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ORD, we have heard thy Works of old,

Thy Works of Pow'r and Grace,
When to our Ears our Fathers told

The Wonders of their Days. 2 How Thou didft build thy Churches here,

And make thy Gospel known; Among them did thine Arm appear,

Thy Light and Glory shyne.
3 In God they boasted all the Day,

And, in a cheerful Throng,
Did Thousands meet to praise and pray,

And Grace was all their Song.
4. But now chastiz'd by Thee; we stand

A Proverb to our Foes;
While fierce Derision claps the Hand,

And triumphs in our Woes.
5 Awake, arise, Almighty LORD!

Why sleeps thy wonted Grace ?
Why should we look like Men abhorr'd,

Or banish'd from thy Face?
6 Redeem us from perpetual Shame,

Our SAVIOUR and our God;
We plead the Honours of thy Names.

The Merits of thy Blood.


Metre i.


Y Heart doth take in Hand

Some godly Song to fing;
The Praise that I shall thew therein,

Pertaineth to the KING,

2 My Tongue shall be as quick

His Honour to indite,
As is the Pen of any Scribe

That ufeth fast to write...


O fairest of ail Men!:

Thy Lips with Grace are pure ;
For God hath bleffed Thee with Gifts

For ever to endure..

4 About Thee gird thy Sword,

O PRINCE of Might elect!
With Honour, Glory, and Renown,,

Thou art most. richly deckt..

5 Go forth with godly

With Meekness, Truth, and Right;
And thy right Hand shall Thee instruct,

In Works of dreadful Might...

6 Thy Arrows sharp and keen

Their Hearts so sore shall fting, That they shall crouch and kneel to Theeg,

Yea all thy Foes, O KING..

7 Thy royal Seat, O LORD,

For ever shall remain;
Because the Sceptre of thy Realm:

Doth Righteousness maintain.

8. Wherefore thy holy Name

All Ages shall record";
The People fhall give Thanks to Thee

For evermore, O LORD.

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PSA L M XLV. Metre ile
XALTED by a blessed Thought

My Soul is Wing
I speak, as by the SPIRIT taught,

The Praise of Christ my KING. 2 My Lips are eager, and delight.

Glad Tidings to impart,
As is the Pen of them that write

With equal Ease and Art.
3 Thy Form is fairer than the Race

Of Men from Adam sprung; And God has giv'n eternal Grace

To thy perluasive Tongue. 4 Ride on, Thou PRINCE of wondrous Might!

Gird on thy dreadful Sword ! With Majesty, and glorious Light,

And TRUTH's all-conqu’ring Word. 5 Thy Throne, O God, for ever stands; Thy Word of Grace fhall

prove A peaceful Sceptre in thy Hands,

To rule thy Saints by Love.
6 Justice and Truth attend Thee ftill,

But Mercy is thy Choice;
And God, thy God, thy Soul fhall fill

With most peculiar Joys.

PSALM XLV. Metre iii. 'N9W be my Heart infpird to fing

The Glories of my SAVIOUR-KING, , Jesus the Lord; how heav'nly fair His Form! How bright his Beauties are !

2 O'er all the Sons of human Race

He shines with a superior Grace;
Love from his Lips divinely flows,

And Blessings all his State compose. 3 Dress Thee in Arms, most mighty LORD!

Gird on the Terror of thy Sword!
In Majesty and Glory ride,

With Truth and Meekness at thy Side! 4 Thine Anger, like a pointed Dart,

Shall pierce the. Foes of stubborn Heart :
Or Words of Mercy kind and sweet

Shall melt the Rebels at thy Feet.
5 Thy Throne, O God, for ever stands,

Grace is the Scepter in thy Hands ;
Thy Laws and Works are just and right,

Justice and Grace are thy Delight.
6 God, thine own God, has richly shed

His Oil of. Gladness on thy Head,
And with his sacred SPIRIT bleft
His first-born Son above, the rest..


7 THE KING OF SAINTS, how fair his Face;

Adorn'd with Majesty and Grace !
He comes with Blessings from above,
And wins the Nations to his Love,

8 At his right Hand our Eyes behold

The Queen array'd in purest Gold;
The World admires her heav'nly Dress
Her Robe of Joy and Righteousness.

9 He forms her Beauties like his own,

He calls and seats her near his Throne :
Fair Stranger, let thine Heart forget

The Idols of thy native State.
10 So shall the KING the more rejoice

In thee, the Favourite of his Choice;
Let Him be lov'd, and yet ador'd,

For He's thy Maker and thy LORD. 11 O happy Hour, when thou shalt rise

To his fair Palace in the Skies !
And all thy Sons (a numerous Train)
Each like a Prince in Glory reign!

12 Let endless Honours crown his Head;

Let ev'ry Age his Praises spread;
While we with cheerful Songs approve
The Condefcenfions of his Love.

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OD is the Refuge of his Saints,

When Storms of sharp Distress invade Ere we can offer our Complaints,

Behold Him present with his Aid. 2 Let Mountains froin their Seats be hurl'd

Down to the Deep, and bury'd there :
Convulsions shake the folid World,

Our Faith shall never yield to Fear.

the troubled Ocean roar,
In facred Peace our Souls abide ;
While ev'ry Nation, ev'ry Shore
Trembles, and dreads the swelling Tide.

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