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10 Vain is the Strength of Beasts or Men

To hope for Safety thence; But holy Souls from God obtain

A strong and sure Defence, u God is their Fear, and God their Trult:

When Plagues or Famines spread, His watchful Eye secures the Juft

Among ten thousand Dead.
12 Lord, let our Hearts in Thee rejoice,

And bless us from thy Throne;
For we have made thy Word our Choice,

And trust thy Grace alone.


XXXIV. Metre i.


HROUGH all the changing Scenes of Life,

In Trouble and in Joy, The Praises of my God shall still

My Heart and Tongue employ. 2. Of bis Deliv'rance I will boast,

Till All that are diftreft,
From my Example Comfort take,

And charm their Griefs to rest. 3 O magnify the LORD with Me,

With Me exalt his Name;
When in Diftrefs to Him I call'a

He to my Rescue came..
4 The Hosts of GoD encamp around

The Dwellings of the Juft ;
Deliy’rance He affords to All
Who on his Succour trust.

$ O make but Trial of his Love,

Experience will decide
How bless'd they are, and only they,
Who in his Truth confide.

6 Fear Him, ye Saints, and you will then

Have Nothing else to fear ;
Make you his Service your Delight, ,
He'll make your Wants his Care.



'HE E will I thank, and Day by Day

Form to thy Praise, the joyful Lay ; From Morn to Eve the song extend,

My God, my FATHER, and my FRIEND. 2 While pleas'd each Heart of humble Frame

Shall wake, great God, to hear thy Faine ;
O come, your Voice triumphant raife,

And fing, with me, your MAKER's Praise. 3 To Him my Soul disclofs'd its Care ;

He heard, and, present to my Pray'r,
(His faithful Buckler o'er me held),

Each Terror from iny Breast dispell’d. 4 His Angel, nigh the juft Man's Tent

Encamp'd, each Danger to prevent,
His fure Protection round him throws,

Though harness'd Hofts his Peace oppose. 8 ) taste with me, O taste and prove

The Bleslings of his boundless Love;
And fearlets of Repulse or Shame,
The Promise of his Mercy claim.

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6 Hail, SAVIOUR of the human Race !

Hail, FOUNTAIN of exhaustless Grace !
Thrice happy, who on Thee recline,
Nor own, nor ask a Help, but Thine.


LEAD Thou my Caulė, O LORD :-My

Let thy resistless Pow'r oppose;
Say to my troubl’d Soul; - In Me

Thy Strength and sure Salvation see.” 2 Thou seest


Foes a Pit prepare,
And plant before my Steps their Snare;
Thou seest them urge (to Falsehood prone)

The Guilt my Breait has never known. 3 Yet I their Suff'rings oft lament,

Oft at thy Throne their Griefs present,
(And fin i the Pray'r their Pride has spurn'd,

With Blessings on my Head return'd.) 4 Nor feels the Son his melting Breast

With deeper Sense of Grief impreís'd,
That grasps a dying Mother's Hand,
And waits to take her last Cominand,

5 Not such the Pity shown to Me:

Ev'n Abjects my Abjection see!
How long wilt Thou, my God, how long

With patient Eye behold my Wrong? 6 O let not my uninjur'd Foes

With speaking Eye, amidst my Woes,
As round they stand in close Array,
The Triumphs of their Heart betray.

1 But near me rang’d, with thankful Voice

Let ev'ry Friend to Truth rejoice;
While, loudest in the Choir, my Tongue

To Notes of Praise shall tune its Song; 8 - Bleft be the Name of Jacob's LORD

“ The God by Heav'n and Earth ador'd,
“ Who joys his Servant's Caute to plead,
66 And crowns with Peace his favour'd Head.”



The highest Orb of Heav'n transcends; Thy sacred Truth's unieafur's Scope

Beyond the spreading Skies extends. 2 Thy Justice like the Hills remains ;

Unfathom'd Depths thy Judgments are ;
Thy Providence the World Tuftains

The whole Creation is thy Care.
3 Since of thy Goodness All partake,

With what Assurance should the Just
Thy shelt'ring Wings their Refuge make,

And Saints to thy Protection truft?
4. Such Guests shall to thy Courts be led,

To banquet on thy Love's Repast,
And drink, as from a Fountain's Head,

Of Joys that shall for ever last. 5

With Thee the Springs of Life remain,
Thy Presence is eternal Day;
O let thy Saints thy Favour gain,
To upright Hearts thy Truth display.


' L

ET not the Sinner's Wealth or Might

The Envy of thy Soul excite :
Anon thine Eye shall see him fade

Quick as the Flow'r or vernal Blade.
2 But thou thy Will to Heav'ns high LORD

(Thy Trust His TRUTH, thy Rule His Word) Submit;-and nourifh'd by his Hand,

Inherit from his Gift the Land.
3 In Him delight, on Him depend;

Him chuse thy GUIDE, thy WAY, thy END;
So fhall his Love thy Wishes grant,

His Care anticipate thy Want.
4. And bid thy Acts, in Light serene,

Far as the rising Morn be seen;
Thy Justice, as the Noon of Day,

Diffusive, pour its cloudless Ray.
5 With patient Hope await his Will,

Nor let the Sight of prosp'rous Ill
Impel thee, with Disquiet vain,
His wise Disposals to arraign.

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6 WAIT but awhile, then look around :

No more the impious Race are found;
Nor the proud Roof, nor wide Domain

The Mem'ry of their Lord retain. 7 But see the meek and pious Band

(Advanc'd by God's Almighty Hand)
His Smiles obtain, and thence possess
True Riches, with abundant Peace.

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