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9 How perfect is thy Word !

And all thy Judgments just :
For ever sure thy Promise, LORD,

And Men securely trust.
10 I hear thy Word with Love,

And I would fain obey;
Send thy good Spirit from above

To guide me, left I stray, 11 Warn me of ev'ry Sin ;

Forgive my secret Faults;
And cleanse this guilty Soul of mine,

Whose Crimes exceed my Thoughts 12 While with my Heart and Tongue

I spread thy Praise abroad; Accept the Worship and the Song, My Saviour and

my God!

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Metre ii.



In ev'ry Star thy Wisdom shines : But when our Eyes behold thy Word,

We read thy Name in fairer Lines.
2 The rolling Sun, the changing Light,

And Nights and Days thy Pow'r confess;
But the blest Volume Thou hast writ

Reveals thy Justice and thy Grace.
3 Sun, Moon and Stars convey thy Praise

Round the whole Earth, and never stand:
So when thy Truth begun its Race,
It touch'd, and glanc'd on ev'ry Land.


4 Nor shall thy spreading Gospel rest

Till thro' the World thy Truth has run:
Till CHRIST has all the Nations bleft

That see the Light, or feel the Sun.
5 Great Sun OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, arise,

Blefs the dark World with heav'nly Light;
Thy Gospel makes the Simple wise,

Thy Laws are pure, thy Judgments right, 6 Thy noblest Wonders here we view

In Souls renew'd, and Sins forgiv'n;
LORD, cleanse my Sins, my Soul renew,
And make thy Word my

Guide to Heav'n.



Metre iii.


HE spacious Firmament on high,

With all the blue ethereal Sky,
And spangled Heav'ns, a shining Franie,
Their great Original proclaim:
Th' unweary'd Sun, from Day to Day,
Does his Creator's Pow'r display ;
And publishes to ev'ry Land,
The Work of an Almighty Hand.

2 Soon as the Ev’ning Shades prevail,

The Moon takes up the wondrous Tale,
And nightly, to the list’ning Earth,
Repeats the Story of her Birth :
While all the Stars that round her burn,
And all the Planets in their Turn,
Confirm the Tidings as they roll,
And spread the Truth from Pole to Pole.

g What though, in folemn Silence, All

Move round the dark terrestrial Ball?
What though nor real Voice nor Sound
Amid their radiant Orbs be found ?
In Reafon's Ear they all rejoice,
And utter forth a glorious Voice,
For ever singing, as they shine,
"The Hand that made Us is DIVINE."

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I BEST INSTRUCTOR, from thy Ways

Who can tell how oft he ftrays?
Purge me from the Guilt that lies
Wrapt within


Heart's Disguise. 2 Let me thence, by Thee renew'd,

Each presumptuous Sin exclude:
So my Lot shall ne'er be join'd

With the Men of impious Mind.
3 Let my Tongue, from Error free,

Speak the Words approv'd by Thee ;
To thy all-observing Eyes

Let my Thoughts accepted rise, 4. While I thus thy Name adore,

And thy healing Grace implore,
Bleft REDEEMER, bow thine Ear,
God my Strength, propitious heara

PSA L M xx.
NA inay

Attend his Peoples humble Cry!
JEHOVAH hears when Israel prays,
And brings Deliy’rance from on High.

2 The Name of Jacob's God defends,

Better than Shields or brazen Walls;
He, from his Sanctuary, sends

Succour and Strength, when Zion calls. 3 Well he remembers all our Sighs ;

His Love exceeds our best Deserts ;
His Love accepts the Sacrifice
Of humble Groans and broken Hearts.

4 Some trust in Horses train’d for War,

And some of Chariots make their Boasts;
Our furest Expectations are

From Thee, the Lord of heav'nly Hosts. 5 Now fave us, LORD, from slavish Fear,

Now let our Hope be firm and strong,
Till thy Salvation shall appear,
And Joy and Triumph raise the Song.

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great In the Salvatico of thy Hand! LORD, thou has rais'd his Kingdom high,

And giv’n the World to his Command. 2 Thy Goodness grants whate'er he will,

Nor doth the least request with-hold;
Blessings of Love prevent him still,

And Crowns of Glory, not of Gold. 3 Honour and Majesty divine

Around his facred Temples shine;
Bleft with the Favour of thy Face,
And Length of everlasting Days,

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Thine Hand shall find out all his Foes ;
And as a fiery Oven glows
With raging Heat and living Coals,
So shall thy Wrath devour their Souls.


HY has


Nor will a Smile afford?"
(Thus David once in Anguilh spoke,

And thus our dying Lord.) 2 Though 'tis thy chief Delight to dwell

Among thy praising Saints,
Yet thou canst hear a Groan as well,

And pity our Complaints.
3 Shaking the Head they pass me by,

And laugh my Soul to Scorn; 66. In vain he trusts in God, they cry,

“ Neglected and forlorn.
But Thou art He who form'd my Flesh

By thine Almighty Word;
And since I hung upon the Breast,

My Hope is in the LORD. 5 My God, if possible it be,

Withhold this bitter Cup !
But I resign my Will to Thee

And drink the Sorrows up.
6 FATHER, I yield my Soul opprest,

And trust it in thy Hand;
My dying Flesh in Hope, shall rest,

And rise at thy Command.

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