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2 But Thou, my Glory and my Strength,

Shalt on the Tempter tread,
Shalt silence all my threatning Guilt,

And raise my drooping Head. 3 I cry'd ; and from his holy Hill

He bow'd a list’ning Ear :
I call'd my Father and my God,

And he subdu'd my Fear. 4

He shed soft Slumbers on mine Eyes,
In spite of all my Foes;
I'woke and wonder'd at the Grace

That guarded my Repose. 5 What though the Hosts of Death and Hell

All arm'd against me stood, Terrors no more shall shake my

My Refuge is my God.
6 Arise, O LORD, fulfil thy Grace,

While I thy Glory fing :
My God has broke the Serpent's Teeth,

And Death has lost his Sting. 7 Salvation to the LORD belongs;

His Arm alone can save': Blessings attend thy People here,

And reach beyond the Grave.

Soul ;

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LORD, how
many are my

In this weak State of Flesh and Blood
My Peace they daily discompose;
But my Defence and Hope is God.

2 Tir'd with the Burdens of the Day,

To Thee I rais'd an Ev'ning Cry ;
Thou heard'st when I began to pray,

And thine Almighty Help was nigh. 3 Supported by thine heav'nly Aid,

I laid me down and slept secure ;
Not Death could make my Heart afraid,

Though I should wake and rise no more. 4 My God sustain'd me all the Night;

Salvation doth to God belong
He rais'd my Head to see the Light,
And make his Praise my Morning Song.



Metre i.



ORD, Thou wilt hear me when I pray;

I am for ever thine;
I fear before Thee all the Day,

Nor would I dare to fin.

2 And while I rest my weary Head

From Cares and Business free,
'Tis sweet conversing on my Bed

With my own Heart and Thee, 3 I pay this Evening Sacrifice;

And when my Work is done,
Great God, my Faith and Hope relies

Upon thy Grace alone. 4 Thus with my Thoughts compos'd to Peace,

I'll give mine Eyes to fleep;
Thy Hand in Safety keeps my Days,

And will my Slumbers keep.

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PSA L M IV. Metre ii.
God of Grace and Righteousness,

Hear and attend when I complain ;
Thou haft enlarg'd me in Distress,

Bow down a gracious Ear again. 2 Ye Sons of Men, in vain ye try

To turn ny Glory into Shame;
How long will Scoffers love to lie,

And dare reproach my SAVIOUR'S Name? 3

Know that the LORD divides his Saints
From all the Tribes of Men beside;
He hears the Cry of Penitents,

For the dear Sake of Christ who dy'd. 4

When our obedient Hands have done
A thousand Works of Righteousness,
We put our Trust in God alone,

And glory in his pard’ning Grace, 5

Let th’unthinking Many fay,
" Who will bestow fome earthly Good?"
But Lord, thy Light and Love we pray,

Our Souls desire this heav'nly Food.
6 Then shall my chearful Pow'rs rejoice

At Grace and Favours fo divine :
Nor will I change my happy Choice,
For all their Corn and all their Wine.

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PSA L M LORD in the Morning Thou shalt hear To Thee will I direct my Pray’r,

To Thee lift up mine Eye,

2 Up to the Hills where Christ is gone

To plead for all his Saints, Presenting at his FATHER's Throne,

Our Songs and our Complaints. 3 Thou art a God, before whose Sight The Wicked shall not stand

; Sinners shall ne'er be thy Delight,

Nor dwell at thy right Hand. 4 But to thy House will I resort,

To taste thy Mercies there ;
I will frequent thine holy Court,

And worship in thy Fear.
5 O may thy Spirit guide my feet

In Ways of Righteousness! Make ev'ry Path of Duty ftrait And plain before


6 The Men that love and fear thy Name

Shall see their Hopes fulfiilid;
The mighty God will compass them

With Favour as a Shield.

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Metre i.

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Mercy, ot in Wrath rebuke

Thy feeble Worm, my God;
My Spirit dreads thine angry Look,

And trembles at thy Rod.
2 Have Mercy, LORD, for I am weak,

Regard my heavy Groans ;
O let thy. Voice of Comfort speak

And heal my broken Bones.

3 My Soul quite faints, but, LORD, how long

Shall I no Answer have?
O turn and free my Soul from Wrong,

My Soul in Mercy save.
4 Return, and shew thy Pow'r to save

And spare my fainting Breath ;
For who can praise Thee in the Grave ?

Or sing thy Name in Death?
5 All Night iny restless Bed with Tears,

With Tears my Couch o'er-flows ;
My Sight quite dim with Age appears,

Through my prevailing Foes. 6 But hence ye Enemies depart,

Nor tempt me to despair ;
My Saviour comes to chear my

The Lord hath heard my Pray’r.



Metre ii.

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Spare me, LORD, nor o'er my Head

The Fulness of thy Vengeance shed, With pitying Eye my Weakness view, Heal my vex’d Soul, my Strength renew, Permit my Pains, their Bounds to know

And fix a Period to my
2 Return, great God, return and save

Thy Servant from the greedy Grave :
Shall Death's long-silent Tongue, O say,
The Records of thy Pow'r display?
Or pale Corruption's startled Ear
Thy Praise within its Prison hear?

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