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Not Fruits nor Wines that tempt our Taste,
Nor all the joys our Senses know,
Could make me so divinely bleft,

Or raise my cheerful Paffions fo.
6 My Life itself, without thy Love,

Nó Taste of Pleasure could afford;
'Twould but a tiresome Burden prove

If I were banish'd from the LORD.
7 Amidst the wakeful Hours of Night,

When busy Cares afflict my Head,
One Thought of THEE gives new Delight,

And adds Refreshment to my Bed.
8 I'll lift my Hands, I'll raise my Voice,

While I have Breath to pray or praise;
This Work shall make my Heart rejoice,
And spend the Remnant of my Days.


Metre iv.

HOU art my God, to Thee my Eyes

With facred Thirst, O LORD, I burn;
My Heart, my Flesh, thine Absence mourn
As o'er th' inhospitable Way
Amidst a barren Waste I ftray.

2 Yet here, by heav'nly Wisdom led,

Expectant wait, till o'er my Head
Thy Beams in mild Effulgence play,
And turn my Darkness into Day:
Those Beams which oft my Eyes beheld
Within thy Temple, LORD, reveald.

3 Thy Love my Lips fhall ever tell,

(Can Life itself that Love excel?)
Nor cease, while Breath prolongs my Days,
In thankful Notes the Hymn to raise :
To Thee thy Servant, LORD, as now,
His Hands shall rear, his Knees shall bow.

4 Safe in the Shadow of thy Wings

In Thee I joy, O KING OF KINGS:
When Dangers threaten to devour,
(Superior to each adverse Pow'r)
Thine Arm extends, the Help divine,
And long Experience calls it Mine.



HY Suppliant's Voice propitious hear;


Secure, while Men my Soul pursue,

And hide, 0 hide me from their View. 2 Behold the slaughter-breathing Throng

Whet, as a Sword, their baleful Tongue,
And Words, as Arrows keen, prepare,

That, edg’d with Death, shall walk the Air. 3 Ah! Wretches, whither will ye fly?

Behold the Arrow from on high
Descend, that bears upon its Wing
The Wrath of Heav'n's offended KING!

4 Each Heart shall own, with rev’rent Thought,

That Thou the Work, great God, haft wrought, Whilę, rescu'd from their Rage, the Just Exulting, fix on Thee their Truft.

THE Praise of Sien waits for Thee,

My God; and Praise becomes thy House :
There shall thy Saints thy Glory fee,

And there perform their public Vows.
2 0 Thou, whose Mercy bends the Skies

To save, when humble Sinners pray;
All Lands to Thee shall lift their Eyes,

And Islands of the Northern Sea.
3 Against my Will my Sins prevail,

But Grace shall purge away their Stain;
The Blood of CHRIST will never fail

To wash my Garments white again.
4 Blest is the Man whom Thou shalt choose,

And give him kind Access to Thee;
Grant him a Place within thy House,
To taste thy Love divinely free.

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5 O THOU, the Hope of human Race,

Of All whom Earth's wide Arms embrace,
Of All, who, tost by Tempests, sweep

The Surface of the pathlefs Deep.
6 In Thee they trust, who know'st to rein

The Insults of the foaming Main,
Check the brute Waves that roar aloud,

And still the Madness of the Crowd.
7 Remotest Realms, with dire Disinay,

Thy Wonders, mightiest LORD, survey ;
And, as they walk th' ethereal Round,
The Morn and Eve thy Praise refound.


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8 By unexhausted Springs supply'd,

Thy River pours it's copious Tide,
And bids the strength-infusing Grain

Earth's countless Family sustain. 9 The Clouds, in frequent Show'rs diftilld,

Drop Fatness on the pregnant Field;
Break the tough Glebe, the Furrows cheer,

And crown with Good the gliding Year. 10 The Hills around exulting stand,

And own the Bounty of thy Hand :
Nurs'd by thy Care, the fleecy Train
Invests with white the rural Plain.

11 While, as beneath the fav’ring Skies

In crouded Ranks the Harvests rise,
The laughing Vale assumes a Tongue,
And bursts triumphant into Song.



ING, all ye Nations, to the Lord,

Sing with a joyful Noise; With Melody of Sound record

His Honours and your Joys. 2 Say to the Pow'r that shakes the Sky,

" How terrible art Thou? “ Sinners before thy Presence fly,

" Or at thy Feet they bow."
3 He rules by his refiftless Might;

Will rebel Mortals dare
Provoke th' ETERNAL to the Fight,

And tempt that dreadful War

4 O bless our God, and never cease,

Ye Saints, fulfil his Praise ;
He keeps our Life, maintains our Peace,

And guides our doubtful Ways. 5 LORD, Thou hast prov'd our suff'ring Souls

To make our Graces shine;
So Silver bears the burning Coals

The Metal to refine.

6 Through watry Deeps and fiery Ways

We march at thy Command,
Led to possess the promis'd Place

By thine unerring Hand.

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7 NOW shall my folemn Vows be paid

To that Almighty Pow'r,
Who heard the long Requests I made,

my distressful Hour.
8 My Lips and cheerful Heart prepare,

To make his Mercies known;
Come that fear

ny God, and hear
The Wonders He hath done.
9 When on my Head huge Sorrows fell,

I fought his heav'nly Aid;
He fav'd my finking Soul from Hell,

And Death's eternal Shade.


10 If Sin lay cover'd in


While Pray’r employ'd my Tongue,
The Lord had shewn me no Regard,

Nor I his Praises sung.

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