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O bless the Lord, my Soul
O come, loud Anthems let us sing
O for a Shout of sacred Toy
Of Justice and of Grace I ling

God, my Heart is fix'd, is bent:

God, my Heart is fully bent
O God my Refuge, hear my Cries
O God of Grace and Righteousness
O God of Horts, the mighty Lord
O God, our Help in Ages past
O God, to whom Revenge belongs
O happy Man, whose Soul is fill'd
O hear my Voice, All-potent Sire
O help me, Lord, for few I see
O how bleft the Man whore Ear
O how I love thy holy Law
O Israel's Father and his God
O let me not, Almighty Friend
O Lord, how many are my Foes
O Lord, our God, how wondrous great
O Lord, the mighty God Hosts
O Lord, thy Mercy (my sure Hope)
Once blest with Peace, I boasting said
Oppress’d with Grief, in Exile loft
O praise the Lord, and thou, my Soul
O praise the Lord in that blest Place
O render Thanks, and bless the Lord
O render Thanks to God above
O save me, Lord, and to my Foes
O spare mc, Lord, nor o'er my Head
O spare ine, Lord, nor o'er my Head
O that the Lord would guide my Ways
o that thy Statutes ev'ry I lour
0 Thou that hear'st when Sinners cry
0 Thou, the Hope of human Race
0 Thou, whose Grace and Justice reign
O Thou, whose Hand has Israel led
O Thou, whole Justice reigns on high
Our Lord is risen from the Dead

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Out of the Deeps of long Distress
O what a fiff rebellious House

Plead Thou my Cause, O. Lord :---My Focs-
Plung'd in a dark and dire Abyss
Praise the Lord, who reigns above
Praise the Lord, with hallow'd Mirth
Praise ye the Lord, exalt. his Nai
Praise ye the Lord, immortal Choir
Praise yè the Lord : 0) blissful Theme
Praise ye the Lord : 'tis good to raise
Preserve me, Lord, from crafty Foes
Preserve me, Lord, in Time of Need

Repuls’d, dispers’d, chaftis'd by Thee
Return, O God of Horts, return!

Salvation is for ever nigh
Safe on thy Word my Trust I build
Save me, o God, the swelling Floods
Save me, O Lord, my gracious God
See what a living Stone
Shew Pity, Lord; O Lord forgive
Shine, mighty God, on Britain shine
Sing, all ye Nations, to the Lord
Sing to the God whom we adore
Sing to the Lord aloud
Sing to the Lord, exalt Him high
Sing to the Lord Jehovah's Name
Sing to the Lord some new-taught Song
Sing, ye Sons of Might, О fing
Songs of immortal Praise belong
Soon as I heard my Father say
Sweet is the Mem'ry of thy Grace
Sweet is the Work, my God, my King

Teach me the Measure of my Days :
Th' Almighty reigns exalted high
That Man is bleft who itands in Awe
"I'he Earth for ever is the Lord's
The Earth and all her Fulness owns

hee, Lord, their Refuge, Thee alone

hee will I thank, and Day by Day
The God Jehovah reigns
The God of Jacob chose the Hill
The Heav'ı:s declare thy Glory, Lord
The joyful Morn, my Ged, is come
-The King of Saints, how fair his Face

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the Lord abounds with tender Love
the Lord appears my Helper now
The Lord Jehovah reigns
The Lord is come; the Heav'ns proclaim
The Lord my Pasture Thall prepare
The Lord my Shepherd is
The Lord of Glory is my Light
The Lord, the Judge, his Churches warns
The Lord, the Tou'reign King

The Praise of Siôn waits for Thee
The spacious Firmament on high
e: The Wonders, Lord, thy Love hath wrought
55 Think, mighty God, on feeble Man
This is the Day the Lord hath made
Thou art my God, to Thee my Eyes
Thou art my Portion, (

Though Thobsands by thy Side ‘are slain
Thou, Lord, halt weigh'd our ev'ry Fault
Thou, Lord, my Safety, Thou, my Light
Thou who art enthron'd alove
Through all the changing Scenes of Life
Thus did our suff'ring Saviour pray
Thus faith the Lord, your Work is vain
Thus the eternal Father spake
Thus the great Lord of Earth and Sea
Thus wer: the Tribes from Bondage brought
Thy Mercies fill the Earth; O Lord
Thy Name, Aliighty Lord
Thy Name, immortal God, thy Name
Thy Namë my steadfast Heart avows-
Thy Righteousness is deep and high
Thy Servant, God of Gods, fupreme
Thy Suppliant's Voice propitious hear
To bless thy chosen Race
To celebrate thy Praise, () Lord
To God above, froin all below
To God I cry'd, with Anguilh stung
To God'l cry'd with mourníul Voice
To God, let all the Nations raise
To my Coinplaint, O Lord my God
To our Almighty Maker, God
To Thee, before the dawning Light
To thy Pastures, fair and large
''Twas from thy Hand, my God, I came

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Vast are thy Works, Almighty Lord
Unshaken as the sacred Hill
Up from my Youth, may Israel say

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Up to the Hills I lift mine Eyes“
Upward I lift mine Eyes

Wait but awhile ; then look around
We bless the Lord, the Just, the Good
What Joy when Brethren dwell combin'd
What Mall I render, O my God -
When God arole my Part to take
When God is nigh, my Faith is strong
When God restor'd our captive State
When Ifrael, freed from Pharaoh's Hand
When Ifrael fins the Lord reproves
When I with pleafing Wonder stand
When overwhelm'd with Grief
When we our weary'd Limbs to rest
When Zion's God her. Sons recall'd
Where th all the Man be found
While I keep Silence, and conceal
Who o'er the. Waves from Shore to Shore
Who will,arife and plead my Right
Why did the Gentiles „rage
Why did the Nations join to play
Why do the Proud insult the Poor
Why doth the Lord stand off so far,
Why has my.God my Soal forfook
Why, Tyrant, beasts ihy Heart the Pow'r
With all my Pow'ss of Heart and Tongue
With Expectation warm and strong
With Glory clad, witb Strength array'd
With my whole Heart, I've fought thy Face
With my whole Heut, my God and King
With one. Consent let all the Earth
With patient. Hope my. God I sought
With Rev'rence let the Saints appear
With Songs and Honours founding loud

Ye faithful Sons of Israel's Name
Ye Islands of the Northern Sea
Ye Saints and Servants of the Lord
Ve Servants of th' eternal King
Ye Sons of Men, a feeble Race
Ye that obey th' immortal King
Ye Tribes of Alain join
Yet, faith the Lord, if David's Race

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