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3 His Wrath has but a Moment's Reign,

His Favour no Decay;
Your Night of Grief is recompens'd

With Joy's returning Day.

4 ONCE, bless’d with Peace, I boasting faid

I ne'er should fall, nor move :
Thou, LORD, my Hill so strong had'st made

By thy surrounding Love,
5 Thy Face withdrawn, a thousand Cares

Disturb?d my tortur’d Breast :
Then I my God, with earnest Prayers

And fervent Cries, address’d.
6 " What Honours can my Blood to Thee,

My Death what Trophies raise?
“ Can mould'ring Dust thy Glories fee,

Thy Truth or Goodness praise?"
7 “ Hear, LORD, and pity him who mourns;

“ To my Afliftance fly!"
Thy Love my Tears to Dancing turns,

My fable Weeds to Joy.
8 Exalted thus, I'll gladly Sing

The Honours of thy Name;
And as thy Mercies ceaseless spring

Thy ceaseleis Praise proclaim.




XXX. Metre ii.
E faithful Sons of Israel's Name,

Your MAKER's Sanctity proclaim ;
And, while his Mercies on your Breast
In sweet Memorial stand impreit;

To Him, in joyful Accents, raise

The Song of Gratitude and Praise. 2 How flow his Wrath ! How swift his Grace

Sends forth its life-imparting Rays !
Grief for a Night, unwelcome Guest,
Beneath our Roof perchance may reft,
But Joy, with the returning Day,

Shall wipe each tranfient Tear away. 3 As pleasa I caft my Eyes around,

And view'd my Life with Blessings crown'd,
(While, fale in thy protecting Hand,
High on the Rock T took my stand, )
In Confidence of Soul I said,

" What Ills shall e'er my Peace invade ?" 4 But, instant, Thou thy Face hadft turn'd,

And proftrate on the Earth I mourn'd:
I mourn'd, and, O my GUARD, my GUIDE,
(With humbler Spirit thus I cried)
Thy Aid, my God, in Pity lend

And gracious to my Plaints attend. 5 Again the Face of Joy I wear;

Thy Hand, indulgent to my Pray’r,
(The Sackcloth from my Loins unbound)
With Mirths fair Cincture wraps me round.
For this, through Life, my grateful Tongue,
To Thee shall confecrate its Song.

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OD of my Strength, the Wise, the Juft,

To Thee my Spirit I intrust : From Thee, when Terrors clos'd me round, My Soul its full Redemption found.

2 Thy Mercy shall my Thanks employ,

For Thou iny Theme, my Life, my Joy,
Haft call'd me thine, and bid me share
The Gifts of thy paternal Care.

3 O, How shall All who seek thy Love

The Fulness of thy Bounty prove!
And teach th' admiring World 'to see
How bleft the Souls that trust in Thee !

4 Thy Saints, while Breath their Life prolongs,

At Distance from the Strife of Tongues,
Shall see thy Tabernacle spread

Its awful Splendors o'er their 'Head.
5 Be strong, be steadfast; fo your Mind

From Him its full Support shall find ;
Ye Saints that in his care confide,
Nor own, nor ask a Help beside.

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LEST is the Man, for ever blefs'd,

Whose Guilt is pardon’d by his God; Whose Sins with Sorrow are confess’d, And cover'd with his SAVIOUR's Blood.


2 Bleft is the Man, to whoin the LORD

Imputes not his Iniquities :
He pleads no Merit of Reward,

And not on Works, but Grace relies, 3

From Guile his Heart and Lips are free;
His h umble Joy, his holy Fear,
With deep Repentance well agree,
And join to prove his Faith fincere.

4 How glorious is that Righteousness

That hides and cancels all his Sins !
While a bright Evidence of Grace
Thro' his whole Life appears and shines.

5 WHILE I keep Silence, and conceal

My heavy Guilt within my Heart,
What Torments doth my Conscience feel

What Agonies of inward Smart ! 6 I spread my Sins before the LORD,

And all my secret Faults confess; : Thy Gospel speaks a pard’ning Word,

Thy HOLY SPIRIT seals the Grace. 7 For this shall ev'ry humble Soul

Make swift Addresses to thy Seat:
When Floods of strong Temptations roll,

There shall they find a blest Retreat. 8 How fafe beneath thy Wings I lie,

When Days grow dark, and Storms appear !
And when I walk, thy watchful Eye
Shall guide me safe from ev'ry Snare.

ET all the Just, to God, with Joy,


For well the Righteous it becomes

To sing glad Songs of Praife. 2 How faithful is the Word of God!

His Works with Truth abound; He Justice loves, and all the Earth

Is with his Goodness crown'd.

3 By

his Almighty Word at first

The heav'nly Arch was reard : And all the beauteous Hofts of Light,

At his command appear’d.
4 The swelling Floods together rolld,

He makes in Heaps to lie;
And lays, as in a Store-house safe,

The wat'ry Treasures by.
5 Let Earth and all that dwell therein,

Before Him trembling stand: For when He spake the Word, 'twas made,

'Twas fix'd at his Command.

6 He scorns the angry Nations Rage,

And breaks their vain Designs
His Counsel stands through ev'ry Age,

And in full Glory shines.

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7 BLEST is the Nation where the Lord

Hath fix'd his gracious Throne;
Where He reveals his heav'nly Word,

And calls their Tribes his own.

8 His Eye, with infinite Survey,

Does the whole world behold; He form'd us af of equal Clay,

And knows our feeble Mould.
9 Kings are not rescu'd by the Force

Of Armies from the Grave ;
Nor Speed nor Courage of an Horse
Can the bold Rider fave.


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