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2 A Crowd, whose Thoughts from Thee have stray'd,

With Falsehood arm’d, my Peace invade ;
And Griefs and Tears, that fhun Control,

Shake to its inmost Depth my Soul.
3 “ who shall give me" (thus my Breast

Its vain Inquietude express’d) “ The Dove's light Wing, that through the Air

“ A wretched Fugitive may bear. 4

“ How would I mount the wafting Wind, « How leave the wrathful Storms behind, 66 And in the Desert's lone Retreat,

“ Contented, fix my lasting Seat ?" 5 But God (my only Refuge) He

From each Distress my Soul shall free;
With fervent Lips, to Him I'll pray

At Dawn, at Noon, at Close of Day.' 6 O cast thee fearless on thy God;

He (strong to save) the grateful Load
Within his fost'ring Arms shall bear,
And feed thee with a Parent's Care.

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THOU whofe Justice reigns on higli,

And makes th' Oppressor cease,
Behold how envious Sinners try
To vex and break my

Peace. 2 The Sons of Violence and Lies

Join to devour me, LORD; But as my hourly Dangers rife,

My Refuge is thy Word.

3 In God most Holy, Just and True,

I have repos'd my Trust;
Nor will I fear what Flesh can do,

The Offspring of the Duft. 4 They wrest my Words to Mischief still,

Charge me with unknown Faults;
Mischief doth all their Counsels fill,

And Malice all their Thoughts. 5 Shall they escape without thy Frown?

Must their Devices stand ?
O cast the haughty Sinner down,

And let him know thy Hand.

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6 GOD counts the Sorrows of his Saints,

Their Groans affect his Ears ;Thou hast a Book for my Complaints,

A Bottle for my Tears.
7 When to thy Throne I raise my Cry,

The Wicked fear and flee;
So swift is Pray'r to reach the sky,

So near is God to me.

8 In Thee, most Holy, Just and True,

I have repos'd my Trust;
Nor will I fear what Man can do,

The Offspring of the Duft.
9 Thy folemn Vows are on me, LORD,

Thou shalt receive my Praise;
I'll fing, “ How faithful is thy Word!

“ How righteous all thy Ways!”

10 Thou haft fecur'd my Soul from Death;

O set thy Pris'ner free :
That Heart and Hand, and Life and Breath,

May be employ'd for Thee.

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Y God, in whom are all the Springs

Of boundless Love and Grace unknown; Hide me beneath thy spreading Wings, Till the dark Cloud is overblown.


2 Up to the Heav'ns I send my Cry,

The LORD will my Defires perform;
He sends his Angel from the Sky,

And saves me from the threatning Storm, 3 Be Thou exalted, O my God,

Above the Heav'ns where Angels dwell!
Thy Pow'r on Earth be known abroad,

And Land to Land thy Wonders tell,
4 My Heart is fix'd; my Song shall raise

Immortal Honours to thy Name;
Awake my Tongue, to found his Praise !

My Tongue, the Glory of my Frame! 5 High o'er the Earth his Mercy reigns,

And reaches to the utmost Sky;
His Truth to endless Years remains
When lower Worlds diffolve and die.

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6 Bę Thou exalted, O my God,

Above the Heav'ns where Angels dwell !
Thy Pow'r on Earth be known abroad,
And Land to Land thy Wonders tell.




UDGES, who rule the World by Laws,

Will ye despise the righteous Cause,
When th' injur'd Poor before you stands?
Dare ye condemn the righteous Poor,
And let rich Sinners 'scape fecure,

While Gold and Greatness bribe your Hands? g Have ye forgot, or never knew, That God will judge the Judges too?

High in the Heav'ns his Justice reigns;
Yet you invade the Rights of God,
And send your bold Decrees abroad,

To bind the Conscience in your Chains, 3 Th’ ALMIGHTY thunders from the Sky! Their Grandeur melts, their Titles die,

As Hills of Snow dissolve and run;
Or Snails that perish in their Slime,
Or Births that come before their Time,

Vain Births that never see the Sun.
4 Thus shall the Vengeance of the LORD
Safety and Joy to Saints afford;

And All that hear shall join and say, ~ Sure there's a God that rules on high, 66 A God that hears his Children cry,

“ And will their Suff’rings well repay.”

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AVE me, O Lord, my gracious GOD,

From my determin's Foes; In my Desence oppose thy Pow'r

To theirs who me oppole.


2 On Thee I wait, 'tis on thy Strength

For Succour I depend : 'Tis Thou, O God, art my Defence,

Who only canft defend.
3 Thy Mercy, LORD, which has so oft

From Danger set me free,
Shall crown my Wishes, and subdue

My haughty Foes to me.
4 Early will I thy Mercy fing,

Thy wondrous Pow'r confefs;
For Thou haft been my fure DEFENCE,

My Refuge in Distress.
5 To Thee, with never-ceafing Praise,

O God, my Strength I'll ling:
Thou art my God, the Rock from whence

My Health and Safety spring..



EPULS’D, dispers’d, chastis'd by Theey 0

grant us, LORD, thy Face to fee; And let the People, once thy Care, Again thy fav'ring Presence share.

2 How trembles this divided Land

Beneath the Terrors of thy Hand!
O Thou, the God whom we adore,
Its Breaches heal, its Peace restore.

3 Thy just Decrees to Ifrael's Eyes

Have bid a Scene of Sorrow rise;
And to his pallid Lips the Wine
Of dire Aftonishment confign.

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