder shall encourage his servants to be pious, and have morning and evening prayers; and if he

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