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There's a new Heav'n begun

When I awake from Death, Drest in the Likeness of thy Son,

And draw iinmortal Breath.



Metre ii.


My Faith, my Patience, and my Love : When Men of Spite against me join,

They are the Sword, the Hand is thine. 2 Their Hope and Portion lie below;

'Tis all the Happiness they know,
'Tis all they seek; they take their Shares,

And leave the rest among their Heirs, 3 What Sinners value, I resign;

LORD, 'tis enough that Thou art mine :
I shall behold thy blissful Face,

And stand compleat in Righteousness.
4 This Life's a Dream, an empty Show;

But the bright World, to which I go,
Hath Joys fubftantial and sincere;

When shall I wake, and find me there?
5 O glorious Hour! O blest Abode !
I shall be near, and like


God ! And Flesh and Sin no more control The sacred Pleasures of the Soul.

6 My Flesh shall flumber in the Ground,

'Till the last Trumpet's joyful Sound; Then burst the Chains with sweet Surprize, And in my SAVIQUR's Image rile.



LEST OBJECT of my Soul's Desire,
On Thee


ftedfast Hope I build; To Thee my grateful Thoughts aspire; My God, my Rest, my Rock, my Shield.

. 2 To Thee my Tow'r, my STRENGTH, I'll pray ;

What Foe shall then my Terror raise ?
What Bands combin'd my Heart dismay

While thus I pay my Debt of Praise ?
3 Death arm’d with Terrors, Hell with Woes,

Around me cast their disinal Shade ;
While Floods of high Temptations rose,

And inade my sinking Soul afraid.
4 To Heav'n I made iny mournful Prayer;
To God address'd


huible Moan ;
He graciously inclin'd his Ear,
And heard me from his lofty Throne.

[blocks in formation]


5 WHEN GOD arose my Part to take,

The conscious Earth was struck with Fear ;
The Hills did at his Presence shake,

Nor could his dreadful Fury bear.
6 Thick Clouds of Smoke difperft abroad,

Ensigns of Wrath before him came;
Devouring Fire around Him glow'd,

That Coals were kindled at its Flame.
7 He left the beauteous Realms of Light,

Whilft Heav'n bow'd down its awful Head,
Beneath his Feet substantial Night
Was like a fable Carpet spread.

8 The Chariot of the King of Kings

Which active Troops of Angels drew,
On a strong Tempest's rapid Wings,

With most amazing Swiftness fiew.
9 Black wat’ry Mists and Clouds conspir’d

ith thickest Shades his Face to veil ; But at his Brightness soon retir'd,

And fell in Show'rs of Fire and Hail.
ao Thro' Heav'ns wide Arch a thund'ring Peal,

God's angry Voice did loudly roar;
While Earth's sad Face with Heaps of Hail,
And Flakes of Fire was cover'd o'er.

[blocks in formation]

11 GREAT GOD, when thy fierce Fury storm'd,

Distracted Nature trembling lay ;
And the unfathom'd Deep, deformd

Through horrid Ruptures, felt the Day. 12 The Seas old Parent-Springs appear’d,

And the great World's Foundations torn;
The tott'ring Hills their Dooms-day fear'd

By thy impetuous Wrath o'erborne, 13 To me yet was his Love engag'd,

His Brow with softer Glory thin'd;
He fav’d me from the Gulphs enrag'd

And all the greedy Floods combin'd. 14 His gracious Arm still rescues me

From all my Foes insulting Hate ;
That Arm, which me alone can free,
And their prevailing Force abate.

15 Their Rage my saddest Moments watch'd,

But God was then my Guard, my Stay;
He lov’d, He lov'd my Soul, and Inatch'd
From hungry Jaws the fainting Prey.


P A R T 16 JUST are thy Ways, and true thy Word,

Great Rock of my secure Abode :
Who is a God beside the LORD?

Or where's a Refuge like our God?
17 'Tis He that girds me with his Might,

Gives me his holy Sword to wield:
And while with Śin and Hell I fight,

Spreads his Salvation for my Shield. 18 He lives, (and blessed be my Rock)

The God of my Salvation lives :
The dark Designs of Hell are broke ;

Sweet is the Peace my FATHER gives. 19 Before the Scoffers of the Age,

I will exalt my FATHER's Name;
Nor tremble at their mighty Rage,

But meet Reproach, and bear the Shame. 20 To David and his royal Seed

Thy Grace for ever shall extend:
Thy Love to Saints in CHRIST their Head,
Knows not a Limit, nor an End.



Metre i.


Declares its Maker God, And all his Starry Works on high

Proclaim his Power abroad.

2 The Darkness and the Light

Still keep their Course the fame; While Night to Day, and Day to Night

Divinely teach his Name. 3 In every different Land

Their general Voice is known;
They shew the Wonders of his Hand,

And Orders of his Throne.

4 His Laws are just and pure,

His Truth without Deceit,
His Promises for ever sure,

And his Rewards are great. 5 Not Honey to the Taste

Affords so much Delight,
Nor Gold that has the Furnace past

So much allures the Sight. 6 While of thy Works I fing

Thy Glory to proclaim,
Accept the Praise, my God, my King,

In my REDEEMER's Name.

[blocks in formation]

9 BEHOLD the Morning Sun

Begins his glorious Way;
His Beams through all the Nations run,

And Life and Light convey. 8 But where the Gospel coines

It spreads diviner Light, It calls dead Sinners from their Tombs,

And gives the Blind their Sight.

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