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8 That God, ye Saints, whose Love ye seek,

The Arm of lawlefs 'Pow'r shall break,
And bid the Just protected stand
Beneath the Shadow of his Hand.

9 Who know not THEE, great God, to dread,

(As Victims for the Slaughter fed)
Consum'd by Heav'ns avenging Fire,

Shall perish, and in Smoke aspire.
1o The Just, (bleft Object of thy Love,)

Thou, LORD, wilt lead, his Path approve,
Thy faithful Hand his Steps sustain,
Nor falls he, but to rise again.


11 FROM Ill recede; to Good incline;

Seek TRUTH, and endless Life be thine :
God shall refute th’ Accuser's Tongue,

And fave thee from the Hand of Wrong. 12 Wait on thy GOD; observe his Ways;

His Pow'r aloft thy Head fhal raise ;
And bid, before thy Sight, his Foe

The Terrors of his Vengeance know. 13 The prosp’ring Sinner once I view'd;

Strong as a healthful Tree he stood;
I went, I came, and look'd again;

I look'd; but fought his Place in vain. 54 Behold the Juft, and mark his End;

See Peace his Eve of Life attend,
While on the Sinner's latest Hour
The Storms of heaviest Vengeance low'r.

15 To God the Just his Safety owes,

Him owns his Strength amidit his Woes,
Aflur'd that He shall Each defend,
Whofe conftant Hopes on Him depend.

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SPARE me, LORD, nor o'er my Head

The Fulness of thy Vengeance shed; Pierc'd by thy Shafts, great God, I ftand,

And feel the Pressure of thy Hand. 2 My Friends, and next Allies by Birth,

(Once kind Companions of my Mirth, When wing’d with Health the Moments flew,)

My Griefs with diftant Horror view. 3

But Theu, be? 2.ocate, art nigh;
On Thee, great God, my Hopes rely;
O vindicate my Fame from Wrong,

And filence the reproachful Tongue.
4. Thou feeft how prone to flip my Feet,

What Woes my Eyes inceffant meet ;
Nor shuns my Soul its Guilt to own,

But forrowing bows before thy Throne, 5 O let me, (rais’d by Thee,) no more

The Absence of thine Aid deplore;
God of my Life, recede not far,
But hatte, and make that Life thy Care.

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TEACH me the Meafure of my Days,

Thou MAKER of


I would survey Life's narrow Space,

And learn how frail I am.

2 A Span is all that we can boast,

An Inch or two of Time ;
Man is but Vanity and Duft,

In all his Flow'r and Prime.


See the vain Race of Mortals move,

Like Shadows o'er the Plain;
They rage and strive, defire and love,

But all their Noise is vain.

Some walk in Honour's gaudy Show,

Some dig for golden Ore;
They toil for Heirs, they know not who,

And strait are seen no more.
5 What should I wishi or wait for then,

From Creatures, Earth, and Duft?
They make our Expectations vain,

And disappoint our Trust.
6 Now I forbid my carnal Hope,

My fond Desires recall;
I give my mortal Int'reft up,

And inake my God my All.



Metre i.

MEEKLY waited for the LORD,

He bow'd to hear my Cry:
He saw me resting on his Word,

And brought Salvation nigh.
2 He rais’d me from a horrid Pit,

Where mourning long I lay ;
And from my Bonds releas'd my Feet,

Deep Bonds of miry Clay.

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3 Firm on a Rock he made me stand,

And taught my cheerful Tongue To praise the Wonders of his Hand,

In a new thankful Song.

I'll spread his Works of Grace abroad ;

I he Saints with Joy shall hear, And Sinners learn to make


GOD Their only Hope and Fear. 5 How many are thy Thoughts of Love!

Thy Mercies, Lord, how great! We have not Words, nor Hours enough

Their Numbers to repeat. 6 When I'ın afflicted, poor and low,

And Light and Peace depart; My God beholds my heavy Woe,

And bears me op his Heart.

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7 THUS faith the LORD, “Your Work is vain,

“Give your Burnt-Off'rings o'er ; “In dying Goats and Bullocks slain

My Soul delights no more.”
8 Then spake the SAVIOUR, “Lo! I'm here,

“ My God, to do thy Will;
“Whate'er thy facred Books declare

“ Thy Servant fhall fulfil.
« Thy Law is ever in my Sight,

“ I keep it near my Heart:
“ Mine Eyes are open’d with Delight

“ To what thy Lips impart."

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10 Thus He reveald his Father's Grace,

And thus his Truth He shew'd,
And preach'd the Way of Righteousness:

Where great Affemblies ftood.
11 His Father's Honour touch'd his Heart,

He pity'd Sinner's Cries,
And, to fulfil à SAVIOUR's Parr,

Was made à SACRIFICE.

12 No Blood of Beasts on Altars shed

Could wash the Conscience clean;
But the rich Sacrifice He paid,

Atones for all our Sin.


XL. Metre ii.

HE Wonders, LORD, thy Love hath wrought,

Exceed our Praise, furmount our Thought; Should I attempt the long Detail,

My Speech would faint, my Numbers fail.
2 No Blood of -Beasts on Altars spilt,

Can cleanfe the Souls of Men from Guilt;
But Thou hast set before our Eyes,
An All-sufficient SACRIFICË.

3 Lo! thine eternal Son appears !

To thy Desires He bows his Ears ;
Afsumes a Body well prepard,

And well performs a Work so hard.
4. “Behold, I come,” (the SAVIOUR cries,

With Love and Duty in his Eyes)
“I come to bear the heavy Load
“ Of Sins; and do thy Will, my God.

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