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PART II. 7 THU S did our suff'ring Saviour pray,

With mighty Cries and Tears; God heard him in that dreadful Day,

And chas'd away his Fears.
8 Great was the Vict’ry of his Death ;

His Throne exalted high;
And all the Kindreds of the Earth

Shall worship or shall die.
9 A num'rous Offspring must arise

From his expiring Groans ; They shall be reckon'd in his Eyes

For Daughters and for Sons.
10 The meek and humble Souls shall see

His Table richly spread :
And all that seek the LORD shall be

With Joys immortal fed.
11 The Ifles shall know the Righteousness

Of our incarnate God;
And Nations yet unborn profefs

Salvation in his Blood.



Metre i.


HE LORD my Shepherd is,

I shall be well supply'd ; Since He is mine and I am His,

What can I want beside ? 2 He leads me to the Place

Where heav'nly Pasture grows; Where living Waters gently pass,

And full Salvation flows.

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If e'er I go aftray,

He doth iny Soul reclaim;
And guides me io his own right Way,

For his most holy Name.

While He affords his Aid,

I cannot yield to Fear;
Tho' I should walk thro' Death's dark Shade,

My SHEPHERD's with me there. s In Sight of all my Foes,

Thou dost my Table spread : My Cup with Blessing overflows,

And Joy exalts my Head. 6 The Bounties of thy Love

Shall crown my following Days; Nor from thy House will I remove,

Nor cease to speak thy Praise,


Metre ii.


Y SHEPHERD will supply my Need,

JEHOVAH is his Name;
In Pastures fresh He makes me feed,

Beside the living Stream.
2. He brings my wand'ring Spirit back,

When I forsake his Ways;
And leads me, for his Mercy's Sake,

In Paths of Truth and Grace.

3 When I walk through the Shades of Death,

Thy Presence is my Stay;
A Word of thy supporting Breath,

Drives all my Fears away.

4 Thy Hand, in Sight of all my Foes, Doth still


Table spread ; My Cup with Blessings overflows; Thine Oil anoints my

Head. 5 The sure Provisions of my God

Attend me all my Days;
O may thy House be inine Abode,

And all my Work be Praise.
6 There would I find a fettled Reft,

(While others go and come) No more a Stranger or a Guest,

But like a Child at Home.


Metre iii.


M :

Y SHEPHERD is the living LORD;
Now shall

His Providence and holy Word
Become my Safety and my

Guide. 2 In Pastures where Salvation grows,

He makes me feed, He makes me rest;
There living Water gentiy flows,

And all the Food divinely blest.
3 My wand'ring Feet his Ways mistake,

But He restores my Soul to Peace;
And leads me for bis Mercy's fake

In the fair Paths of Righteousness.
4. Though I walk through the gloomy Vale

Where Death and all its Terrors are,
My Heart and Hope shall never fail,
For God my SHEPHERD's with me there,

5 Amidst the Darkness and the Deeps

Thou art my Comfort, Thou my Stay;
Thy Staff supports my feeble Steps,

Thy Rod directs my doubtful Way. 6 The Sons of Earth and Sons of Hell

Gaze at thy Goodness, and repine
To see my Table spread so well

With living Bread and chearful Wine. 7 How I rejoice when on my Head

Thy SPIRIT condescends to rest !
'Tis a divine Anointing thed
Like Oil of Gladness at a Feast.

8 Surely the Mercies of the LORD

Attend his Houshold all their Days;
There will I dwell to hear bis Word,
To seek his Face, and fing his Praise.

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PS A L M XXIII. Metre iv. T ,

Othy Paftures, fair and large,

Heav'nly SHEPHERD, lead thy Charge; And my Couch, with tend'rest Care,

Midit the springing Grass prepare. 2 When I faint with Summers Heat,

Thou fhalt guide my weary Feet,
To the Streams, that, still and flow,

Through the verdant Meadows flow. 3 Thou my Soul anew fhalt frame,

And thy Mercy to proclaim,
When through devious Paths I stray,
Teach my Steps the better Way.

4 Safe the dreary Vale I tread

By the Shades of Death o'erspread,
With thy Rod and Staff supplied,

This my Guard, and that my Guide. 5

Thou my plenteous Board haft spread,
Thou with Oil refresh'd my Head;
Fill'd by Thee my Cup o'erflows,

For thy Love no Limit knows. 6 Constant to my latest End

Thou my Footsteps shalt attend;
And thalt bid Thy hallow'd Dome
Yield me an eternal Home.



Metre y.


HE LORD my Pasture shall prepare,

And feed me with a Shepherd's Care, His Presence shall my Wants fupply, And guard me with a watchful Eye; My Noon-Day Walks He shall attend,

And all my Midnight Hours defend. 2 When in the sultry Glebe I faint,

Or on the thirsty Mountain pant,
To fertile Vales, and dewy Meads
My weary wand'ring Steps he leads;
Where peaceful Rivers, soft and flow,

Amid the verdant Landskip iow.
3 Though in the Paths of Death I tread,

With gloomy Horrors overspread;
My steadfast Heart shall fear, no Ill,
For Thou, O LORD, art with me ftill:
Thy friendly Crook shall give me Aid,
And guide me through the dreadful Shade.

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