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16 With humble Feet I wait,

To see thy Face again;
Of Israel it shall ne'er be said,

" He fought the LORD in vain."


DGE me, O LORD, and prove my Ways,

And try my Reins, and try iny Heart;
My Faith upon thy Promise stays,

Nor from thy Law my Feet depart. 2 I hate to walk, I hate to sit,

With Men of Vanity and Lies ;
The Scoffer and the Hypocrite,

Are the Abhorrence of mine Eyes. 3 Among thy Saints will I appear

With Hands well wash'd in Innocence;
But when I fiand before thy Bar,
The Blood of CHRIST is


Defence. 4 I love thy Habitation, LORD,

The Temple where thine Honours dwell;
There fhail I hear thy holy Word,

And there thy Works, of Wonder tell. 5 Let not my Soul be join'd at last,

With Men of Treachery and Blood,
Since I my Days on Earth have past
Among the Saints, and near my God.

PS A L M XXVII. Metre i.

HE LORD of Glory is my Light,

Salvation too;
God is my Strength; nor will I fear
What all


Foes can do,

2 One Privilege my Heart desires;

O grant me an Abode
Among the Churches of thy Saints,

The Temples of my God!
3 There shall I offer my Requests

And see thy Beauty still ;
Shall hear thy Messages of Love,

And there enquire thy Will. 4 When Troubles rise, and Storms appear,

There may his Children hide ;
God has a strong Pavilion, where

He makes my Soul abide.
5 Now shall my Head be lifted high

Above my Foes around,
And Songs of Joy. and Victory

Within thy Temple found.

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6 SOON as I heard my Father say

“ Ye Children, seek my Grace," My Heart reply'd without Delay,

• I'll seek my Father's Face. "
7 Let not thy Face be hid from me,

Nor frown my Soul away ;
God of my Life, I fly to Thee

In a diftreffing Day. 8 Should Friends and Kindred near and dear

Leave me to want or die,
My God would make my Life his Care,

And all my Need supply.

9 My fainting Flesh had died with Grief, Had not


Soul believ'd
To see thy Grace provide Relief,

Nor was my Hope deceiv'd,
10 Wait on the LORD, ye trembling Saints,

And keep your Courage up;
He'll raise your Spirit when it faints,

And far exceed your Hope.



Metre ii.

HOU LORD, my Safety, Thou my Light,


Soul affright? STRENGTH of my Life! what Arm shall dare To hurt whom Thou hast own'd thy Care ? Tho'gath'ring War around I fee,

I fix, lecure, my Truft on THEE.
2 One Wilh, with holy Transport warm,

My Heart has form’d, and yet shall forin:
One Gift I ask; that to my

Fair Sion's Courts I may attend;.
There, joyful, find a fure Abode,

And view the Beauty of my God,
3 “ Seek ye my Face with duteous Care,

66 And frequent to my Throne repair ;
Thus to my Heart I hear thee speak;
“ Thy Face, my Heart replies, I seek :">
Nor Thou, to my defiring Eye,

Thy Presence, heav'nly LORD, deny.. 4 Adopted by thy Care, in Thee

The PARENT and the FRIEND I see ;.
O let me on thy Aid reclin'd,
Thee still my great Salvation find,

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Nor leave me, helpless and forlorn,

The Absence of thy Grace to mourn. 5 With patient Hope, with Mind fedate,

On Israel's God expectant wait :
Be strong, be stedfast : So thy Heart
Shall feel his Grace its Aid impart :
Though press’d with Sorrow's heaviest Load,
O fix thy Truft on Israel's God.


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I OD my Strength, to Thee I pray;
Turn not thou thine Ear

away ; Gracious to my Vows attend,

While the humble Knee I bend.
2 Give me not thy Wrath to know,

Nor to feel the vengeful Blow
By thy just Decrees affign'd

To the Men of impious Mind. 3 On thy long-experienc'd Aid

See my Hope for ever stay'd ;
While my Heart, with Joy possessid,

Leaps within my throbbing Breait.
4 Grant me, LORD, thy Love to share,

Feed me with a Shepherd's Care
Save thy People from Distress,
And thy Patrimony bless.

ING, ye Sons of Might, О fing,

Praise to Heav'ns eternal King;
Pow'r and Strength to Him affign,
Bow before his hallow'd Shrine,


2 Hark! his Voice in Thunder breaks ;-

Hush'd to Silence when He speaks
Ocean’s Waves from Pole to Pole,
Hear the awful Accents roll.

3 See as louder yet they rise,

Echoing through the vaulted Skies;
See, uprooted from its Seat,

Lebanon itself retreat !
4 Now the bursting Clouds give way,

And the vivid Lightnings play!
Now the Wilds, by Man untrod,

Hear, dismay'd, th' approaching God! 5

Prostrate on the sacred Floor,
Bow, ye Saints, his Naine adore :
While his Acts, to every Tongue,

Yield its argument of Song.
6 He the swelling Surge commands,

Fix'd his Throne for ever stands;
He his People fhall increase,
Arm with Strength, and bless with Peace.


Metre i.


'LL celebrate thy Praises, LORD,

Who didst thy Pow'r employ
To raise my drooping Head, and check

My Foes insulting Joy.
2 Thus to his Courts ye Saints of his

With Songs of Praise repair ; With me commemorate his Truth,

And providential Care.

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