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4 Though in a bare and rugged Way

Through devious, lonely Wilds 1 stray;
Thy Bounty shall my Pains beguile,
The barren Wilderness shall smile
With sudden Greens and Herbage crown'd,
And Streams shall murmur all around.



Metre i.


HE Earth for ever is the Lord's, ,

With Adam's num’rous Race;
He rais'd its Arches o'er the Floods,

And built it on the Seas,

2 But who among the Sons of Men

May visit thine Abode?
He that has Hands from Mischief clean,

Whose Heart is right with God.
3 This is the Man may rise and take

The Bleflings of his Grace :
This is the Lot of those that seek

The God of Jacob's Face,

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NOW let our Souls immortal Pow'rs

To meet the LORD prepare :
Lift up Your Heads, eternal Doors!

The KING OF GLORY's near.

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Who is the King of Glory? who

His wondrous Name can tell?
The LORD OF Hosts who dwelt below,

And conquerid Sin and Hello

6 Jesus, the God of boundless Might,

Whom Heav'n and Earth obey;
Lift up your Heads, ye Gates of Light,

Eternal Doors give Way!
7 Who is the King of Glory? who?

The LORD OF Hosts renown'd:
Glory to Him alone is due,

Who is with Glory crown'd.



Metre ii.


í HE Earth and all her Fulness owns,

JEHOVAH for her fov'reign LORD: The countless Myriads of her Sons

Rofe into Being at his Word.
2 His Word did out of Nothing call

The World, and founded Ail that is;
Launch’d on the Floods this folid Ball,
And fix'd it in the floating Seas.

3 But who shall quit this low Abode?

Who shall ascend the heav'nly Place?
And stand upon the Mount of God,
And see his MAKER Face to Face ?

4. The Man whose Hands and Heart are pure

That bleffed Portion shall pofless :
Hiin shall the LORD from Sin fecure,

And clothe and crown with Righteousness. 5 Such only form the chosen Choir

Who seek the Face of Jacob's Gop;
Whose Feet, with licens'd step, aspire
To visit Sion's bleft Abode.

6 OUR LORD is risen from the Dead,

Our Jesus is gone up on high;
The Pow’rs of Hell are Captive led,

Dragg’d to the Portals of the Sky.
7 There his triumphal Chariot waits,

And Angels chaunt the folemn Lay;
Lift up your Heads, ye heav'nly Gates!

Ye everlasting Doors give Way!
8 Loose all your Barrs of maffy Light,

And wide unfold th' eihereal Scene :
He clains the Mansions as his Right,

Receive the KING OF GLORY in.
9 Who is the King of Glory? who?

The LORD that all his Foes o’ercame,
The World, Sin, Death, and Hell o'erthrew,

And Jesus is the Conqueror's Name,
10 Lo! his triumphal Chariot waits,

And Angels chaunt the solemn Lay ;
Lift up your Heads, ye heav'nly Gates!

Ye everlasting Doors give Way!
11 Who is the King of Glory? who?

The LORD of glorious Pow'r pofleft;
The King of Saints and Angels too,
God 'over All, for ever blest,




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LIFT my Soul to God,

My Trust is in his Name;
Let not my Foes that seek


Still triumph in my Shame.

2 Sin, and the Pow'rs of Hell

Perfuade me to despair ; LORD, make me know thy Cov'nant well,

That I may 'scape the Snare. 3 From the first dawning Light

Till the dark Ev’ning rite,
For thy Salvation, LORD, I wait

With ever-longing Eyes. 4 Remember all thy Grace,

And lead me in thy Truth;
Forgive the Sins of riper Days,

And Follies of my Youth. 5 The Lord is just and kind ;

The Meek ihall learn his Ways; And every humble Sinner find

The Methods of his Grace.


6 For his own Goodness fake

He saves my Soul from Shame; He pardons (tho' my Guilt be great)

Through iny REDEEMER's Name.

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7 WHERE shall the Man be found

Who fears t offend his God?
Who loves the Gospel's joyful Sound,

And trembles at the Rod ?

8 The LORD shall make him know

The Secrets of his Heart;
The Wonders of his Cov'nant show,

And all his Love impart.

9 The Dealings of his Hand

Are Truth and Mercy still,
With such as to his Cov’nant stand,

And love to do his Will.

10 Their Souls shall dwell at Ease

Before their MAKER's Face,
Their Seed shall taste the Promises

In their extensive Grace.


11 MINE Eyes and my Desire

Are ever to the LORD;
I love to plead his Promises,

And reit upon his Word.
12 LORD, turn Thee to my Soul;

Bring thy Salvation near;
When will thy Hand releafe my Feet

Out of the deadly Snare?
13 When shall the fov'reign Grace

Of my forgiving God,
Restore me from those dang’rous Ways

My wand’ring Feet have trod ? 14 Behold the Hofts of Hell !

How cruel is their Haté ?
Against my Life they rise and join

Their Fury with Deceit.
15 O keep my Soul from Death,

Nor put iny Hope to Shame!
For I have plac'd my only Trust

In my REDEEMER's Name..

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