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4. Just as a Hen protects her Brood

From Birds of Prey that seek their Blood
Under her Feathers; fo the LORD

Makes his own Arm his People's Guard.. 5 If burning Beams of Noon conspire

To dart a pestilential Fire,
God is their Life, his Wings are spread
To shield them with an healthful Shade.

6 If Vapours with malignant Breath

Rise thick, and scatter Midnight-Death,
Ifrael is safe : The poison’d Air
Grows pure, if Israel's God be there.

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7 THOUGH Thousands by thy Side are slain,

And Myriads round Thee press the Plain,
No Dart shall thy Destruction dare,

Nor Wound whom God has bid to spare. 8 And since thy Heart (to God resign’d)

In Him its Refuge boasts to find ;
No Dangers shall thy Path await,

Nor enter thy protected Gate, 9

While round thee plac'd, th' Angelic-Train
Thy Steps with tend'reft Care suftain,
Safe shalt thou walk through Ways unknown,

Nor strike thy Foot against a Stone, 10 Go, fearless on the Dragon tread,

And press the prostrate Lion's Head :
Go, crush the Serpent, though his Veins
Lodge half the Poison of the Plains.

II Thus faith the LORD, Thy filial Love

“I mark, and all thy Acts approve :
" For this thy Head aloft I'll rear,

“ Bow to thy Pray’r my willing Ear. 12 “ Thy Fears avert, thy Griefs attend,

(Thy God, thy GUARDIAN, and thy Friend)

Thy Years prolong; and to thy Heart My health-difpenfing Grace impart.”


Metre i.


HOU who art enthron'd above,

Thou by whom we live and move;
O how sweet with joyful Tongue
To resound thy Praise in Song !
When the Morning paints the Skies,
When the sparkling Stars arise,
All thy Favours to rehearse,

And give Thanks in graieful Verse. 2 Sweet the Day of sacred Rest

When Devotion fills the Breast;
When we dwell within thy House,
Hear thy Word, and pay our Vows :
Notes to Heav'n let us raise,
Fill its Courts with joyful Praise ;
Let repeated Hymns proclaim

Great JEHOVAH's awful Name. 3

From thy Works our Joys arise,
0 Thou only good and wife!
Who thy Wonders can declare ?
How profound thy Counsels are !
Warm our Hearts with sacred Fire,
Grateful Fervors still inspire ;
All our Pow’rs, with all their Might,
Ever in thy Praise unite.

, , ( 155 ) PSALM XCII. Metre ii.

S ;

To shew thy Love by Morning-Light,

And talk of all thy Truth at Night. 2 Sweet is the Day of sacred Reit,

No mortal Cares shall seize iny Breast;

may my Heart in Tune be found Like David's Harp of folemn Sound! 3 My Heart shall triumph in my LORD,

And bless his Works, and bleis his Word :
Thy Works of Grace, how bright they shine!

How deep thy Counsels! How divine !
4. Fools never raise their Thoughts so high ;

Like Brutes they live, like Brutes they die;
Like Grals they flourish, till thy Breath

Blast them in everlasting Death. 5 But I shall share a glorious Part,

When Grace hath well refind my Heart,
And fresh Supplies of Joy are shed,

Like holy Oil, to cheer my Head. 6 Sin (my worst Enemy before)

Shall vex my Eyes and Eais no more :
My inward Foes shall all be flain,

Nor Satan break my Peace again,
7 Then shall I see, and hear, and know

All I desir'd or with'd below;
And ev'ry Pow'r find sweet Employ
In that eternal World of Joy,

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ORD, 'tis a pleasant Thing to stand

Let me within thy Courts be seen

Like a young Cedar, fresh and green.
9 There grow thy Saints in Faith and Love,

Bleft with thine Influence from above;
Not Lebanon with all its Trees

Yields such a comely Sight as these. 10 The Plants of Grace shall ever live;

(Nature decays, but Grace must thrive)
Time, that doth all Things else impair,

Still makes them flourish Itrong and fair. 11 Laden with Fruits of Age, they shew

The Lord is Holy, Juít, and True :
None that attend his Gates shall find
A God unfaithful or unkind,

PSA L M XCIII. Metre i.

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ITH Glory clad, with Strength array'dz The World's Foundation strongly laid,

And the vast Fabrick still sustains.
2 How sure establish'd is thy Throne !

Which shall no Change or Period fee;
For Thou, O LORD, and Thou alone,

Art God from all Eternity.
3 The swelling Floods tumultuous rise,

Aloud the angry Tempests roar,
Lift their proud Billows to the Skies,
And foam and lash the trembling Shore.

4 The LORD, the mighty God, on high,

Controls the fiercely raging Seas;
He speaks !--and Noise and Tempest fly,

The Waves fink down in gentle Peace. 5 Thy sovereign Laws are ever fure,

Eternal Holinefs is Thine ;
And, LORD, thy People should be pure,
And in thy bleit Reseinblance shine.



PSA L M XCIII. Metre ii,
HE ,

And royal State maintains,
His Head with awful Glories crown'd:

Array'd in Robes of Light,

Begirt with sovereign Might,
And Rays of Majesty around.

Upheld by thy Commands

The World securely stands;
And Skies and Stars obey thy Word:

Thy Throne was fix'd on high,

Before the starry Sky;
Eternal is thy Kingdoin, Lord.
3 In vain the noisy Crowd,

Like Billows fierce and loud,
Against thine Empire rage and roar:
In vain with angry Spite,

The furious Nations fight,
And dash like Waves against the Shorea

Let Floods and Nations rage,

And all their Pow'rs engage;
Let swelling Tides affault the Sky:

The Terrors of thy Frown

Shall beat their Madness down;
Thy Throne for ever stands on high.


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